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  1. Raven Mischief

    delete me mod gm pls

    Interested in joining. Discord name is Raven Mischief#8463
  2. Raven Mischief

    NA - Heidel Heroes is Recruiting!

    Did a second edit to the main post! We are looking for someone interested in a PvP leadership role
  3. Raven Mischief

    NA - Heidel Heroes is Recruiting!

    I have posted an update to my initial post
  4. Raven Mischief

    Pre order w/o xbox

    Everything you buy on an EU server will remain there as far as im aware.
  5. What do we offer? > Fun and Welcoming environment > Discord & Xbox Club Access > We Pay you daily and you get XP Bonuses > NA Server & No Requirements (Solo/Casual friendly) If you are a player that seeks fun and a good time than this is the guild for you! EDIT The guild operates in EST. But we will try and compensate different timezones. We have a discord! Feel free to join if you are interested https://discord.gg/mNY6pAD EDIT #2 We are also looking for an individual interested in PvP Leadership to help lead those of our members interested in PvP. Please DM for more info on this role or join our discord!