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  1. you can ive bought all 3, mostly for the value packs but its a pretty good deal, was when i did in the first month of game
  2. so first you need to buy the skill with skill points none of the explosions are given for free. once you have the skills they can either be triggered by holding the buttons or adding the explosion skills (lightning storm/fireball explosion) to the ring menu. cast spell, chain lightning or fireball to gain buff that lasts 7 seconds from end of cast and allows lightning storm or fireball explosion to be cast. ex: DOWN + RB > press RT shortly after fireball (or you can wait longer and press hotkey) ex: LT + RT > press RB to trigger lightning storm (or you can wait longer and press hotkey) or cast lightning then hold RT DOWN + B > immediately RT (this explosion can only be triggered through combo)
  3. TET BLUES with a 50ISH STACK is like 15%, sure PEN is possible but i highly doubt anyone has a PEN blue.
  4. so i just wanna know who got the biggest ap? people out here wanna act like having the high ap is common but i dont really know. i see people poppin tri all the time but what i wanna know is who is the NA ap GOD? or atleast what that ap looking like? i did some maths and it seems like pre tet main/offhand 235 seems pretty impossible but what do i know? *will insert proof of my 211ap later XD*
  5. sending workers to fences costume change coupons set work quantity from craft management make storage crates work properly(unable to take things out of my storage box in kusha/ able to put things in no problem but they refuse to stack.leading to multiple slots with the same stack-able items in them.)
  6. im pretty sure they won the first node war.
  7. smokescreen podcast on youtube by layvan, he does them infrequently but talks about changes to characters and various other things too. thats the only one i know of.
  8. i dont think those npcs are in the game yet, i did imperial trading on pc and the npcs in heidel and calpheon are not currently in either city on bdx
  9. there is a #mygardens in the ring menu editor but even in mygardens there is no option to assign a worker to the fence like there is in pc
  10. i was referring to a fence, my own personal farm. sorry for not clearly stating this in the beginning
  11. can i send workers to tend to my fences? i thought this was a feature. im not sure if it doesnt exist or if i cannot figure out how to access that menu. i have added the #mygardens to my ring menu but there is not a way to assign workers to my farms. i cannot deploy workers from the worker info or from the town/node my farm is on/near.
  12. i did not recieve any of the cp turnins for alchemy either. 40 runs elixir of fury, 10 runs of human hunt elixir, 200 runs clear liquid reagent, 10 blue magic crystal.
  13. well then if that's exploiting, i'm guilty too damn, when people kept getting stuck in the floor and they reduced the server change cooldown to 0 and made the elite run i was doing 3x more profitable. went from 3mill/hr to 8-10m/hr in prognl
  14. there was carrots and pet food in stables, game worked pretty smoothly outside of menu lag was able to do everything i wanted to that was possible within balenos and serendia, i gathered resources to make upgraded magic crystals, made fury and human hunt elixirs. it wasn't all good but it was fun lets just pray we don't all get stuck in the floor constantly @ launch.
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