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  1. They give only mount exp, but professional Trainer Clothes give much more: Training exp +10, mount exp +15, horseskill exp +15, capture Chance +15
  2. If you have high enough Training skill you can get horsetrainer clothes. They give 15% more horseskill exp
  3. Lol EU has only 7 channels Nvm, EU requerements for event are lower
  4. T9 and even t8 horses arent ingame yet
  5. Are with loyality, have played cince early Access, and spend only few hundert of loyality points on some event items. Pet for 5k is kinda useless, costume for 10k is only for 6 Starter classes, also useless too. Where are loyality lt? And pearl Shop they keep adding useless costumes and more useless "discount" packs, where are Brand stones and tailoring Coupons, where are Port epheria pearl logging and warehouse slots?
  6. Usuall costumes from costume Mill are garbage without tailoring Coupon( pearl item that makes those costumes into costumes and Not armor items) another costume that will be added later requre ridiculus amount of mats for each of 4 costume Parts. I dont think it will be worth selling for Profit on cm, crafting only for Personal usage
  7. No margoria but faires, kama and dieghan. Wtf. Seems we can spare us mats farming for sailboat, we couldsimply exchange it for shakatu seals later
  8. Farms will be removed after 7 days, fences should be stored in warehouse of nearest city
  9. For this knowlege you have to Do a quest chain. It requires certain gathering skilllevel on same char, if im Not wrong it is skilled 5. You can See questchain in recomended quests tab. It pretty long, for about 50 quests
  10. There is option for ringmenusettings, add it to hotkey and use
  11. First Elephant is garbage only 4 skills, one of them was Sprint, but it waste to use skillchanges on them, got another one, atm lvl 5 with damn starting skill, seems to be another 20mil waste
  12. Dont go to mount tab in inventory, press a on item in Player tab
  13. Waiting on tailor Coupon and brandstones, +10 epheria rod is almost useless without, and gaining skills for damn Elephant without branding or pearl gear, lvl 8 and it still has only one damn starting skill
  14. We have 13 character Slots already, description on Coupon is wrong
  15. Connect heidel and velia, and trade between cities. Make trashcrates in epheria, calpheon or trent( any ore or wood) prepare mats for money crates steel for example and plywoods for calpheon crates. Make money crates in grana once we get kamasilvia update. For desert buff you will need artisan 2 trading, if im Not wrong. But it not released on xbox Version yet. You can Level trade manuell or with trashcrates its up to you
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