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  1. Alder

    Best boss alt?

    Wiz/Witch for boss alt. They can stay back, heal themselves, use protection to mitigate damage and they do pretty high dmg and require like 20 ap less than everyone else to be effective. I'd say witch will be most effective as a boss alt, because her awakening has better range.
  2. Alder

    Lahn needs a serious look

    I do alright as Lahn, but I feel like I gotta try way harder than the other person. I'm really looking forward to our awakening, as we seem to even out a little.
  3. GT: Alder Valentine. This guild seems like what I've been looking for
  4. Alder

    Being more productive

    Go at your own pace. I have friends who try to push me to do more, but I'm enjoying the game at my own speed. Don't worry about maximum efficiency, just do what you want to at that moment and with some consistency you'll get where you want to be. The game is a sandbox, don't let others tell you how you should play, it's up to you.
  5. Alder

    Field Bosses - Blink of an Eye

    I mainly just don't like that it gets cancelled out by other banners before the notification even shows up, I usually just hear the sound, then toggle on chat to see which one it is. I'm o.k. with how it is, but that is a little annoying.
  6. I'm doing the same thing. I'm pretty sure it's not available yet. Just get the logs ready. It'll require 20 dailies as well as resources, so even if its added at the same time as the update for the boat, it won't take that many days to process it all.
  7. Pretty sure it's the same, however, some classes have more protection than others, or different types. Such as super armors, I-Frames, frontal guards, passives, etc...
  8. Alder

    Maybe Fix This?

    I was grinding, I got flagged on, pretty normal stuff right? Well, I couldn't hit him back, then I tried to flag and it said I couldn't flag during a world boss, so he could attack me, but I couldn't hit him. I had to log out of the game and back in to be able to flag again. Then it swapped my ring menu around to the way I had it like a day ago. Extremely annoying. Edit: Didn't mean to post this in general, can I move it?
  9. Alder

    Arsha admitting they cant handle Panic

    I like hearing about the pvp guilds, I plan to pvp a lot, so it's interesting to see how that part of the game is developing. Edit: But yeah, maybe ease up on how many times you post the same thing.
  10. Alder

    Ghillie Suit Is Pay To Win!!!

    You have to be a troll account with too much free time.
  11. Alder

    Hards and Sharps Best method

    I have over 300 energy and gather water often just to burn energy and never got a hard/sharp, I thought it was some crazy low chance. As for the question, killing sheep/lamb/goats at lynch ranch and using a butcher's knife has been my most successful way. Though I gotta say it seems like it's pure rng. I just like using the butcher knife, because the sheep are grouped up, so it goes quick.
  12. Alder

    What's that progression looking like?

    Ah, alright. I'll just stick to gathering on one then, my energy is pretty high and with how gathering level works that'll probably be more efficient for me.
  13. Alder

    What's that progression looking like?

    Lol I melted those ugly ass shudad outfits too. You gather on 6 alts? o.o How much energy do you have? That would take me forever. I priortized exploration over grinding, plus I waited till Lahn came out to upgrade any gear... I am far behind to say the least lol
  14. Alder

    Energy Investment

    It's 5% increased drop rate per level. It triggers 10% of the time, so 1/10 kills will get up to a 50% increased chance to get a drop, that's at least how I understood it. Also, if you invest in a town node with energy it will raise amity earned through the amity mini-game, not sure by how much.