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  1. Hey i just sent you a friend request on discord if you are still looking for a guild
  2. if you are looking for a guild to help you all out with anything then your more then welcome to join the Lost Disciples guild https://discord.gg/yRYR9F6
  3. HEX NORTH AMERICA There are many of guilds to join, all with different goals and capabilities. Finding the right guild is important. We know not everyone will be a fit but we welcome anyone interested. If you meet join requirements, you are in for the first week. If you like how it feels in the first week we’ll sign you up on the month cycle like everybody else. Join our discord, say hello and see what’s up. Once you are under contract we will unlock the rest of the discord for you to enjoy. I can’t say much else til you’re a member. Rule 1 Attend nodewar every Sunday. This is mandatory. If you can’t make it please post in discord. If you work every Sunday, this is not the guild for you. Rule 2 Please be active Inactive members (off more than a few days at a time) and members that consistently fail to show for wars may be kicked. This is to benefit the rest of our members so we are all able to progress. We understand life happens, please post in attendance if you’re stepping away from the game for a few days or if you’ll miss a war. Rule 3 Enjoy the rest of your week however you want. Guild activities: -Things every guild will do. -Things not every guild will do Member Bonus: [ 122 points spent. ] -Ap+4 -Accuracy +4 -Dmg reduction +5 -Health +40 -Gathering +3 -Fishing +1 -Trade item +10% -All members are 400+ Over Fifty 450+ members. Requirements: -420+ Gearscore, we may ask to verify your Gs. -Age required 18+ -Discord -Mic We are looking for people to grow with us and to stay with us. No more stepping stone guilds for you! We are here to play as a team, as family of gamers. We succeed with the help of all of our members. All we ask is you be ready to participate in Nodewars and make some friends. Give us a shot! Discord : https://discord.gg/YtUcsdy Please just join the discord not reply if you reply it will take longer for me to get back to you
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