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  1. Still says it's processing. Guess I'll open a duplicate ticket.
  2. Anyone else have their tickets ignored? I put in a ticket early morning on the 26th of last month and have gotten no response back. MrPay2Win not pay that guys salary yet? Either help, or tell me there is nothing you can do to resolve my issue and let me move on. Thanks.
  3. The hardware difference is also pretty massive. My og Xbox isn't running at 200+ fps. It just isn't feasible to have cross-play in a game like this. We're too far apart in content, QoL, time played, hardware, etc... It's a fun "what if" thread, but no way anyone would seriously consider this.
  4. People have roughly the same hardware and it's only been a couple months, not years. This is an obvious troll, or you put zero thought into your post.
  5. Weird arguments. Basic chat filters are not a big ask.
  6. Yeah, I made the mistake big time. I slowed myself waiting for Lahn, then ended back up on the Wizard I started with... I could be so much further along if I just stuck to my starting class. Expensive lesson to be learned. It killed a lot of my momentum.
  7. I think I'd be much further along if I were not so indecisive. Grats to those that can commit to a class and the game in general.
  8. Yeah, horse breeding feels janky. Ima settle on my t6 I recently got. Hopefully its skills don't totally suck by the time it hits 30.
  9. Eh, you maybe right... I'll dial it back a little. I can tell when I'm done with a game, but I'm still interested in bdo, so I'll just go a little slower and not burn out. It's my first time playing bdo, should probably just enjoy the ride. I also think I'll go with Musa, he fits with my longterm goals and my overall playstyle. No pc, so just have to hope it works out Thanks for the advice.
  10. I'm currently at 316 max energy, 225 cp, artisan in a few lifeskills on the lahn and 2,376 knowledge effect. Was at like 440 gs till I basically sold all my crap off. Sitting at over a billion silver and just kind of unsure how, or if I should proceed. However, like you said, maybe it isn't for me.
  11. This game is so weird, I sorta quit, but part of me still wants to keep playing. I'm just kinda lost on what class I want to play. With awakening, Witch looks amazing, but she is super boring right now. I have a Lahn, and I liked the class, but I don't think it'll fit right even with awakening. Plus, I got weight/inventory on her, so she'll just be a lifeskiller if I do keep playing. Honestly, I'm alright with re-grinding everything and getting gear again on a new character, but the cost to set up a new characters weight/inventory has me a little catious, because if the awakening ends up not feeling fun, I'll have wasted a ton of money and time. Witch, Ranger and Musa look interesting to me once they're awakened, but I don't know at this point. Should I just call it quits, or are these doubts normal? I like the game, but being unsure is very costly when it comes to this game. Plus, I don't want to lag behind, due to indecision.
  12. I sit in the arena quite often and beat a lot of people as a Lahn, but a decent ranger, zerker, or warrior comes along and I can get smashed. Our moves are multi-hit so we get whiff punished very hard if we miss, because her animations kinda drag out. Also, the build up is slow. I fought an absolute spud zerker and all he did was down block till he could grab chain. I could get behind him, but he could rotate his camera before the move came out with +5 attack speed. It was such a corny way to fight, but he beat me like that. Ofc, he'll be screwed when we have a grab, so he's not helping himself. Still, was annoying to lose to something so dumb. Honestly, I think awakening will solve the problems I have with the class. A few of our cd's are way too long and should be halved. Spring breeze having collision limits it pretty bad, because even if you flip the camera 180 degrees you get caught on what you try to escape at times. Our dmg isn't incredible. Our healing is lackluster, but assassin type class, so that's expected. Also, I know she can fly, but mobility is a little weak right now. I love the class and will play it till the game dies, but her preawakening is a little underwhelming.
  13. Lmao I don't understand why force enhance is a thing. To me it seems completely counterintuitive to the systems in place. Also, suprised you explored so much. Most PC vets seem like they skipped all of that stuff and immediately went to get overgeared to stomp xbox players. I was pretty much forced to explore and get energy/cp because I have no idea what the hell I was doing lol
  14. Isn't the energy players sell better and cheaper overall?
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