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  1. [CM] Simon

    Good job translating

    There was a completely restructured story, with different quests and locations. While the cut scenes were the same or similar, there was the quartermaster quest added, Red Nose quest restructured, most of the text in dialogues had been restructured and made more natural. And I passed the positive comments we got to those who were working on it. The reworking of the quests ended up being a bit of a bigger project than anticipated but we're glad people noticed
  2. [CM] Simon

    Boss wep.

    It was purely to emphasize the fact that it would be deleted. We had a lot of questions asking about whether there would be a general deletion so this was our way of making sure people didn't get too attached to the weapon
  3. [CM] Simon

    That was a great beta experience.

    Thanks for the love. We're sorry that we weren't around on the forums as much helping out. We're now working on grabbing all the feedback and bug reports you guys gave us. There are a few things which were reported as bugs, which weren't, but even those posts we can get great feedback. We need to do a much better job at showing that crossroads quests are locked off if you take the other path, as that is another thing that many people seem to have been confused about. Overall we were incredibly happy with the beta, and are now working on addressing feedback. Thank you for playing
  4. [CM] Simon

    Spam prevention bugged into PMs?

    Unfortunately, there's no setting to separate PMs and normal messages in the dashboard, BUT there is something I will try once I'm done sifting through feedback on the forums
  5. Hey guys! Please leave a link to your SNS post in this post, thank you.
  6. [CM] Simon

    The Young Lion of Heidel ( Quest-Line )

    It's not bugged, You are trying to accept a quest that you have locked out with a different quest. Some quests, like cross roads, are a story branch where a decision you made in the story has locked you out of parts of it
  7. [CM] Simon

    Double tap dpad for quick use item

    If you equip the potion in a slot with nothing else there, it will be one tapabble
  8. [CM] Simon

    Motion Blur & Screen Shake

    We're looking into giving more options like this in the launch version, but nothing can be promised right now
  9. [CM] Simon

    Xbox one Razer mouse keyboard support

    There are no plans to support KB+M in Black Desert right now
  10. [CM] Simon

    Terrible Controls/Almost Unplayable

    It strifes you side to side, but if it's diagonal then it spins the camera, Im having the dev team look into it
  11. [CM] Simon

    Constant Disconnects

    We haven't really had that many reports on this end, does it happen on other devices? Are you connected via wi-fi? Most connection issues, as bad as it sounds, are usually user side not server side. But I'll double check
  12. [CM] Simon

    Quest problem

    Did you manually set it? The fact that it's a crossroads quest means it gets locked if you choose the other option.
  13. [CM] Simon


    We'll be announcing launch dates once we have them ready.