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  1. MrRomeo187

    Memorial service quest item

    Me Too and many many bug line quest
  2. This quest ==> A worry resolved Area is not accessible cannot find Emma Bartali at Velia I dont have Quest in Menu ==> Quest ==> OnGoing All Quest is on Menu ==> Quest ==> Main The follow Line is very bad, impossible to interact with NPC ========================================================================== Gamertag : mrromeo187 Character Info : LV.32 BlackMetal ( Sorry for my English )
  3. MrRomeo187

    The Young Lion of Heidel ( Quest-Line )

    i have a similar problem Stupid Isobel
  4. MrRomeo187

    Anyone on EU downloading?

    I change the region in xbox setting and it's OK To download the game, all you need to do is head to the Xbox Store, search Black Desert and download the game. Once the download finishes and the game is installed, you are ready to begin. Please be aware that the beta is only available to consoles that are set in the North American Region (United States,Canada, and Mexico
  5. MrRomeo187

    Anyone on EU downloading?

    Beta Fail !!!!! Game Fail !!!!!!! Uninstall ? No Money ? ................ Where is the beta ?
  6. MrRomeo187

    Information Megathread

    Open the Pre-Load Please !!!!!!
  7. MrRomeo187

    24 HOURS TO GO!!!!!

    False it's not in xbox store !!!!!!! Open Pre-Load Pleease !!!!!!!!
  8. MrRomeo187

    Brutally Honest

    Just No Lie Pearl Abyss LoL
  9. MrRomeo187

    Why PA

    Boycott please !!! Fake Release Date !!!! Fake Update Game !!!!
  10. MrRomeo187

    E3 Briefing - BDO

    Stupid Lier !!!!!!!! i dont buy this Ciao !!!!!
  11. MrRomeo187

    Will we see news June 10th?

    FakeNews !!!!! Summerfish !!!! Comming Soon !!!! Stay Tuned !!!!! Facebook !!!!! LUL !!!!!
  12. MrRomeo187

    when will BDO hit Xbox one in Summer 2018

    Summerfish ? Fake News ? LOL
  13. MrRomeo187

    New Info?

    Open Wallet at SummerFish I prefer buy Ace Combat 7 because i hate lier
  14. MrRomeo187

    Interview with a team

    Don't buy this game !!!! Only Lie and No good support for the update
  15. MrRomeo187

    Interview with a team

    Stop Lie Please !!!!! We need more info !!!!