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  1. Its extra for spots you will grind alot
  2. I also suggest if you are on xbox to report to Microsoft since they are harsher about harassment
  3. Your in the wrong forum this is console Bdo
  4. Only one I know that can be used is violet flowers it's required to make spirit perfumes
  5. I agree as a DK main her damage is alot lower compared to other classes at lower ap especially when she doesn't have here own class identity like how sorc is all about iframes or striker has his clones with 100% accuracy which allows them to build hybrid and still 1 combo most. I suggest fleshing out Dk vedir dogma as a toggled skill that gives her +3 heal on hit while draining her mana and making imperious command a stacking bomb that can be detonated and stacked in awakening causing X hits depending on number of stacks up to 5 stacks this way dk can have more variations in her skills and combos. @CM Trent @CM_Valtarra
  6. Simple change can be adding hards, sharps and mem frags
  7. All I can say its gonna be Ps4 vs Xbox for awhile this gonna take console war to a new level and I'm ready to go negative March 4th gonna give ps4 players a warm bdo welcome
  8. Total mobs are reduced by 40% but that's all mobs how hard the change feels is really dependent on where you are grinding because they upped respawn rate so you can make smaller or alternate rotations places I felt the biggest downside are aakman, hystria and polly forest
  9. Personally I would like to get player to player trading for foods and potions like how PC has it where when the item is traded it is locked and unsellable to market and NPCs also would like actual dueling in game we got setting to decline them but they aren't in game yet
  10. @TastyNuggz @CM Trent @CM_Valtarra @CM Valencia I completely agree before the update there was little stutter here and there but they were tolerable without bothering me but now I'm having complete lockups and crashes now. It completely angers me that the one update they said would help with performance did the opposite it shows that any drastic change goes untested and is not thought through this sort of change shouldn't have come in without any testing on a actual test server that's not empty. Really wish they announced what they are doing to right their wrong.
  11. You need to get a SSD I got one for my S and game runs soo much better
  12. Exactly why I didn't go into life skills with change @CM Trent @CM_Valtarra
  13. @CM_Valtarra @CM Trent Will also need to increase Xp by alot since Marnies fill up slower and skill xp by a decent amount. imo they don't need to increase trash loot cost but definitely need to increase drop amount
  14. Yes they have been removed most noticable places are polly and gahaz where they are designed to be high mob count but some of the more useless places like the starting areas in calpheon and serendia had just about no change as someone that loves the grind this change is bullshit cause performance didn't change at all PA doesn't need to cater to older xbox users we all know this game is resource heavy if we did a little research before getting the game and anyone with a S can get a SSD cheapish and have no problem playing. @CM Trent @CM_Valtarra
  15. This change is soo trash I went from filling 17 250 Polly marnies an hour to filling barely 10 in my adjusted rotation trash loot hasn't dropped too much but that not why I'm there. Making a drastic change like this and not even attempting to increase trash drop count, exp given and item drop rate shows how much the they thought about this change. @CM_Valtarra
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