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  1. Haha! Im not buying pearl items for $. Just wanted to give my friend some potions Thanks for the answers tho. I get the point, no trading in bdo. LOVE
  2. Hey, My friend is starting a character later this week. I wanted to buy some starting equipement for him. Can i trade him these items or give him silver for potions?
  3. Following this topic. And is there a possibilly to change brightness/gamma ingame? My game looks so dark and i dont want to mess up my tv setting just for playing dbo
  4. Hey people, Everywhere i read how much time this game is gonna cost my time. I wonder is this game fun for the casual player? I dont have time to play all day and just want to enjoy exploring and skilling. I never played it but it looks so cool and somehow seems to remind me of runescape...
  5. Thanks for all the usefull information. Im so hyped cant wait.... Hope its going to be worth it as a first time player.
  6. Hey people! Bought myself a xbox one S today especially for BDX. I always like the communication/social aspect of pc MMO's so i was thinking about buying a chatpad for my controller. Will it be compatible? And do you guys think other people will use this too? It would be a shame if nobody ever was up for a chat.
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