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  1. You do realize theres 2 daily quests that give 70 hunters seals everyday which you can use to get black stones with? thats 140 hunter seals daily, 3 per weapon stone 2 per armor. both require you to be level 56 but ones right outside helms area and the others at the node manager outside the other main town in the new area tajin or whatever its called.
  2. I did the life quest in hiedel where you gather 10 water from the river then heat it to make 10 distilled waters then gave it to the guy which was supposed to give me a consumable that gives me beginner to heating so I can process tin and copper into bronze ingots but I didnt get the item, Ive noticed that allot of these type of quests are not giving the consumable rewards and were basicly missing out on huge rewards that greatly make life skills allot easier. Also for the quest requiring you to make a bronze hoe, the crafting station only lists lucky bronze hoe and these dont work for the quest.
  3. How do you make raging thunder continue to spin? I use the skill it spins once and is done, can anyone help me please.
  4. Ive noticed allot of the quests vanish as soon as I hit level 50 on any of my characters, Im not able to access a drop menu for black spirit repeatable quests such as dim magical quests so I can get those items and upgrade them etc. As pc players allot of you have this knowledge and if Im missing something could you please tell, thanks
  5. I wanna see damage numbers when Im fighting, sorry I just like knowing how hard Im hitting or being hit, have a toggle option to turn it on/off. Aminity characters need to tell info when your goto pick them, percentages how much you can gain if any etc. Screen should have a way to zoom out so I can see more of the area around me and a way to zoom in close if I wanna take screen shots of my character The skills menu should have more help files and information for new players so we know when picking skills what they work with combo wise or passive wise etc.
  6. Id also like to shink my characters and see more of the screen better seems theres no visual options
  7. How is aminity supposed to work on xbox when you pick the storys it doesnt show any information like on pc, no percentages or points you can gain or not gain etc? Am I missing something or is this something that wont work properly til official open?
  8. I signed up but I have no idea how to link my account can you please tell everyone how to do this please, ty
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