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  1. yo mate symphony never disbanded?
  2. Shimazu


    can you maybe not keep posting under our recruitment post ? if you dont like us thats fine but please dont get bitter and try to prove to everyone you are right. yes we are a pvp guild so we do pvp but we only afk kill people when its been done to us before by that guild. we are not hard to reason with but if in serverchat and here on the forums people are throwing hate and toxicity towards us dont expect to just sit there..
  3. horrible times and unfair seeing a normal person person in EU can only do 1 Kzarka a day while NA has 2 chances on the kill FIX THIS!!!
  4. nah mate ur supposed to check ur karma everytime and grind it back up that u have -430k means that you didnt have control and killed everyone u saw also people have to go above 50 to enjoy most of the game so its not fair to say they shouldnt if they dont wanna get killed
  5. there is no use in what u are saying so either someone gets spawn camped or there is no pvp at all and i think both options would be bad for the game its a pvp minded game and u should get used to the fact that u might get killed
  6. Shimazu


    @Nune we looking for all kinds of players but who are interested in doing Node Wars later on Shimazu (Symphony Officer)
  7. once u disconnect u cant connect to same server again and calpheon server is completely off limits no way to connect there
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