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  1. Thanks for all the interest we are raising the GS to 450 for the last slots
  2. We are currently full, but are still looking for any exceptional players
  3. nodewar Sunday looking for players that want to bang
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    Black Desert v

    Thanks for the update!
  5. ARSHA <Arsha> is looking to recruit a small number of players to add to our already strong PVP / Nodewar / Siege guild. We have a large guild with an average gear score of 430. Current Requirements 445 Witch/Wizard 450 GS everything else Current Class Needs Warrior Beserker Witch/Wizard Right now, we are looking to round out our roster. Witches, wizards, are always in demand, and we also could use a few front line. Some exceptions will be made on a case by case basis. We interview every applicant to learn more about each person who joins. Here is some of our organized PvP clips https://clips.twitch.tv/DarlingShakingSaladCorgiDerp Who’s a perfect fit? 1. Someone who wants to join a guild that’s more like a family. Many of us hang out on discord each day and night. We don’t do private little cliques, and welcome everyone with open arms as long as they abide by the simple rule - treat every guild mate like a close friend. Offer to help when they need it. Treat everyone with respect and kindness. And team up against rival guilds whenever necessary. 2. Someone who’s dedicated to both gear progression and skill progression. One of the things that’s important here is that no one is a know-it-all. Xbox is a new world for BDO, and while some may know more than others, it should never be our intent to make them feel that way. In the end, we all want to be better with our skill in our classes and our gear. This will be essential for establishing a top tier pvp / nodewar guild. 3. Someone who’s ready to have a ton of fun. If you think this is a fit, join our discord, and post in our general chat that you’d like an application or head on over to www.asrshabdx.com for an application. https://discord.gg/dU8Uyp3 You can also contact me on discord @ TENT#3370 or RooGaming l DarkPhantom#9164
  6. New website is up! http://www.blood.gg/
  7. Hello I'm interested in joining. I've played PC for about a year and stepped away. I'm a ranger with 6 piece TET. I recently rerolled to witch and I was interested in switching to XBOX version to get a fresh start. I plan to play a witch or wizard as I've loved grinding/pvping on mine. I'm a hardcore MMO player so I will be playing everyday, and I've already requested off for work. I'm looking for a guild that knows the ropes like I do on gearing and progressing in the game. I've only done a little bit of node/siege but I want to do more an be in a guild that is part of that scene heavily. You can find me on XBOX IGN:Tentakels or discord TENT#3370. Thank you for taking your time to read this - TENT