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  1. Nightingale

    The new main Story questline

    The original quest line was all 3 "crossroads" in one long 200+ quest chain. Now in order to see the story you have to run 3 characters through the main story. Just to see a few new added cut scenes, which were meh. They only changed this to a small voice of the community who complied about the story sucking. well this did solve it but made it even more crap to go through. Know you have to go through the main story on 3 different characters for access to all side quests that are locked in the adventure journal, 2 characters HAVE to do mediah for this journal, and I'm sure Valencia, Kamasylve Part 1 and 2 will be the same, Drieghan shouldn't change since it was released after they remade the story. Sure some of the rewards are better now, but overall it was a downgrade. I have been through all 3 crossroads for Serendia, both in Mediah, and they have quests and content they are missing or forgot to implement to complete some things. We didn't notice it on PC because ANY player that did the main quest once will have all 3 crossroad knowledges so it never got reported till now.
  2. Nightingale

    CP byproduct dish - rant

    agree 100%, i've got a video that im working on that will go more in depth on why they are dumb for with holding this from our version. The TL DR of it is: its not solving anything, PC players that know about this will still horde and pack rat materials till this drops and get just as ahead. Right now is the BEST time for new players to have a chance at being competitive till they bring this out because it's IMPOSSIBLE to achieve a 1 second cook time in BDX RIGHT NOW, until valencia, Shining powder are released. only maybe a small SMALL SMALLLLL lucky few MIGHT able to get +5 cooks clothes. but still wont have a one second cook time, just a 2 second cook time. @[CM]Shirna you might want to read this, and put the word in to the devs before things get too far gone.
  3. Nightingale

    49 vs 50+

    yes the Desert trade quest for Artisan 2 or Master 2 trade depending on which version we get is locked behind a level 56 quest. so in order to get the "desert" buff you have to have that trade level on a 56+ character. As for all the other quests, I have not seen any level restrictions just life skill level requirements.
  4. Nightingale

    Blue Tier Potions

    As a master Alchemist on PC I know a good bit about potion making. I know I can get a select few blues while crafting, but we have no current option in game to make our greens; blue. Before the very dumb change on PC you would simple alchemy 3 greens of the same potion to make a Blue grade potion. Currently on PC you need the 50,000 silver item to make them blue. Why have did the dev's left out both options of making Blue options? To insure PC players don't have an unfair advantage? Did they forget to add the original way of making blues? I figured the 50,000 silver Blue Reagent would be too expensive for current state of game considering this change came around year 2 on PC, and still to this date is widely hated by alchemist. @[CM]Shirna Do have an idea of what the dev team is trying to do with these right now? Are these planned for an update or is this bugged in game and vendors don't have the items or the process is broken and we can't combine greens?
  5. Nightingale

    Solvent metal

    you need skilled 10 gathering, and professional 5 processing on the same character, then do a series of quest to make pure crystals.
  6. Nightingale

    Tarif 1 of 2 Knowledge, Missing NPC?

    this is the best answer ever! I'll spread the word on the 1 silver reward 😂
  7. Nightingale

    Tarif 1 of 2 Knowledge, Missing NPC?

    I have completed all knowledge in Tarif, I do not have 2 of 2 energy. I cross checked with my PC account and I am missing Epil Tanbu . He is not spawning in during his 10p - 7a spawn time in the location I provided in a screen. I have completed both crossroad quest chains, so I can rule that out. @[CM]Shirna is he bugged or did the devs not put him in yet, so PC players wouldn't have advantage for excessive energy? Video showing him in game from YouTube
  8. Nightingale

    Karma Should Be Removed

    This is already a thing on PC. In the desert: you die with the bandit tag (positive karma or not) you go to jail. Die Red in the desert - go to jail. Arsha is already established on PC, it gives a loot bonus (to bring Non PvP players to it) and has 0 PvP penalties UNLESS you are already Red, then all penalties still apply.
  9. Nightingale

