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  1. u mean that quest from our black spirit ? have the same issue, it says i should rent a weapon or armor for cont. points, and i can't- it is just normal shop. Jeżeli dobrze zrozumiałem, mam to samo, a mialem nadzieje , że cos sobie wypożyczę
  2. Super, na pewno się zgłoszę w grze
  3. yup, already made an topic about screen size in "Suggestions", so mostly, Im going to buy it if they gonna fix it, or make adjustable. So same as u Krieg.
  4. Hi, u should guys consider making an option, which is changing the screen size display, cause many people have oversized screen on their monitors or TVs, and can't even change it from xbox, or TVs settings. It is very annoying while playing... I wish u gonna make it happen on start, cause I want to buy it ;)
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