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  1. Has anyone found an easier way to spam our WW forward evasion? It's a chore and a half to spam the up stick to evasion forward. This is one of our biggest PvP mobility moves and it feels so clunky and hard right now.
  2. Recruitment is open, requirements have been adjusted. Please feel free to apply we are looking for quality applicants
  3. recruitment open again we have 5 slots open! looking for active high level players
  4. Looking for more witch/wizards, we are still looking to nab about 15 more. Looking for grab classes Also looking for a fat musa Please only apply if you're working towards TRI accessories to replace Asula
  5. Still looking for exceptional players apply at www.arshabdx.com
  6. Thanks for all the interest we are raising the GS to 450 for the last slots
  7. We are currently full, but are still looking for any exceptional players
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