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  1. Pratorean

    Unobtainable Topography Knowledge

    Done them, they are on young lion of heidel path or on rebel path, Not on merchant guild path, have Main on it and had to get those entries on alt. If i remember correctly you have to Do amity game with npcs in glish to get those quests. I have parken there3 alts for each path and simple got amity on all glish npcs who gives q or knowlege entries
  2. Pratorean


    Pets provide bust to only lifeskill of char, Not the mount exp. Level them, it will take time, if you breed them yet you can end with t4 foal
  3. Pratorean

    Cm price building

    free fluctual prices are more stupid as old cm system with sniping. they should set fix prices on items with variety +/-20-30% on them for preorders or selling
  4. Pratorean

    Cm price building

    How many damn preorder are needed to get item price raising. Damn kzarka pendulum sits on 130 mil more than month, noone will sell it, because other weapons are more profitable
  5. Pratorean

    Inventory Expansion Quests

    You can pick only one quest Jarette's Headache or The restless Claus, when you acept one, other dissapear from list and from Npc
  6. Pratorean


    Hopefully they will add Player Camp at same time
  7. Pratorean


    Epheria sailboat comes with margoria update, before its almost useless for fishing sails boat is enough, and sailing Levels only in deep sea like ross or margoria
  8. Pratorean

    Approximate AP/ DP for Lev 55 Lahn

    Lahn life is Hard, lvl 56 150 ap with tri elsh and Duo accuracy offhand, 166 with Duo ap offhand and one hunterseal for kzarka in primetime spawn, only in morningspawns im able to get to top 20-50 dps, but its very laggy, Player hide settings dont kick in. Trying together kzarka of market is almost useless, cheapiest kzarka weapon atm, noone will loose 70 to 130kk on kzarka drop
  9. Pratorean

    Approximate AP/ DP for Lev 55 Lahn

    Elsh weapon is better in my option, less ap but same accuracy as kzarka. Lahn highly depends on accuracy, so accuracy offhand or upgraded dim magical, full asula set. I use 3piece agerian armor, gives nice amount of attackspeed without crystalls, loose crystalls anyway when i die to fieldbosses or kzarka. Also with tri elsh, Duo ascending, full asula and pri/Duo armor i am at 150ap/240dp and over 250 accuracy. And sometimes some Mobs dont recive any damage, may be because of lags
  10. Pratorean

    Imperial cooking boxes

    Same, with +2 clothes and Canapé advanced untensil lasts for one hour, have over 60 untensils in cm storage so far, but those useless blue procs, got Mine cook to artisan 4 only with worker food.
  11. Pratorean

    Imperial cooking boxes

    A.k.a. We dont give a *** about lifeskillers, or those who has 1-2 hours of aktive playtime a day
  12. Pratorean

    Stop starting events on maintence day

    Last patch 5GB took me about 2,5 hours. i could Start downloading after maintence start, this was Not the fail before. So on that Day because of work i got only 2 tulem coins instead of 6. Same on last event, i miss one egg and one Hard/sharp reward. Because of that i say, PA shouldnt Start events on patch day
  13. Pratorean

    Stop starting events on maintence day

    I go to work during maintence, before last Patch i couldnt even preload them, so afterwork i have to spend up to an hour for game updating, then maintence day is over and i miss all stay logged in rewards for that day
  14. For those who works late shift maintence day is anyway free from game Day, and missing events on that Day is dissapointing.
  15. Pratorean

    RNG Loot Drops Are Garbage

    Grind for Future night vendor, 90 to 400kk for Boss gear/weapons. ATM Mob grinding is way to earn silver, lifeskills bringing nothing in compare. No Hotspots for fishing, max t3 horses in the wild( max 3-4kk before taxes, but mostly around 300k if you have luck with t 3 and Not useless t1) no imperials, all lifeskillers hoarding mats for Future updates.