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  1. Buy a CM maid... they don't need CM EVERYWHERE its not suppose to be convenient
  2. You are conflating SERVER and CHANNEL in MMO terms. In most other MMOs a SERVER is a unique instance of the world where that character exists with other people who play on that instance, but cannot freely move to another SERVER (unless paid for or by some other means, but overall not occurring on a regular or repeatable basis.) BDO has a server cluster or CHANNEL system, where the total accessible play space exists across multiple instances at once that can be freely switched between (short of a 15 minute delay timer). Even a PvP server(channel) in BDO is nothing more than another instance that players can switch in and out of, returning to a karma-protected PvX(E) channel. A PvP server implies that the VAST majority of leveling, farming/gathering, etc takes place in an instance where players can attack each other without penalty. Even Arsha is just of way of sweeping open world/player-driven PvP further away from the core of the game/community in an attempt to remove it from the PvX(E) game experience as a whole. I 100% would support splitting into a PvP server cluster and a separate PvE server cluster, but adding a PvE channel would have no point and show the direction PA wants to take the xbox release.
  3. I want to PvP, but im in a guild with myself and 4 irl friends (so no node wars or GvG). RBF is fun, but 1 mode on 1 map doesnt really work for hours of enjoyment. Open world pvp doesnt exist they just have the karma system to tey and appease pvper because they are terrified of the back lash from completely removing it(id rather take a 24 or 36 hr ban instead of negative karma) Left with really no feasible way to PvP with a group of 5. And not to mention you cant que as a group for RBF
  4. ;D keep your thoughts that way and my boats will still be profitable lol. Finished 2 and starting a 3rd today lol I also left out a couple steps in the middle to make a couple extra million from stuff and things
  5. Still havent made up my mind My only leveled character is a 56 sorc with 770 skill points and 133AP. I almost feel like my character isnt good enough to have any reason to level an alt yet lol
  6. So they are releasing a PvE server BEFORE a PvP server BUT ARENT REMOVING KARMA? Ill legit walk away from this game if they give scrubs a PvE server.. Open world pvp almost doesnt exist already, tons of players in Kzarka (and everywhere) sitting at 49, and karma is a crushing system BUT BRING OUT A PVE SERVER BECAUSE LIFE SKILLERS/AFKERS HAVE IT TO HARD.
  7. Ive never been attacked by random players, so dont worry. The Karma System is pretty damn good and smashing players into the ground for trying to enjoy the "open world" pvp. Id rather just get a 24hr ban for PKing to much, like a PK rate limit, than go red and have all my gear/gems get trashed. XD those NPCs got you good
  8. I probably wont progress any further until I can melt accessories. I can level my rings and such, but once real/more boss content comes out accessories get thrown out quick
  9. Lol what? I spend about 2 or 3 hours a day processing. I have about 14 workers in port epheria and most are skilled, 2 are professional. I can take the silver from 1 boat invest that directly back in to compensate for the mats I refuse to do gather or my workers dont get enough of. I can general make 5 more boats if I invest the money from the first one. Ive probably made 10% to 20% of the total fishing boats sold (and I havent opened the island ship yard because i only have 96 CP).
  10. I refuse to get another life skill. I spend about 75% of my time behind the control watching my processing bar (I dont have time to afk process), 15% running and 10% combat(pve and pvp). Not sure if I should just completely cut out combat all together and just grind gathering, walk away because why do I need to search bushes for things to make godly gear, or just have 133ap and focus on upgrading accessories. Not really sure wtf to do at this point, but unless I just stop leveling for 2 or 3 weeks and log in, gather for 2 hours and log out... I could probably manage to do 2 or 3 days of this before I just stopped turning on my xbox..
  11. Xbox specific class would be a nice sign they are in it for the long run!
  12. So... What mats do I need to complete these quests?
  13. BrokenAzs


    Still deciding between Lahn, Musa, Dark Knight, or happy hands
  14. You are doing hella better then me lol I have like 96 contribution and Im level 56. I have it stretched to max and can manage to make about 1 fishing boat a day.
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