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  1. What We're up to

    To stream a live event like that requires a very professional set up. You need to capture live audio, multiple video feeds and multiple cameras. By no means easy. We're still working out the details.
  2. New mounts

    For me it would be a no. I kind of like the fact that its animals that can be ridden in real life that are used for mounts. I think more creatures would be a little overkill,
  3. The back and forth has gone on for quite a bit without anything really being said.
  4. What We're up to

    You will have to travel there to watch as we're not going to be able to live stream the event (as far as I know), but we are working on at least getting it recorded
  5. What We're up to

    Hey guys, thought I would check in. It may seem as though we have abandoned you all as we've not been around the forums much. We haven't, but there are currently a lot of things being worked on for our 'Into the Abyss' event, and I'm working mostly on making sure that it's a success. I can't reveal too much about anything yet, but that time will come soon enough. If you guys any of you guys will be there, make sure to come say hi. I will be the 6ft3 blonde English guy, and I'm sure there won't be many people fitting that description at the event. Anyways I hope you're as excited as we are for this event, and whats to come because frankly, I'm excited about everything that's coming up. Simon
  6. Pearl Abyss is hosting their first meet and greet during E3 this year! Pearl Abyss would like to welcome you “Into the Abyss” at the nearby Regal LA LIVE on June 13th, 2018! The evening will be filled with surprises, exclusive sneak peeks, hands-on with Black Desert on Xbox One, and a chance to meet the minds behind the game. Come join and join Pearl Abyss for a night of entertainment, food, and refreshments! RSVP for the event here: https://bit.ly/2IpneyF
  7. I wouldn't worry about that, Korea doesn't do the big winter vacations. As for everything else, I'm reading through and reporting your concerns to the higher-ups. There are understandably a lot of questions, and unfortunately we can't give out the answers yet, but thank you for your patience everyone.
  8. Hide and Show content

    I'll see what I can get done, but it may take some time.
  9. Reply to Dev Notes #1

    Hey guys, super glad you guys enjoyed it. I'm working on getting more of these done in the near future, with more variety in the people we get to talk to. This one took a long time to get completed, but hopefully, we can speed up the process just a touch.
  10. Dev Notes #1

    Hey guys! I’m Gwang-sam Kim, and I’m the lead producer for the Xbox version of Black Desert. We’re currently working hard on making sure that Black Desert exceeds everyone’s expectations. Many people have asked for an update, and we are humbled that so many of you are excited about the game. There are many things we would like to discuss, but today we’d like to take a look at what the biggest issue has been for us creating Black Desert for the Xbox One. Controls There are so many things to do in Black Desert, that creating a control system that encompasses everything we needed in the game has been difficult. Sure, we could have just ported the controls from PC to Xbox, but that would be like teaching an alien with 30 arms and 20 legs how to ride a bicycle. Would it work? Probably. Would it be efficient? Not at all. Warriors, for example, need multiple attack buttons, dashes, jumps, camera control, inventory management and then access to the hotbar for potions and more complicated skill combinations. Then maybe you need to pull up the quest menu, or quickly check the map or your worker empire. That’s a lot of different inputs for a controller. There are many shortcuts we considered that would have made it easier for us. 1. Reduce the number of skills. 2. Change how chain attacks work and use forced combos. 3. Add auto-targeting and remove the camera control. Each of these choices removes something from the very spirit of Black Desert, so we had to find a more creative solution to our issues. The ring menu has allowed us to pack so many different options and functions into the D-Pad that it really freed up a lot of space. For normal skill combinations, although we can’t disclose too much at this point, we have 2 strong contenders for the final product, codenamed Type 2-9 and Type 4-5. We’ll be bringing more information about it closer to the release date. We also wanted to address a couple of other questions in this Dev Update: How customizable will the controls be? One of our mantras with Black Desert is customization. That extends to the controls, so at this point in time, you will be able to customize your controls. What are you currently working on? As we mentioned, we’re still working on the controls, but we are also working on updating the UI. Heres a quick look at the current progress of our work. Note: Please remember that the images are from our test version, and may not be representative of the final version. Inventory: Dialogue:
  11. Interview with a team

    Sorry it's been incredibly busy in the office the last couple of days. We're waiting for a couple of green lights on parts of the interview, and once we get the green light we'll be making it available.
  12. Interview with a team

    Lived in Korea for like 8 years, been a community manager for nearly 3, applied for the position and hey presto! I got lucky.
  13. Interview with a team

    Nope I work out of the Pearl Abyss offices. And what may come as a shock to many, I'm actually British
  14. Interview with a team

    Yup I'm in South Korea.
  15. silver spam on facebook

    Is his display picture a baby?