    Karma Should Be Removed

    OP you seem too be in the wrong game. Yes BDX/BDO is open world PvP but you abuse the word "open" just to kill for "fun" just because you view the game as a "kill all that walks" mentality. The Arsha server you seek from PC would be game breaking, as the already RNG carried players would massively profit from little to no competition on that server. New players to BDX do not understand the rules of PvP as they are hardly explained if at all by the game, so no penalty PvP would be absurd right now. Open PvP also means you don't have to go to "Cyrodill" or "arenas" or "battlefields" to fight someone. You might be better suited in ESO ganking kids by keep gates if you want to kill for "lulz". Personally they should have kept the gear degrade for red players to prevent people from being dumb this early on when EXP penalties aren't that big of a deal currently. (hit 62/63 on PC 1% is hours of time, days if you don't grind hard)
  10. Hello and Good Morning! I am working on my knowledge yet again, tickets are bugged for me so I am here to see of the community or @[CM]Shirna can get this to a GM/Devs for answers. I am trying to finish Topography in Serendia, in Serendia Swamp, and Peripheral Mountains of Serendia. Holding me back from 3 energy. Before I go any further I have already noticed you have renamed some things in game, but that's not what's holding me back. I cross reference everything and mark it off my sheets as I verify knowledge. I am a PC player and already know all about the new "Crossroads" quest. I am already one step ahead of you, I did all 3 possible crossroads on 3 different characters through Calpheon, and 2 Characters in Mediah covering both crossroads. So every possible angle is taken care of from that aspect. According to Incendar's painstaking work before we got the "crossroads" stupid quests I know for Serendia Swamp I am unable to obtain: Southern Naga Marsh - https://bdocodex.com/us/theme/3072/ Kanna does not show any quest for this, and was to have been apart of what me and my friends are calling "crossroads 3" Central Naga Marsh - https://bdocodex.com/us/theme/3069/ Kanna should have this after "Donatt, the Forgotten Name" but she doesn't. On my Adventure Journal for the Swamp I'm missing knowledge is between Dernyl Farm and Glish Swamp then between Northwestern Gateway and Moretti Plantation. See my first attached Photo. For Peripheral Mountains of Serendia I'm missing - Central Neutral Zone - https://bdocodex.com/us/theme/3056/ For this knowledge we should have taken care of this in Path 2 or 3 of the crossroads https://bdocodex.com/us/quest/663/3/ but after all 3 paths I do not find a quest, and do not have access to anything I do not already have. You can see my second photo I am missing the bottom knowledge. Currently I have a guild mate who is just a dedicated as me to running knowledge, we both have 3 characters with all paths taken, We both verify if we cannot achieve knowledge and check all 3 characters to make sure it is not something locked behind "that character's story" and have proven it doesn't matter once they are through the story knowledge should be available to all characters after the "original" new knowledge was obtained. The current consensus with the community is the quests or access to these knowledges have been removed from game through error and never go implemented back into the game again. This also seems to be the case for many other knowledge entries I'm working on but I'm going to tackle one thing at a time and verify before I come to you the Community, CMs & GMs with questions. What I am asking for is can you please verify these knowledge entries, quests, and NPCs and help direct me to where the issues are. I thank you for your time and effort! - Nightingale1176 DoctorStrange PS. in my list ticket I submitted [GM] Heidel states "Using 3rd party guides and wikis will confuse you since they are somewhat no longer being updated or contain outdated information." - False BDO Codex is still updated by the PC community and stays update with every patch BDO gets. Outdated info, maybe. But 99.5% of the content is still relevant to this day. I also go my own answer which they did not even bother to reply too about "Al Rhundi, The Mortal" Adventure Journal Knowledge, It was behind Path #2 of the main story crossroad.
  11. This is an updated post that I had in General Discussions but the more I update this more I feel it belongs here under suggestions, not General Discussions. This is a cleaned up version and fully edited for a new post. Things listed in RED things that need immediate attention. Things listed in GRAY have been fixed/addressed and will be edited here on OP Disclaimer: Black Desert is a Korean MMO port from PC. Black Desert started development in 2010 and it was officially released July 14th 2015 in Korea. This is not a new game, just because it's new to XBOX does not mean the game is going to be any different, or should be any different mechanic wise. Yes, the console has limitations, but with proper development time most things can become seamless between versions. As I play on BDX I will keep this posted update with findings as new ideas, content and bugs arrive. Thank you, Nightingale1176 [DoctorStrange] Quality of Life Enhancement Rates - PC players just got this, as a 3 year vet, it was nice to see how