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  1. This is the worst piece of advice I have ever seen given on this. DO NOT force enhance your gear. Build fail stacks then swap to an alt when you hit 16-20 fs (save for duo/pri attempts) on a char. Farm saunil/catfish/manshas for exp and trash silver, here you will also get some decent accessories. Most players dont make 50mil per day unless you dont have a full time job/life. Dont buy ultimate grunil off marketplace, just make it by doing world bosses and turning in those hunter seals. Marketplace grunil will take forever to buy and pri/duo is easy. Make sure to hit all world bosses when the spawn, including the random spawns. The hunter seals and potential wep/armour drops are your goals. Park some alts in heidel to afk river water gather by the fountain, and gather from sheep in the mountains. Gathering rewards hards/sharps that you will need. At level 53-55 when you are in all +15/pri gear you can head to mediah and tryout farming abandoned iron mines for neck, then helms for ring/earring, and elric for the belt.
  2. No we arent. It makes 0 sense for them to split up the days like they did. Make it every day from 7 to midnight. Dont split it like this. It is not clear why they split it. Also, MANY users get the hot time buff at random times.
  3. Im Prof 5. Up until 4 days ago I got 1-2 per rotation, so 2-4 a day performing 200 of each action. Past 4 days I have gotten 0. I figured RNG this weekend. But I havent met a single farmer who has gotten any drops since Thursday. No drops fri-today.
  4. Ive been pruning/killing insects and breeding my farm regularly. Im doing atleast 200 of each action a day. Past 4 days ive recieved 0 hards and sharps. Were they also accidentally removed...?
  5. Maybe I should troll post about that too to draw more attention to it.
  6. Why split it up!? Why not just say 7pm - Midnight every day until May 8th. What is the point in splitting it up for 1 minute!? Read all the responses. Everyone is confused about this. It stems from them splitting it up, then formatting the days the same.
  7. I gave several ways to read it. Are you saying I am right assuming 7pm-midnight 7 days a week is correct? Ive got the buffs on my 4 new chars and a level 36 farmer right now. However my main 57 and another 51 afk fishing alt doesnt have it.
  8. Okay lmao. So it also runs Mon 7pm until Thurs 12:00 am? Why not make it the entire time?
  9. Mon-Thurs 7:00pm ~ 12:00am Fri-Sun 7:00pm ~ 11:59 This is how we read this timing. Every day 7:00pm ~ Midnight. Just list it like that, this split over 1 minute is nonsensical. Some users report that the event is supposed to be 7pm Friday night all the way until Sunday at midnight. This is not clear. Also, many users are getting this "hot time" buff at random times; inconsistently between alts. PLEASE ADDRESS ALL TYPOS AND INFO BEFORE PUSHING UPDATES TO THE NOTICE.
  10. They still havent fixed the dates and times. Does fri~sun imply it begins on friday and ends on sunday at that time? Because they still have it listed mon~thurs with only a 1 min difference. It needs to be listed as Beginning friday at xxx and ending sunday at xxx. Then Monday through Thursday beginning at xxx ending at xxx. The way it is currently listed makes it look like we get the event every day from xxx to xxx. Which should be changed to every day at xxx-xxx; the 1 minute split makes 0 sense. Also, everyone of my characters always have the hot time buff; sometimes. Has nothing to do with login time. I may or may not be getting any exp buffs. They really should proofread these announcements prior to updating and announcing.
  12. Log in friend. It sAiS eXp EvEnT n pRoGresS. HoT TiMe FReInd!!!
  13. Ive already leveled all my chars to 58 using this exp buff. Please nerf. *REMOVES PANTS* HOT TIME HAS STARTED FRIENDS.
  14. 7 pm pdt to 12 am pdt is kind of late for the east coast. 10pm to 3 am. It would be a shame for a large part of the player base to miss out on an event just because of the timing. Hopefully this isnt intentional. Also, why mon-thurs 12am pdt, fri-sun 11:59pm pdt. Does that 1 minute really merit a split...?
  15. As a typical 9-5 worker I can no longer do bosses mon weds fri. The event starts when I settle down to sleep. I can use maybe 1 hour of it. We do have access to server stats, we can see when all servers are crowded. This event timing is BAD and needs to be addressed by a GM and CM. No reason for them to focus nonpeak hours.
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