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  1. Think the Description field is broken, there is a similiar post in this forum. I took a screenshot...
  2. Yup, it’s broken as the OP said, the text you enter is overlaying the ‘sample gray text’ AFTER you tab out of the field. Then the validation function looks at the fields and thinks that the Description field hasn’t been filled in. @[CM]Shirna
  3. 1. Makes no sense to what I posted. 2. You no-life char.slots so you can park alts evewhere on the map. 3. And if you don’t like PvP? Shallow AF. Get a clue on your audience.
  4. Didn’t care much about the topic. Don’t go out of my way to logon to this game for some odd event. I still have zero response from a support ticket about my DIM dagger and no upgrade quests. Kinda puts me off on wanting to play my Wizard.
  5. Oh so the 1000% xp buff is active now. Cool thanks... ... ... ... In before you get all ‘these type of ppsts’. Bhahahahahaha
  6. The standard answers for console? ‘Not in game yet’ https://www.invenglobal.com/articles/4807/a-new-companion-with-many-useful-buffs-the-fairy-comes-to-bdo-naeu
  7. Well..let’s just say I warned ya! 😋 You seem to have some MMO experience, so i’m sre you’ll soon see the difference between a korean mmo and a western one. Oh...and fishing and boating is why I wanted to play this mmo, yet I’m doing neither because they aren’t very good at all. Boat gets stuck by islands, and fishing can be done afk, which defeats the purpose. Then that wall of text each time u cast or fish...
  8. Explain to me what was wrong with this post(below). I literally told him the facts and he gets offended or w/e. I don’t sugarcoat ****, so..yea, if you don’t like it, move on.
  9. PC marketplace is more active. Maybe it’s just early, but kinda a stopping point for those that want to use the MP for profits. Grunils should be a hot item, but little supply. You can Amity it through npc and make 4 times the amount you pay on MP.
  10. I submitted a ticket, no response...just sits in Processing. I think PA staffed NA offices with GMs that have to be CMs and Support...so, what? We talking 4-5 ppl to do all those jobs?
  11. It’s ok @JayMadIV is toxic and a snowflake at the same time....ponder that one. ... I kid, I kid. 😫
  12. Err...wtf is your deal? I legit answered you the first time, yet it’s not the answer you wanted. Go Google it before you call someone an ass aince you look like a complete fool asking over and over.
  13. Ah...good point. So now...we will see how many Xbox players soon realize how expensive this game can become once they have to go to the Pearl Shop and spend real $$. You may not notice with one character..but once you roll another and realize how much stuff is character bound, enjoy rebuying the same **** for your new class.
  14. This one’s easy, All the new Xbox players who thought Ranger...wow, cool bow stuff. Wait till awakening...your Ranger now uses a sword, like a majority of these ‘other’ classes. Yup, bye Bow...hello sword. LOL
  15. I wanted to point out the Marketplace has slowed to a crawl when it comes to Whales selling Pearl Shop items. And I’m seeing less and less Grunil and Heves. Had a bid for the new Crow pet for 2 days, not one Whale is posting them? If the Marketplace dies out...this game won’t be far behind. May not be anytime soon, but we need a active MP.
  16. You nailed it. And I would reiterate, there are unnecessarily over complicated systems in this game. Simplify ans streamline would do wonders. Almost seems like those comlicated lottery scratch-offs that make old people toss out winning tickets.
  17. It does. But the uncertainty you are getting in replies is historically PA has fuzzy math and undocumented damage equations when it comes to AP, DP, DR, Resists, buffa, debuffs. So, tell your guild yorur GS is over 9000, and you will be good.
  18. Yes and no. Ultra repetitive combos at lvl cap, especially noticeable when grinding. Mobs way too easy makes combat combos even more dull. There sentences? Get ready to pay to win if you want stay top 1% PvP Get ready to travel back and forth across the map..again and again, always. Get ready to wonder why the hell you are playing this game after you hit soft cap.
  19. LuL at Guilds in this game requiring GS...or anything for that matter. You ain’t fighting raid bosses n PvP isn’t mission critical, they’re slideshow Wars.
  20. Did you check your BIDs tab. In wallet then RB(??)
  21. Nah...the current green DIM dagger offers 7-9 AP and 17 DP The Roaring version is 17-18 AP and 12 DP plus the following bonuses Effects +15 Max MP(EP)/WP/SP Attack (AP) 17 ~ 18 Defense (DP) 12 Accuracy 20 Evasion 8 Damage Reduction 4 You beat me by seconds...
  22. What’s your offhand now? Stats?
  23. Yes. We all got the green DIMs, the issue here is trying to get the quests to trigger for upgrading to Roaring. DIM Secondary weapon upgrade to Roaring is in the game. The DIM arnor upgrades are not...supposedly.
  24. Basically, yes. It matters and can impact epeen GS.
  25. Nah...not completely true. The BS has to send you there with a series of ‘I, II, III’ type quests. I submitted a ticket cause I too am not getting the DIM quests triggered.
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