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  1. Pratorean

    12th character slot

    We have 13 character Slots already, description on Coupon is wrong
  2. Pratorean

    Trading on x1 vs pc?

    Connect heidel and velia, and trade between cities. Make trashcrates in epheria, calpheon or trent( any ore or wood) prepare mats for money crates steel for example and plywoods for calpheon crates. Make money crates in grana once we get kamasilvia update. For desert buff you will need artisan 2 trading, if im Not wrong. But it not released on xbox Version yet. You can Level trade manuell or with trashcrates its up to you
  3. Items amounts are to small, waiting time after login on server is stupid. 1. Increase deliverable amount per item type 2. Remove 10 min cooldown. Or Set it on trade itself Not on npc dialogue opening. So that we can Check amount of items and if they are Sold out we can easy switch server without time wasting Have spend over 40 min on waiting along today.
  4. Pratorean

    Inventory Quest Disappeared

    Same with claas and jarette quests, you can pick only one
  5. Pratorean

    What's with the central market?

    Price building is adjusted by now. Before for price change you needed an actual trade. For example for pricechange on Base kutum shield aktuall Base kutum shield has to be traded. Yet by aktual trade on for example tri kutum shield all kutum offhands of all enchanted Levels will change their price.
  6. Pratorean

    Life Skill & Class Combinations

    Processing, cooking and alchemy on zerker, more Base lt than all others. For gathering musa with dash skill but that is optional, for some gathering activities unreleased valc and tamer would be better. Fishing any class at 49. Same with Training, to many afk Killers on roadsXD. Hunting preferable on Main, or 56+ alt with decent dp and HP, matchlock switch reloading is fixed.
  7. Pratorean

    How different is console to PC?

    ATM valencia and 10 classes, shai comming on 26. Cash Shop wise: Few outfits for each class, costumes for cooking, processing and fishing, aswell as treant and desert camos. Up to 16slot inventory expansions, 200, 150, 100 and 50 lt for pearls, no lt for loyality, no Brand stones and tailoring Coupons. Imperial delivery limited by 1/3 of max cp, imperial trading only on one Server, no vilas and no desert trading buff atm. WB - kzarka, kutum and nouver. Night vendor is ingame
  8. Pratorean

    What is the best class for pure PVE?

    Any class that suits your playstyle. Check gameplay Videos on yt, for me were ranger before awakening, and Lahn after
  9. Pratorean

    Remote collecting

    May be they have fixed a item Transfer exploit via mount death. On PC you could overload donkey with mats lets say in calpheon, then kill them and collect dead mount with alt in valencia. May be they have fixed remote collect in same way
  10. Up to 500 hours are char bound, above are family. Got 1k reward before 500
  11. Pratorean

    New pricebuilding on cm

    Have checked cm last few days. I think they have Made bigger item groups. For example accuracy offhand. Pricechange occurs on all accuracy offhands at same time. For example Bronze dagger were Sold, all accuracy offhands will change price. Im Not sure about enchansing Levels if they all are in same Group. It needs more observation.
  12. Pratorean

    Stop dumping lifeskillers

    I have played PC Version few years ago. Im Not dumb, i can compare them. Dayli Limit for imperial crafting was max cp/2, imp trader were on each server. Here they should be too, on each server we have different items in trade info, but only on one npc are active. What it is if Not another stupid decision from PA. I will Not wonder if we get nerfed trading aswell
  13. Pratorean

    Remote collecting

    If you have trade items in mount inventory remote collect sends mount to nearest stable
  14. Pratorean

    Stop dumping lifeskillers

    We had to wait almost 3 monts to get imperials and what did we get nerfed imperial crafting( dayli Limit max cp/3) nerfed trading( appears on only one damn server around 100 deliverable items per type every trading reset for whole game Population) PA are you kidding. Another thing refers to all Not only lifeskillers: damn tailoring Coupon and Brand stones. Damn blackspirit claws are ingame since day 1, you can add crystall slot since day 1 but you cant get that damn magic crystall. For Brand stones horse branding option is ingame since day 1 and that is one of few uses for that item
  15. Pratorean

    Imperial Trading NPC

    Calpheon npc appears only on balenos 2 on eu