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  1. That makes sense. Big problem is quint and muraka hit so hard that I wanted to try the cannons for damage. Guess I'll stick to hitting them a couple times and then avoid them the whole fight...
  2. I've tried using the Vype Cannons with the cannon balls that are bought at the same npc and I can't get the cannon loaded. I've seen the question asked in server chat, but no one answers. Can someone help explain how?
  3. A enemy just outside Trina Fort is called "Saunil Immobile Catapult," but it is clearly not a catapult; it is a Trebuchet. Please change the name for this unit Pearl Abyss.
  4. Just seems weird because I wasn't getting one shot before... But meh. Need to keep getting that DP up.
  5. Kzarka one shot me earlier with one of his basic attacks. I currently have 154 DP and I've taken his attacks before no problem but today, 4/11/19, I was killed outright. Not sure if it's just me, but I find it annoying when I have a ok DP (nowhere near great DP).
  6. I'm going to add more if I find more bugs. Don't know if I'll find much, but hope this helps. 1. (FIXED) For Node Management I couldn't remove production nodes at Ancient Stone Chamber. (Upon linking Velia to my node chain I was able to Withdrawal Contribution.) 2. When accepting quests, or talking, sometimes dialogue will skip the following window. The game reacts as if you pressed "A" twice. 3. Upon accepting a quest the Amity circle, in the top left side of the screen, disappears until you leave and talk again, or refresh the tab by cycling through options with RB and LB. 4. World Map > Find a node that has a home for sale > Manage Crafting > Try to apply House Filters > House Filters don't work. 5. All of the Ranger skills that has a cooldown timers I can use like there's no cooldown; at least until I run out of MP.
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