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  1. DeadSerious looking to fill our last few slots with some wiz/witches NukeEm#5920 is my discord feel free to pm me
  2. Looking for zerks an wiz/witch mainly limited spots left!
  3. Ay bro tried adding you won’t go through (DS) NukeEm#5920 is mine
  4. Only 25 spots left come join us for some top teir PvP on launch!
  5. DeadSerious will also take you if interested my man!
  6. Ay man DeadSerious would love to have you 60+ member hardcore PvP guild with years of experience an knowledge. All of us got Ultimate edition as well so we will be up getting our grind on at launch
  7. Wondering when and if we will be getting the ping system that PC has? It’s a very viable system for Node Wars shot calling and point out certain areas to guildies. Maybe a ring menu option?? 🤔
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