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  1. Thanks I’ll do it as soon as I’m able to be back online. I’ll check it first then submit a ticket if they’re still missing.
  2. Honestly I thought that was the case but I was watching the silver count and it didn’t change at all. items just went missing.
  3. Added another cooks costume to test it out. Also missing from central market. Anyway to get these items back? This is on Serendia 3 in calpheon.
  4. Additionally I just added a bunch of smaller items and most aren’t showing up. This is in calpheon server is Valencia 3. Please help. Anyway to get the cooking clothes back?
  5. Hi I posted an item to the auction house and it’s not in the listing and it’s not in my inventory. It went missing. It’s the +1 cooking outfit.
  6. Ohhhhh wow ok thank you! Good to know!!
  7. Hey, so I’ve been upgrading my Grunil Armor and I just noticed that it does NOT add the +AP when adding 2 or more in slot. Sooooo maybe we can fix this?
  8. 1. Altinova - exchanged gold, didn’t get it in the bank or on me. 2. Node energy investment - invested energy in different nodes, I don’t se level increase when 3. Random crashes of the game. More often than last week. 4. Cursor still resets to first position every so often. It’s random but happens in inventory, storage and main menu
  9. Yup having that issue too. I keep having to switch swerves when it happens. It’s annoying.
  10. Sorry if this was asked already but I couldn’t find it. Anyone else having trouble investing in nodes? How does investment work? Is it I. The game? Do you invest 1 or 10 to invest 1 time in the node? I tried investing and used up all my energy lol. Also how can you tell how much is invested??
  11. The loyalty shop is in The pearl shop under loyalty category.
  12. I’m sure this was reported but just in case: my lifeskills in the. My information tab under profile is not showing accurate numbers for the sub categories. Just sayin
  13. Figured it out, the default screen its on for the right side is wrong. It need to be put on Send with the RT/RB bumpers. Then you can add from the left and send with Y on the right.
  14. I’m not sure if this has been answered but is transport bugged? Or is it working? I haven’t been able to transport anything from caltheon to anywhere. Won’t let me add items to transport.
  15. You’re right. I was thinking of the 58 cap but didn’t type it lol. But I’m assuming with a mediah drop they might InCrease it to 58. Not sure if that means awakening or not tho?
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