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  1. Why would you want to spend time playing any video game if you were dying? Do yourself and your family a favor and delete this and go spend time with them.
  2. Totally agree, it started to make me feel lightheaded when grinding from 35 to 40 on witch.
  3. My monitor is fully calibrated. I’m not one of these guys running cool 2 and sharpness on lol, It’s the tone mapping and the lighting, look up toward the sky even slightly and the entire background is pitch black. The games contrast is way too high. look at a game like red dead 2 or Zelda BotW to see top notch tone mapping. The game looks great before the day night cycle kicks in but once evening night or morning hit it’s black everywhere, even with rgb set to limited.
  4. I really enjoy the game and it would look great on the X if not for the fact that it’s so dark all the time once the day night cycle kicks in. Seen lots of complaints about this, please do something about the super deep blacks and awful tone mapping.
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