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  1. I am luving my sorcy. I have just started playing but when BDO goes live this will be my main. So I am looking forward to putting lots of time into learning this classes skills and getting better at timing my combos, becoming a little speed demoness.😸
  2. Hiya, I am looking forward to making lots of new friends with my old friends on BDO. I can't wait for it to go live in March and I am really luving the low-key community
  3. Thnx, for bringing this up as I was wondering myself on that issue^^
  4. Actually, so far it is not as toxic as the eso forums. Which is sooooo nice. Though I have just started on BDO, so I guess time will tell. For the most part everyone has been really helpful and the game has so much to do!! I am really excited for when it goes live.
  5. That's great that they responded so quickly, thnx for the update.
  6. At least they are aware of it which is what betas help reveal, as well. I am sure they will fix this before live.😊
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