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  1. So i am not really sure how this happened i was opening my path to power boxes for my musa and now i can't open like half of my inventory slots! It just keeps telling me "Your are trying to expend the slot beyond that of the maximum capacity." OR that "Invalid slot!" I can't sell the items. I can't put the items in my bank and they are time limited along with everything else down there i can't even use them.... What the heck is going on!
  2. Am i missing something or have they still not fixed our screens. I finally come back to black desert after like 2 months of being pissed because i can't see my whole screen and i still can't find an option to properly resize the display so i can see everything. They said that this would be fixed shortly after launch and here we are at awakening now and i still don't see a way to properly fix this issue. I know my Tv is old but i shouldn't need to buy a new one to have such a simple thing fixed....
  3. Krieg


    I greatly appreciate you doing so. Honestly even in Mediah getting loot drops feels insanely difficult. (I am referring to the ones worth while over the ones that get you a bit of silver in your pocket.) Perhaps my best example is the Asula earings which i spent 3 full days grinding Helms post attempting to acquire. During that three day span where i played for roughly 8-12 hours grinding using my wizard, I never got a single earing drop and only a few other drops most of which weren't really worth the effort and time input. I even used a blessing and leveled the node before starting that grind. I got roughly 8 drops that were worth while. 4 of which oddly enough were the regular rings but no earings. The others were +8 items. While these are nice. The additional rings become rather useless after a certain point even if you run a large number of characters. The +8s on the other hand are rather valuble no matter how far along you are as they can be broken down for more stones or can even be sold for a fair sum of money. I truly think that the drops there still need attention. Keep in mind this is just my helms hold grind but over all since Mediah's release i really haven't gotten anything from drops that gives me great wows. Most of my gear has come from quests. As for the Market it really should have some more flexability its a player driven game with a clear economy. Being able to set prices would help greatly sure having a certain high they can't go above is nice but it prevents people who want to be traders from being able to buy and sell to make their money. As for being a non value pack player this method of gaining money really isn't available to them which is quite a shame. I really hope that you guys can balance these things better, The combat in game is an absolute blast. But as it currently sits the pain of having to do other things so that you can enjoy yourself is currently out weighing it. (Also in regards to the starting area drops. Those were just examples i was using that most would be familiar with. But that pain does exist elsewhere.) One all these things are balanced out combined with such an intensive combat system with all the other things i've seen on pc i have no doubt that this game will do amazingly on console. It is good to know that you guys are working on the screen fix it is a real shame that it didn't make it out as the screen drives me crazy but heres hoping it makes it out in the next update. Also CM Shima thank you for such a quick response to this post that certainly goes a long way. I've posted on other games forums and gotten responses weeks afterward from devs or forum managers but i don't think i've ever seen one so quick.
  4. Krieg


    Rip placed it in the wrong section lol. But yes this is feed back and yeah its long because i did a lot of research before actually posting. Didn't figure many people would fully read the post.
