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  1. Last i checked a zerker can still use all 3 grabs back to back. That means the CC changes are not on xbox. If any one of the 3 grab were performed to quickly the player would be grab immune. This also is only noticeable, once you have the gear we a rocking on PC, 300+ accuracy, means every CC would land, now after the changes it's hit or miss.
  2. When Steam came to PC they just chucked them right in with us. Opened a total of 8 Oliva Servers, gave them absurd starting player rewards, and had the dedicated caught up to the normal launcher players with in a few months. We thought it was going to be Armageddon on PC, sure the severs took a crap for a month or so because they just couldn't handle the load. Fixed that and everything was fine. Was nice to move some old gear that wouldn't sell. Put more money into the economy, wasn't as doom and gloom as we thought. Would probably be the same here. It's something the new xbox players don't understand yet. PC was up a full year before they added it on Steam most stayed the 30 days on Oliva then came to the normal channels. Here PS4 would only less than 160 days behind xbox.
  3. On release, Black Deserts PvP started at 45 then was later raised to 50. You also use to lose exp on pvp death too, but too many cried because the negative 1m crowd didn't care and would grief the under geared causing major issues. Something you may not be thinking about is the level gap of pvp efficiency. A level 45 with equal gear will deal less damage to a 50, just as a level 56 wont deal the same damage to a 61. Heck it's even a decent difference in a 60 - 62 fighting. (assuming equal gear - equal skill) PERSONALLY I'm glad some safeguard is in place level wise. NO safeguard and we would now have 0 ways of moving crates other than transport (which is dumbly expensive and extremely slow when talking tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of crates in one run). It means Horses "can" be trained in peace without the fear some bored little shi*ter comes and knocks you off your horse 5 minutes after you walk away for the night. Could you imagine a level 62 coming and grifeing low level grind spots and to the guys who are already negative one mil and DO NOT CARE about karma? I think the issue is that nothing can PUSH you to 50 naturally, without accepting that mirror or what ever it is now a days. It would prevent people like Deathz from staying perma 49 actively and people like him would have to cycle 49s and delete them before they hit 50 causing him to eventually quit and never be able to get any real progression because he would have to start all over every new character with beginner 1 life skills. Since every life skill gives level experience. Where horse training wouldn't be an issue if we could get our 100% horses move speed in town, Moving crates gives you 0 exp so a 49 would never level up.
  4. Because one website was commissioned by Pearl Abyss, and the other Kakao. Kakao still holds the NA/EU PC's publishing, Social Media, Forums, and GM/CM management. Pearl Abyss is responsible for the commission of the console, and Korean and Russian PC version's Website, Publishing, Social Media, Forums, and GM/CM management. Remember CM Shirna has to do all the patch notes for xbox? Now look at CM Yukimura patch notes instead. Pearl abyss vs Kakao. Kakao's looks and is presented way better. They also had 3 years to get the format right. Xbox just started. Pearl abyss is also spread thin with it's staff where Kakao for BDO hired a specific team JUST for PC BDO NA/EU.
  5. They are one in the same. They are not two different games. I have looked at both websites, but PC's is more accurate to what the game is verses xbox's website. Just because someone plays on xbox doesn't mean they can't go look at PC's website. A lot of us track SEA/KR server patch notes yet I have to use google to translate to get the idea of what's coming, minus cash shop items we always get what they have.
  6. just thought I would put this in here. From BDO's PC website. No where does it mention as a key feature endlessly circle grind for no point other than Combat and Skill exp with some mediocre money making. But oddly enough it does talk about guilds, guild wars, conquest and node wars.
  7. I'm shocked we haven't gotten a "well xbox wont get this" post, or "this should have been an xbox exclusive class". 🤣 The forum trolls are spread too thin on the amount of posts they can keep up with on trolling us. Anyway pretty busted everyone will soon have access to Master Alchemy and Master Gathering with the start of a class. Hope this pans out, for the model they have already setup before.
  8. 2.0 seconds just need to Alch stones to break 1 second hard cap. I think i know why Shirna said they are still in development. I know on PC we use "U" to activate one use of a alch stone, clicking the check box by the alch stone puts it in indefinitely. So it seems to be a UI/controller issue not a systems/function issue or they could have been in day 1.
  9. awesome thanks for the heads up, ill double verify and cross it out! wasn't in the game last i checked.
  10. Yes, somewhat of a new feature. 100k and 1 hr and a horse can be moved to any open stable slot. Just cannot have trade items on it.
  11. not yet, been asking for this since beta. closest we got from PA, "it's being looking into" you may want to look at this thread i made QoL and keeping updated. You seem to be looking for a lot of info i'm already tracking.
  12. not yet, been asking for this since beta. closest we got from PA, "it's being looking into"
  13. We have valencia part 2 content, and just got awakenings. So everything Kamasylve to BlackStar, CC changes, New Guild Systems, Dream horses, 7 more classes (maybe 8 after tonight's Keynote). We have a LOT of the QoL of PC, but PA is busy translating, recoding, changing UI systems, and bug fixing everything to get us current with PCs timeline.
  14. These will not be about for a while on xbox. We don't even have a steady supply of fine accessory boxes so a Base, PRI DUO box wouldn't even be right yet.
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