bad my chances really were. My suggestion comes for the new players, when they see the fail they need to understand why. While yes we now have charts, and google docs showing this for the most part, new players wont know to look for these. Please see enhancement photo Skip enhancement - this is a big deal to us tin-foilers on PC. While I do notice you have it by double tapping the "x" button later on this could be a very bad way to accidentally degrade your newly found TRI piece of gear. This could be a toggle button so when fail stacking you can just rip stones like we do on PC. Please see enhancement photo Party/Guild Pinging - As a retired PvPer and node war player on PC, Pings were an important part of moving or organizing assaults. Also very helpful when trying to explain to your friends where certain things are or where you can be found to as simple as showing your friend where you park your horse. [ for players who have never played BDO, this a ping that can ONE set your auto path or two can be used to show a Red line in the open world where you are. ] Guild quest funds - This was also just added to PC not too long ago this was a BIG QoL change for questing. Helps make a little silver per quest and rewards players who actually do quests. Everyone gets silver per mob or fish or log or rock collected. This will probably come with the guild update to add payouts and all the current guild changes that are on PC, but this would be good for newer players. Pet Groups - On PC we have 3 buttons to assign pets to 1-2-3, and it will pull out that group of pets. While most won't have this issue right away, From a PC player Stand point we have 3 types of pets: Life, Knowledge, Combat pet groups we use most. You also should have an easy way to select all pets to Agile, Normal and Cautious verses going one by one every time you pull your pets out. Please see pet photo Alchemy/Cooking History - We have a function that lets us recall the last use ingredients down to the number which is helpful when spam cooking the same things over and over. This appears to only put the ingredients in, and not the amounts. Ingredients quantity -It feels like double work to select the ingredients put them in the station then select quantities. PC we just select the item, tell how much we want to put in, and it fills a slot. While I am adjusting to this version, this still feels like double work. Node workers - while the system is different and will take some getting use too, I think some major QoL could be made here too. The menu is cool, but if I want to add a worker on a node you should just let me click the potato node and get to the same menu. The more I use the worker system the more cumbersome it appears to become. PC's version is way more streamlined and this actually needs an overhaul. Things like Sort by town, accessing workers right off the node without having to shuffle through a menu just click on a node and put a worker on it, Show WHAT THE NODES actually are. This needs some SERIOUS help. Please come back and revisit this system. Please see worker photos Worker Cancellations from nodes -Just a small thing that is a big QoL. Having this ability to cancel nodes as you manager you worker empire is big, verses having to go to the worker menu to stop work. Please see worker photo Pop up Alerts -On PC these are VERY annoying. I have everything turned off expect workers, and horses market registrations (T8s/Dream). We really need to be able to turn off other peoples looting, life skills, resets, enhancement fails, Market registrations, guild wars. Cleansing +15 gear - Please do not make us go through the cancer of making a low level red alt to downgrade gear for fail stacking. Please add the simple NPC already in the PC version, and in the BDX version, just without the cleansing menu. Dish of Poorly Prepared Ingredients - You made a post talking about these not being in game at launch, yet your road map shows Kamasylve in the first "half" of 2019. These need to be in early on so people will have the contribution to do anything in Valencia let alone Kamasylve. THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO EXCUSE for these to not be in the game right now. [CM] Shirna has stated it was for balance of early game. Yet they allowed Prognyl silver bars, enhanced weapons, armor, and accessories to be in game at launch, not considering the fact it takes about 180 Advanced cooking stations to hit 300 contribution from 200 with a ONE SECOND cook time [absolutely not possible early game] (rough math/RNG drop - about 50 hours of NON-STOP cooking). Please add this next patch. Skill menu - It is stupid I cannot access the skill menu during Auto running/riding to anywhere, cooking or any other activity. On PC I can't tell you how many times I pull up my skill menu to think about things, help friends with skills, see what add-ons I have, change a few skills around while I auto path to my destination, process, cook, fish or anything I'm doing "passively". Locking your 100% - I do not mean locking the actual skill just the ability to toggle it on and off (using the normal skill not the Black Spirit Rage). This was a major QoL change when it came to PC and shouldn't be the hard to bring to BDX. It really annoys me how I just want to save it to absorb when needed but countless amount of times blow the rage on stupid little