  5. So i have been playing since game drop and i am honestly not pleased with this game. I've given it a pretty good run spent the entire time up to now none stop grinding. Learning everything i can from the pc version which honestly didn't help much and i am finally to the point to where i honestly just want a refund because the pain of playing this game actually out weights the enjoyment. Don't get me wrong i absolutely love the combat system it is much better than anything else that i have seen in MMOs but there are just to many things out weighing the fun to be had with this and the game is not even fully released yet. We still have roughly 4 expansions to go if i am not mistaken a huge amount of classes not released and a whole bunch of other stuff that makes the game sound great but really gets out weighted in the long run and unfortunately one major problem that was said would be immediately addressed after release and is still a freaking problem now. so lets go ahead and dive right into this and no this is not a rant this is honestly just a critique of the game from someone who has spent the entire life gaming. First up the biggest and most devastating problem in my opinion. The developers promised back when the beta was out that the screen safe zone would be addressed immidiately after launch. Here we are so many days later and a major expansion later and i still can't see the vast majority of my screen. Its not my tv because every other game works perfectly fine and those that don't have the option to adjust so that they fit appropriately. Not only did we get promised a very quick fix for this we are now after a major update that added massive amounts of quest lands, nodes and a whole slew of other content but we still didn't get the basic fix for quality of life we were promised. This really doesn't say great things about the developers as a whole as such a small fix should have been easy for them to do. Don't get me wrong programing isn't a cake walk but still this compared to what went into the game makes this fix a cake walk. So we have already been set up with the idea that the devs have a chase if not a habit of not making good on their word. This isn't the only thing that was promised to be fixed quickly either several major maintenance later there are still people complaining about not getting their silver for turning in their bars to the storage. This is the second thing that was promised a quick fix and has yet to be delivered on. Second, Now this is addressed by many a pc player to the devs and i am sure many an xbox player. The drop rates on this game are mind shatteringly low. Don't get me wrong RNG is RNG but having a .07 drop rate for an item that is a transitional item meant to be grabbed by the player so that they can grind for the great that will allow them to acquire the gear that they need to partake in late game content is mind boggling. I understand low drop rates, It makes the item more valuable and makes the person play the game more and want to purchase quality of life items from the cash store. However the way that the RNG is set up in this game and applied makes getting even the most basic gear require one to have absolutely no life or have and endless wellspring of money to throw at the game in addition to having very little of a life as lets face it a 20% increase to a .001 drop is laughable. You still have a near non existent chance of getting the item you are after not to mention the fact that many mobs where you farm such items that keep in mind aren't transitional items. Such mobs don't always drop something meaning that this .001 chance is actually lower because the creatures don't always drop something meaning there is yet another spinner to be spun to determine if there is loot. Again don't get me wrong i understand the devs wanting to make money but i have seen memes about this game being the home of the 0% drop chance, Memes about mark of shadows which is a low end item in all reality being a myth and these things are made by veteran pc players. Not only does spending your money on the game to try and get the item yourself seem fruitless its honestly inadvisable if you do the math. This game needs a serious revamp to the way that the drop system works anyone who has to balance a job and life is not going to have the time to endlessly grind for an item that they need to aquire to partake in end game content. They would be better off playing a game like World of warcraft which has become a shadow of its formerself but at least there drops are much higher and you can more readily get gear to progress your character. Thirdly. If the drop rate issues were not bad enough on th eir own the Player market is so screwed up at this point that it isn't even entirely worth using to attempt to make money to buy items other players have gotten and sell on there. I have seen that sale prices are static and pre ordering creates a wait list. There is no bid list meaning that the demand of an item affects its price there for driving the player economy forward and making it either more or less likely to find an item a player needs. Not only this the primary way of making money on the player market is selling items that players have bought from the cash store, Which is promptly limited to roughly 8 a week if i am not mistaken meaning that you can make X amount of money off of cash shop items. Don't get me wrong this is a good thing it reduces the pay to win aspect but unfortunately it is still the most viable way to make money on the market given that the prices of all items are static and most basic items sell for under 500k means that a player can buy 8 costumes for the most played class and make upward of 25 mil a pop per costume or the savy investor can sell the bits and possibly make more than the whole set is actually worth. Not only this but i have seen that when prices do go up through out the day for what ever reason they reset at a certain time going back down to their pace value this means people who preorder items only have a set frame of time that an item can be sold for that amount and actually get the item making the wait time on a wait listed item take even longer. This is an absolutely mind boggling th ing for an mmo to do. The players drive the economy in nearly all mmos meaning if the item has value it is determined by the players to have X value rather than the Devs. Sure this keeps the market from inflating but it also keeps money from being able to be properly made when you pair it with the drop rates. Trying to buy up all the items and sell them back at a profit you aren't making really any profit in doing so even when you buy an item in high demand such as a yuria's staff currently on the xbox version. This is due to the way that the tax system works. Players with the value pack can make a small modicum of money while players without it actually lose money attempting to do this further crippling the player market for those players. All in all these three things alone are enough to make me regret spending my money on this game and i know i have seen a lot of complaining about all of these things in general chat so i am sure that the rest of the community sees them as well and i am sure that those that read this and check the math will see that this is really a problem. This game is an absolute meatgrinder for a consumer. In its current state considering the fact that i haven't used any of my pre order items i would think a refund is in order but unfortunately due to microsofts rules of buying things from their store i cannot make such a move to gain back my money nor can i attempt to sell the vast majority of the items i have to try and make my life easier in game. So far this port has been an utter flop in my opinion and it needs some serious attention before i will ever be willing to spend another dime on the game itself. Anyone thats what i had that should be looked at. Honestly i doubt that anything will be done because of me putting this up here and all of these things have been talked about before but less in depth and nothing has been done about them on pc. To me this seems like another MMO console flop. Anyway to those of you that read this congratz on making it through. For t hose of you that are looking to see if this is the game for you and you notice this post i would highly suggest not going into this game unless your planning to spend endless amounts of actual money on it.
