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  1. [CM] Simon

    Solution to the bot spam

    The easiest solution is me banning them...
  2. [CM] Simon

    Name that Artist!

    Cradle of Filth cover gives it a bit of speed and a more gothic feel Machine head cover gives some gravity. The Original is just amazing.
  3. [CM] Simon

    Mobile games

    I played it in Korean and it's awesome...but the Korean version does have a decent amount of auto (BUUUUT you are much quicker/effective when playing manually) and has more options.
  4. [CM] Simon

    New story

    I think sharing the whole of the story would be a bad move, as you know, everyone needs something to explore and experience.
  5. [CM] Simon


    Awakening will not be available at launch but will be made available at a later date.
  6. [CM] Simon

    Dev notes #3: character customisation

    There will be some videos and stuff coming out soon, as I now have easy access to the stuff I need (assuming I can get it working)
  7. [CM] Simon

    Seeking info

    I can try but I'm not sure it's possible. The best thing to do once the game launches is registering as a clan immediately and then transfer to a guild once you have the silver to do so. I will have a word with the guys and see if we can get some reserved but I'm not sure it is possible.
  8. [CM] Simon

    Seeking info

    Release>Beta>Alpha would be the Benjamin Button of game development
  9. [CM] Simon

    Character Creation

    Different controls for sure, but it's equally as cool. We're getting some more recording equipment soon, so once we get that I'll try to get a video or two showing it off.
  10. [CM] Simon


    Little bit of column A, little bit of column B I think.
  11. [CM] Simon

    Seeking info

    Events- Maybe, all plans right now. Dev Notes- There are a few things for me to finish up first, then I'll get to writing up the next one I have an idea of when, but not yet Sometime after the beta Can't say for sure right now I've never been to cologne...would be nice. Someone snitched you out. Full of meetings, plus I slept on the sofa last night as I tried to watch the England game at 3am. Due to that result, I am in a good mood. We have played around with the character customization a lot.
  12. [CM] Simon


    Housing isn't unique to the person, and a whole server can own the same room (but it is theirs in that they can decorate it, and have other people visit their house). It's pretty cheap to acquire tho and they serve some super important functions (processing, worker digs, storage capacity increases and the like).
  13. [CM] Simon

    Jon Bellion

  14. [CM] Simon

    Young Wiz

    It may change tho, I'll confirm once it's settled