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  1. I had about 280 pirate rum saved up from the event we had a month ago and I log in black desert today and all my pirate rum is gone from my inventory. Has this happen to anyone else since the patch came today?
  2. [CM] Shirna, can you bring up with devs if they can either move the stamina bar down or move the buff bar up in the UI because I can't see my stamina bar when I have a lot of buffs at the same time.
  3. Field Bosses spawn every 12-19 hours everyday just like pc. Here is link to discord server for xbox. Bdo world bosses and field bosses timers that someone made https://discord.gg/ZxbkRq
  4. You will probably have to buy character slot expansion coupon from the pearl shop for $6. If you have over 200 hours you get 1 free character slot coupon in game
  5. There is a alcohol shelf on the wall next to the cook npc that you have to do first before going to the other prompts.
  6. The black spirit is not showing the magical armor exchange quest so we can turn in the dim magical armor for the armor of concentrated magical power which well then allow you to turn into the roaring magical armor by giving it to the armor vendor in altinova.
  7. Are you guys still recruiting when the game releases. I was 470 gear score sorc on pc. Class: Sorc GT: MUG CONSTANTINE
  8. 1. You can buy carrots at the stable master lol 2. The only stuff you can buy with pearls in the beta from what I know is house equipment and decorations( bed, wardobe, couches, etc) for your residence in the main cities. 3. If you want more pets and food for the beta make another character and beat red nose again it will drop another ultimate package bundle with all of the items in it for that character. I currently have 5 pets ( 2 dogs, 2 forgans, and the bird) you will only be able to take out 4 pets and for some reason you can only have one level 2 forgan pet out, you can't have both of them out at the same time.
  9. https://www.xbox.playblackdesert.com/News/Detail?boardNo=45&category=0
  10. The doom horse is gonna be awesome, I was using it in the global test servers with the archer class. Pretty much I got from Velia to Calephon in like 5 minutes or less with the triple accel and the damage it does is pretty decent.
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