  6. Was kinda hoping for the ninja to be one of the first added but thats alright. Ill probably play wizard for a while and then move on to Striker. Whenever Ninja makes it to console i plan to main them. Not much for defense but i love high damage and sneaky stabby playstyle.
  7. Thanks for the link. Does UI size fall under the main issue i was having?
  8. Mainly the fact that there was a bug forcing my screen to be all screwed up. I had about an inch and a half on all sides off screen no matter what i did on my tv or xbox. Kinda hard to play when you can't read most of a quest or heal when you can't see your health bar. Its a major problem. That is easily the biggest problem i have and i wasn't the only one having this issue. Other than that everything else is really minor irritants just compounding the big issue lol.
  9. Yo any one got any news on what is going to be effected come release date? Some fixes are holding me back from picking this game up so i'd like to know!
  10. Dude this is literally going to be the best MMO on console period. Unless someone else comes along and releases something that can out do black desert. Everyone knew like with all ports that the content was going to be behind. I had no illusion i would likely not be able to play the class i wanted to play from the get go. Also the content pace seems quite upscale compared to games like tera. Don't get me wrong there are other things i might say would be a good reason to cancel over. Like them not fixing the screen size issues lol.
  11. Personally i want to play the ninja.... I like the sneaky stabby stuff. But should it not be around at release then i will be playing the archer. However this is assuming they fix the screen safe zone problem that presented it self to many people during the beta.
  12. Seems like a fair number of people have been having this problem.
  13. Hey everyone the xbox Beta is coming to a close today and i know a lot of people have played the game so i figured making an easy to find thread of all out feedback would be rather helpful. My biggest problem with the game and the only thing that is making it something i don't want to buy is that the size ratio on my tv cannot be adjusted to make the game properly fit my screen. It is one of very few games that i have this problem with and one of very few games that does not have an ingame method to fix this issue. For me i have nearly an inch on all sides cut off and when you think about it thats alot. I can hardly see my xp bar, and minimap is cut off along with the bottom of my screen and a large chunk of the text from the quest helper. These things compiled make a fairly large issue for me. If this issue is fixed which is should be able to be fixed pretty easily if i am not mistaken. This is certainly a game i would play and drop a bit of money on for cosmetics and stuff. What other feedback does everyone else have?
  14. So i've tried everything you all have suggested and i still can't seem to fix the issue. It may be because my tv is too old as it is fairly old but i've tampered with all the settings possible. but i'm still stuck with that large amount of my screen being chopped off on either side. I've had this problem on other games like Thief and skyrim but i just quit playing because i wasn't able to fix it then either.
  15. So i realize this us just the beta and is not the full game so it wouldn't surprise me if some of the settings are not currently present for xbox players. My current and only issue so far with this game is that i have a good 2inches of my screen cut off on the sides so i am missing out a good bit of the writing that is on the screen and it really bothers me. I've loked for the setting itself and could not find it to adjust it in game and i have adjusted it as much as possible on my tv but i still can't see everything. Can we get the addition of a setting to set the display size so this isn't a problem. It may seem rather trivial but it is a real pain for me.
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