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  1. Did u get a skill reset and yellow sol when u did shai talent quest
  2. Completely agree not having caphras and alchemy stones is completely retarded not having them in game makes kamasylvia and most gathering not even worth doing especially in kama since half the drop pool is for alchemy stones and caphras
  3. @CM_Valtarra After dying or changing character the ui display setting resets didn't happen before mystic patch and yes I will submit ticket now
  4. I agree they should rework RBF to have more maps and game modes but would also like them to change open world pvp by adding a outlaw and bounty system into the world
  5. Ui display size resets after respawning
  6. Just completely pissed that yall don't know how to set up good spawn times for world bosses with the times she spawns I can only fight her 1 in the morning but too bad hardly any1 will be on at that time how simple is it setting her to spawn twice in the morning hours then twice in the afternoon during weekdays @CM_Valtarra
  7. Grimicle

    Evasion Skill Bug?

  8. I agree profile pictures should be custom either by taking a photo album picture or u can have black desert+ app upload custom pictures
  9. Tamer side evasion makes the camera turn it really shouldn't and using her forward evasion isn't viable cause it constantly stutters causing massive openings where there shouldn't be any After watching some tamer vids on YouTube about movement u can hotkey forward evasion is there any way to make to make forward+sprintkey do the same as double forward
  10. If there are higher pre-orders than yours they will get the order filled first before yours
  11. I agree with compensating everyone with 4 coins for the lost day but dam your RNG is bad the first few days got me 100+ coins and music sheets from grind pirates with lvl10 node on arsha
  12. At this point skill is pretty nonexistent in the game since skill animations and players don't load in properly at all for some. I suggest yall stop rushing the content now and work on potato mode and performance issues.
  13. I've killed 2 poachers that didn't drop a chest at all. From what I read the chest are supposed to be 100% spawned in after a poacher is killed.
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