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  1. @mightyant190 Sorry for the delay, you still interested to know?
  2. mwalker924

    You're doing it wrong PA! - Rant #yeet

    *Is confused bc he only grinds mobs and doesn't lifeskill*
  3. @Windy Still looking for people with Hunt?
  4. Hi, just kinda confused atm. How does one gain alot of silver pretty quickly in this game? Besides the marketplace or gold bars.
  5. mwalker924

    Best way to get silver fast?

    I see, thank you all!
  6. mwalker924

    Questions on Clans/Guilds

    Hi all, so a few questions from me. So, for one what can Clans do exactly? I wanna do the large scale stuff but only have a few friends to just make a small clan. And also, without nodes and such for guild wars and all what's the point in seeing guilds declare war on one another right now? Can they actually fight/kill one another or no?
  7. mwalker924

    Screen Bounds

    So, in the first beta I had an issue where my screen boundaries were way off and I couldn't adjust them. I couldn't see my full map, inventory, enemy health bars, etc. Will this be fixed in say the next beta or final product? I'm sorry but I don't have the money for a new tv and such.
  8. mwalker924

    Screen Bounds

    Thank you so much for the info! I look forward to when it drops. Hopefully it really fixes this issue.
  9. mwalker924

    Screen Bounds

    While I understand it, they have announced in the final beta that screen size options will be available slightly after launch!
  10. mwalker924

    List of fixes to come on full release??

    Fortunately for us with this issue, they said an option to adjust it will come slightly after launch!
  11. mwalker924

    Black Desert for Xbox- Stream #4

    Can't really watch this fully due to laptop freezing alot, but any word on when screen size adjustments are coming? I know the official post on the website said "slightly after" launch but what would that be?
  12. mwalker924

    List of fixes to come on full release??

    Sadly some of us have old tv's like me, mine is a flatscreen that came out around the time when they were JUST becoming a thing. So my settings can't really fit the screen for BDO it seems. Thankfully they said that fix will come "slightly after".
  13. Silly question, but in a rpg like this I see TONS of ideas for a potential roleplayer. Any that you guys would like to share? I personally use Skyrim names on all my characters lmao.
  14. mwalker924

    xbox one S vs X

    It does look smoother. It wouldn't hurt to upgrade IF you can. I am in the same boat though, I got the original xbox one and while the game felt alright and looked beautiful, it's gonna be better on a newer system.
  15. mwalker924


    @Nightingale I agree, as it's literally fine for most of my games besides this one it seems and the newly popular Apex Legends game, For Honor and etc. But I just found out it's a flatscreen from when flatscreens were JUST becoming a thing, so yeah it's old lol. Might need a Smart tv then.
  16. mwalker924


    Yeah, outta luck it seems. Nothing to work with, so either I hope for some option or wait till April for a potential new tv.
  17. mwalker924


    My tv is a RCA and it was given to me, so I don't know the exacts of it and such. Don't even own the og remote so we had to get a new one. My guess? It's an old tv and I need a new one. Or the VERY slim chance it could be my regular xbox one? Idk.
  18. mwalker924

    Beta Feedback thread.

    I feel ya Krieg, I got the same issue. I couldn't see anything above my hp or the map. Half my inventory stuff was also cut off. Sucks because I got a semi old tv I guess, don't wanna buy a new one for ONE game lol. Other than that both betas were amazing for me, besides certain graphical things cause I got a regular xbox one but that's to be expected.
  19. mwalker924


    No can do sir, mine doesn't have that option. I only got normal, zoom, cinema, and wide.
  20. mwalker924


    On the topic of "complaints" my only one was screen size during both betas. Thankfully, one of the CM's seemed to finally addressed it in the post on Updates earlier this weekend. I hope something is available by launch, really takes me out of the game when I can't see half the important stuff.
  21. mwalker924

    Wizard Pros vs Cons

    Been playing Zerker and while I love the close up style, can I even do that with Wizard in either pre awake/awakening? Or better yet, just what can a REALLY good one do in 1v1 pvp? As I feel like i'll be there mostly to be honest than large scale.
  22. mwalker924

    What server will you be on?

    As the title says, what server will ya'll be playing the beta in? I know it doesn't really matter but I personally just wanna see were most of the populace here in the forums will be in. Maybe even see some old familiar faces from the last beta.
  23. mwalker924

    Xbox one x 60 fps?

    I am grateful? Trust me I loved playing the first beta and fought many who had that advantage. I was just asking a question in the thread here is all.
  24. mwalker924

    PC Vets - What is there to do in Black Desert?

    Sounds pretty interesting, thank you then for the information.
  25. mwalker924

    Introduction Thread!

    Nice to meet you all, name's Morgan. New to the forums and new to BDO as a whole. I am also new to the mmorpg scene and the first BDO beta really got me interested. I hope to meet ya'll in the field sometime.