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  1. You may get an answer if you post this in it's appropriate place, ps4 forums?
  2. They are out there (rare to get) I got mine from Black Spirit quests and bred them up from there.
  3. As of now you are correct buddy. Xbox launch player here.
  4. Do what I have done from personal experience with my pre-order. And just leave it in your Pearl inventory. It will NOT expire as I still have some of my pre-order items still stored in my Pearl inventory since Xbox launch in March. I activate them as and when needed. Edit: Sorry my mistake and you are correct and you can change the pre-order horse gear from horse to horse. So thank you for that as even I couldn't figure it out until it was confirmed that you can, once again thank you for the help.
  5. So much wrong. (you point the finger of blame) You incite the problem and fan the flames. I am white and in no way affiliated or condone racism in any way. Pointing the finger of blame is not the solution. Think about it, you're just as bad as the racists if you think Caucasians are the worst. Myself and many would say 'you are the worst'
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