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  1. Nightingale

    Ideas for bdo fashion

    The game has been out for just a few months on Xbox. PC has many many options. They just want to keep things fresh, and change costumes out in phases. this site will show you everything they have. As far as no bonus costumes, no one would really want to use them. 10% skill and combat exp adds up over time.
  2. Nightingale

    Central market sub-sub categories

    Just having a back button in the central market would help immensely. Not having to close out and start all over.
  3. Nightingale

    Awakening showcase/stream prior to launch

    Get ready for some pretty poorly played awakening Zerker and Witch play. Just go support other BDO streamers Sunday like: ZethiannTV or MilkBag - Warrior Huntler - Witch SilverBack - Zerker Anfieldw - Ranger and really see what these classes can do. Do not go give viewers to streamers who always have 300 - 500 viewers of the community already watching. aka BladeBoques, MorrolanTV, VERT, JoeNeverFails, TimAllen Don't forget about your small streamers too, lot of really good and talented players who never get discovered because everyone is always in just a few streams. On top of they hardly look to support small streams and only host another streamer who already has 100 + viewers consistently.
  4. Nightingale

    Node War Time Alternatives

    They already heavily favor West cost with times. PCs hot times start at 6p EDT and end at 4a EDT, yet on xbox they want east coast to start at 10p and end at 4a like everyone is already done and gone to bed, seriously WTF...I don't want to wait till 10p for "event time. Learn from PC Pearl Abyss, the at least have the times down, for everything. as for OP: It would really only work if they had more nodes later on like with Drieghan and Kamasylve to have them running through different parts of the day. BUT they would need war channels, No mobs, no life skills, can't AFK anything just for nodes and Sieges. They would also have to increase the amount of nodes a guild could own, and decrease how much each node is worth to the guild. Honestly i'd probably node war more if it wasn't at 9p EST every night. I'd rather be in bed watching a movie with my girlfriend when instead at 2p on say Tuesday's i could totally sit down and node war for 2 hours no issues. Think this is why Guild Wars 2 and ESO's pvp attracts so many, they cant P2W it, it's ALWAYS going, and has little to no guild setup costs to get started. Just log in, join in and go find the fight, play as long as you want then, log off and it continues with out you.
  5. Nightingale

    Unobtainable Topography Knowledge

    ok for the fail stacks sure its worth but not the rings - they are trash. As for PC you have many different ways to build stacks effectively. But to price tag a 50 stack isn't really possible because i could have sank 5 duo ogres into a 45 stack, so to some that is a 3.6 bil stack, or i could have failed TRIs to 46-48 and then started trying to tet some garbage greens to go for a tet yellow accessory and that +1 some would say made that stack worth 8bil. I think using Trina axes, Greens on durable mode, cheap accessories to start you probably can make a 50 for about 20-30 mil. We also have devour so you can get some 15 - 20 stacks pretty easy now.
  6. Nightingale

    New Black Spirit Rage addition

    I dont think so, that is a pretty new patch to PC, so may be a few patches away
  7. Nightingale

    Unobtainable Topography Knowledge

    And at some point you will get the Ring of Power quest and it's just a crappy Duo Mark of Shadow filler.
  8. Nightingale

    Unobtainable Topography Knowledge

    I'll save you the trouble you don't need to do the Valencia quest 4 times the rings are garbage. 2 AP rings and 2 DP rings one is Health the other is MP/SP/WP Asula rings are better in every stat. It's the same rewards we got on PC after completing Part 1.
  9. Nightingale


    probably the same person just on another account.
  10. Nightingale

    Unobtainable Topography Knowledge

    That 3rd path I had done by the point of my post - it required other knowledge from some one else then i came back weeks later i think during the new class releases doing all paths again, and found new knowledge i couldn't get on my original 3 passes through the crossroads. But at the OP date of MARCH 21st they were buggy on how you obtain these knowledge. I had 2 guild mates that couldn't get these either and we all been through all 3 crossroads by the first week. It was always there - the 3rd option wasn't as visible. you were given 2 options, 3rd was back out of his options and take the black spirit quest that was already up. Just like with Mediah - he pops up at abandoned iron mines and gives you a quest, but if you back out of it you have the other crossroad quest already accepted. Personally now getting through Valencia's quest chain - crossroads were the DUMBEST THING PA did the the story. It was so much simpler before, it wasn't confusing or ass backwards to get knowledge.
  11. Nightingale


    Ok so I want you guys to put something in perspective, This is my PC Mystic. Minus a few random pieces I have been 240+ AP on every classes I played since DK released on PC (March 1st 2017). Why? Because I focused on my guild at the time, plus softcap is enough to kill most ANY player with awakenings and no grind spot needed that much before the renown score got introduced then Hystria became a place to actually grind, and it's growth of my friends and guild verses constantly blowing my gear up to "TRY" to get an upgrade. So I slow rolled everything, I even have a PEN Rosar dagger I might coupon over to the mystic if i ever want to build a meme. But I did what I did rolled a few classes, had fun and now giving up my "one" character motto to split the good AP with my life skiller so i can focus on 2 things at once. I have a life skiller i log onto and process/cook/gather what ever and have my mystic out doing guild quests, grinding Hystria or what ever I want to work on Knowledge wise. My point is this guy is nothing special in context of PC, he's on point with the average player. Here on xbox he is probably one of a maybe a handful maybe can even count on one hand who when to this extreme. TET ogre to PEN ogre is 8k - 10k cron stones per attempt, Crescent is 4k-6k depending on the market value, Basi Belt 7k - 10k. In reality he's probably boned his fail stacks by not doing it the natural way. MickenX when he was making all those PENs for his streams had 5 - 8 characters with all 80 - 140 stacks on them and was slowly getting building them. This guy can't really build stacks because he just gets a 50 stack and bruit forces them to PEN with cron attempts betting the ~ 1% chance. IF you really want to see painful look up DJules first PEN Kzarka Crescent blade, 320+ fail stack proof it's completely RNG - It either goes or it doesn't.
  12. Nightingale

    Pearl Shop hasn't updated for me.

    this was my issue last time they did a cash shop only update - aka Canape outfit update. I had to reinstall the game to get access it. Was the only way I could figure out how to force the micro patch. They need to do better with these types of updates. PC they pre patch them in the week prior and it is some sort of time unlock.
  13. Nightingale


    For BiS as ranger he will need Urugons (Kamasylve), Tungrad Earrings (Akkman/Hystria - out now), Dandelion Weapon (29th's Patch) and Nouver (soonTM?) Rangers are all or nothing class so Most run full Tungrad Accessories (neck, belt, earrings and as of PCs patch today Rings) Armor he still needs Dim Tree, and its split on Griffon Helm and Giath helm. PEN Heve is just a meme from PC.
  14. Nightingale


    If it IS MrPayToWin he is in Arsha
  15. Nightingale


    @Uberkull You thought I put money into the game on PC, He has at least doubled what I spent in 3 years (and not in a p2w manner like this) and blew me away in two months on xbox. Yeah 263ap + with vells heart seems to be normal now