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  1. xConstantinex

    Shultz investigation quest Artinova

    There is a alcohol shelf on the wall next to the cook npc that you have to do first before going to the other prompts.
  2. xConstantinex

    Magic Amor Exchange not working

    The black spirit is not showing the magical armor exchange quest so we can turn in the dim magical armor for the armor of concentrated magical power which well then allow you to turn into the roaring magical armor by giving it to the armor vendor in altinova.
  3. Are you guys still recruiting when the game releases. I was 470 gear score sorc on pc. Class: Sorc GT: MUG CONSTANTINE
  4. xConstantinex


    Goodbye negative nancy
  5. xConstantinex


    1. You can buy carrots at the stable master lol 2. The only stuff you can buy with pearls in the beta from what I know is house equipment and decorations( bed, wardobe, couches, etc) for your residence in the main cities. 3. If you want more pets and food for the beta make another character and beat red nose again it will drop another ultimate package bundle with all of the items in it for that character. I currently have 5 pets ( 2 dogs, 2 forgans, and the bird) you will only be able to take out 4 pets and for some reason you can only have one level 2 forgan pet out, you can't have both of them out at the same time.
  6. https://www.xbox.playblackdesert.com/News/Detail?boardNo=45&category=0
  7. xConstantinex

    Class selection and overview on launch

    Is this from the test servers?
  8. xConstantinex

    Everyones goals for BDX?

    The doom horse is gonna be awesome, I was using it in the global test servers with the archer class. Pretty much I got from Velia to Calephon in like 5 minutes or less with the triple accel and the damage it does is pretty decent.
  9. xConstantinex

    Lets have a race!

    20 👌
  10. xConstantinex

    Option to scale UI

    Differently need to able to minimize that chat window, that thing takes up a lot of your screen
  11. xConstantinex

    Locking Certain Skills

    @[CM] Simon Is their any word if you can lock certain skills on your character skill tree when the full game releases? I know the dev team won't be able to add it in the beta right now but when the actual release date for game it would help pulling off combos off a lot quicker and that some skills are better than other so it would help beimg able to do combos easier without hit the wrong skill.
  12. xConstantinex

    Lock onto enemies

    The only issue I have is the auto locking on to different enemies that sometimes causes you spin you around which is annoying when playing on a sorceress, the cursor you get it is like pc so I had no problem hitting mobs, the camera moving while using the left stick is also annoying, but if you change the camera distance on your character it is not that bad.
  13. xConstantinex

    Help me.

    @sQuartwoxHold right stick in when you don't have your weapon out to change camera distance.
  14. xConstantinex

    Build Up The Hype!

    Ram Horn Witch outfit for Sorceress