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  1. Alder

    Can we get pen please

    You must be EU.
  2. Alder

    Can we get pen please

    PC flunkies are kinda ruining the new game feel for people who have never played. This game does not seem to have a bright future on Xbox.
  3. Ninja use to be hot garbage, now it's op. DK use to be oppressively good, now it's whatever after nerfs. Musa use to be super underpowered. Striker was underwhelming on its release, now its extremely well rounded. Need I go on? There will always be a fotm class, par for the course in games like this. It sells microtransactions having people chase the meta. Play whatever you want. Odds are, if you play long enough your class will be op and pure garbage at some point.
  4. Alder

    For the casual player?

    It depends what you want to accomplish. Some people play a couple hours a day 3-4 days a week over a couple years and they get plenty done just from being consistent. You don't need to play 8-12 hours a day, everyday to enjoy the game. But getting the absolute most from it in all aspects may be hard if you're casual and don't play consistently. Again, it depends on what you want from the game.
  5. Alder

    Controller with chatpad

    I think Shirna said in a stream he was using a keyboard to chat and that we can use one to chat in game as well. I personally will just party up with ppl I want to talk to and wont bother with the regular chat much. Some people will probably use one. Beats the hell out of using a controller to type, that's for sure.
  6. Alder

    Black Desert Stream #3

    Fantastic haircut. Also, free pet for hitting lvl 30? What if I get multiple characters to lvl 30, can I get multiple pets?
  7. Alder

    New Start Time

    Not a huge deal, but looks like the start time changed on ultimate edition (Other versions too I assume) just a heads up. Looks like it's aligned with the beta start times now. So, 12am PST on March 1st 2019.
  8. Alder

    Missing class's

    Whatever tf that means lol
  9. Alder

    Next Gen Plans

    No. Keep responding, even though it's clear you have nothing of value to contribute. Useful people have already answered my question. I'll remember for future posts you have nothing to add. I signed up recently, but I've been on the forums for months, so I know how a conversation with you goes. You really never bring anything to a conversation. You latch on to tedious hypotheticals and can never move past them. I knew it was pointless to address you, so in the future, expect to never get a response from me again. People like you waste time. Feel free to get in one last line, since you have a compulsion to get in the last word.
  10. Alder

    Next Gen Plans

    Jog on. Don't get back to me.