things, then want it 10 seconds later. Cannot see what items prices are listed at - This is highly annoying when you are trying to look for an item and it says it is available but you have to put a buy order for max or guess and try each price to find where it is listed at. Please find away to show each price and what it is listed for like on PC. (say a Steel Dagger is listed at 3 different prices ranging from 90k - 160k we have to guess at each increase to find where the 3 Steel Daggers are located) Please note Steel Dagger Photo. Sorting Bank Storage - Self explanatory really. We need the option to sort the storage like we can our inventory. Things are already becoming a nightmare! Please note my bank storage and how all woods are in a nice order and auto arrange is checked. Character Transport - This is not currently in our version but it was so helpful on PC to move characters around where needed. Cannot see exact quantities in Storage - while to the masses who have items less than 1,000 in one stack will see all the digits, it is very annoying as a professional cook/alchemist to NOT see exactly how much I have of an item. I plan things down to the exact station. This is especially true later when I have to physically go out an gather and rarer drop to make an item. I assume you did this for "clutter" reasons but maybe have it expose the full number when you hover over it or just show them at all times. Please see my storage photo - yes that is 100,243 Elder Tree Timber, and 150,219 Palm Timber. Cannot access ring menus while in House - This is annoying when i got to try to feed workers while i'm cooking, or want to reach for my maid because i forgot something and don't want to run all the way back. Could be at least get the option to add the LT rings in so we have limited access? Side note while I do have a work around for the worker menu, it's still awkward to have to think of click on the beer to get to the worker menu. Auto Fishing Trash items - PC has the option to throw away all trash while fishing, this is just QoL for AFK fishing. Horses Abysmal speed in towns - I know this was your fix for some peoples rendering issues, but holy crap I HATE going into towns with my horse because I slow down more than people auto running. Can you at lease let us auto run with our normal speed, and maybe not the active run or sprint? Moving Items direct to bank form Central Market Storage - PC has this and is a much needed QoL when wanting to move stacks of items to your storage NOT being able to leave cut scene when summoning bosses - This is SO ANNOYING. I want to skip it, let him summon in and get ready to fight. Not stand around, picking flowers and get smacked while I am frozen or stuck in my inventory because I couldn't close it out while said boss was summing in. Scrolls stacking and not expiring - pretty straight forward, and major QoL on PC. People have lives, things happen, these scrolls should have been able to stack day one on BDX. Please see scroll photo Choose which Chat you want to monitor - It is defaulted right now to only see Server chat. It's pretty cancerous and toxic. I'd rather look at my guild chat so I can see if anyone asked any questions or said something while I was away instead of going into a menu to see it. More characters in chat - I mean, I'm not trying to write a novel, but BDX isn't twitter. XD Worker Repeat on Workbenches - Not sure if this is a bug or an over site on PA's part but on PC we can set workshop workers to repeat. In BDX we have no option other than check back and start another 1x task. Bugs Long Delay from closing Inventory and not being able to move - Not sure if this is a bug or if you have some weird timer on it. I should be able to instantly go in and out of my inventory. This has been in since beta and gets very annoying to deal with. There is no item bug - This happens all the time. The only current fix is to log out to character select and log back in. This also happens with the Central Market taking and putting items from the market. Market Place Registration notification bug - It appears when some one lists an item, the notification pops up 3-6 times. I noticed this when i saw 6 Shudad costumes for the same class get posted within seconds of each other. Then check and only 1 is listed. Processing Outfit not working from storage - this is bugged and needs to be fixed ASAP
  12. Nightingale

    Dius - Imperial Fish Guy?🐠

    24 hours (real time) after the fish is caught. they degrade every hour in price I believe.
  13. Nightingale

    Ap/Dp check

    123AP 126DP on my wiz. But... I have 232 Energy and 135 Contribution. Knowing gear isn't going to be super important before Valencia. Working on getting money ready!
  14. Nightingale

    Can we build the Epheria sail boat?

    This comes with the Margoria Update. This is not set in the road map. So likely it will be the next half they work on putting this out. But for now start the grind on 75,000 - 80,000 logs to make the 800 Standardize Timber Squares. (no i'm not joking on the logs, unless you have Artisan 4 processing it sucks. even then it's still 50,000 - 65,000 logs) With out the hedgehog and magic lumbering axes this is going to be annoying for most.
  15. Nightingale

    PVP exp

    You only lose exp, if you are red. Crystals break then gear down grades. Other than that no benefit to pvp.