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  1. Zethie

    What time does the launch

    If it follows PC (we won't know until after it comes out) It should drop down to $10 after the forth. Assuming we follow PC. Or it could stay at 29.99 and you receive the bonus's but no head start since the game would be alive (just how pc was with their packages). I could be entirely wrong or I could be right I don't know for sure.
  2. Zethie

    What song best describes your class?

    I associate this to my wizard because I like the fantasy feel of slinging magic.
  3. I'm intrested in joining. Looking at either maining Wizard or Sorc until archer release. Here is my GT: Tsiriu I can provide discord to but don't want to post it publicly haha.
  4. As the title says I'm a player form PC who is also getting the xbox version. I've been playing BDO since it's PC launch.