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  1. Grimicle

    Patrigio prices not halved

    Ok so it's just a fake event ok I'm not gonna waste anymore energy
  2. Grimicle

    Patrigio prices not halved

    From what I read for the NV event everything should be 50% off after using over 500 energy I can tell they aren't
  3. Grimicle

    Issue with Pearls HELP!!!

    You get a pearl box in your pearl inventory use it to get your pearls.
  4. Grimicle

    Remote collecting

    Ok I get that would happen to my horse cause I keep a broken trade item to fight roaming bandits but it also happen to my camel in the desert when he only has trashloot on him.
  5. Grimicle

    Remote collecting

    Remote collecting randomly doesn't collector to stable you are at instead it goes to closest stable had to run all the way from velia to port epheria after grinding at pirates
  6. Grimicle

    Patrigo holds

    Ok I see now thanks for the help
  7. Grimicle

    Patrigo holds

    I might have didn't know the hold time was only 15 minutes thought it was 12 hours
  8. Grimicle

    Patrigo holds

    It was locked in chains after I told to hold the item
  9. Grimicle

    Patrigo holds

    Patrigo doesn't hold onto items when I swap characters lost out of a muskan boots but cause of it pl fix if this isn't intended
  10. Grimicle

    Valencia remote collect mount

    Randomly remote collecting mounts In the desert would make them go into a different stable than the town I am in
  11. After grinding for 4 hours with full party of 56+ only got 2 rum with same group at rogues after an hour I had gotten ten with how short this event is and how low the drop rate is unless you have been grinding 24/7 nobody will get the 1k prize and hardly anybody will get 500
  12. Grimicle

    Kzarka unplayable

    This will probably be my last kzarka fight till servers get upgraded I've been disconnected or fight was completely unplayable for 3 fights last good fight I had was when the performance features came out now it's one problem fixed another Bigger one comes out at this point kzarka needs to be disabled till everybody has a chance to fight it properly without any issues besides their own