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  1. [CM] Simon

    Sorc Gameplay video

    I'll check out your combo and potentially add it into the video if I can pull it off since it looks baller.
  2. [CM] Simon

    Sorc Gameplay video

    I added your name to the description, and the video is unlisted. I will remove it if you don't want me to include your name. But here is the skill combo you added with no ring menu inputs. The inputs are: LS↓+RB, LS↓+RB+RT, LT+RB, ←/→LT, LS↑+RT Full chain: Claws of Darkness→Dark Flame→Midnight Stinger→Night Crow→Rushing Crow. My timing may be off on the cancels, but I'll work on it. The left right thing messed me up a bit, but I got the combo in about 5 minutes. I'll try and add it to the main video later. I'm also trying to find a way where I can record inputs on a controller, so I can demonstrate the buttons I press but I'm finding it tricky.
  3. [CM] Simon

    Sorc Gameplay video

    There are one or two skills which are not combo'able, but they are the same in the PC version. I think the warrior has one skill that can't be used with inputs, but I'll get round to that when the warrior has the skill. As for a vast majority of the skills, they can be combo'd. And the ranger was a mix of both, not just the circle menu. I'm practicing my sorc play as we speak.
  4. [CM] Simon

    Ranger combat video

    The 6 classes have already been announced. Warrior, Wizard, Witch, Sorc, Zerk and Ranger
  5. [CM] Simon

    Ranger combat video

    They are not mutually exclusive, you can actually use both at the same time. So in this, I hotkeyed a few skills and ended up using them with the inputs as well as the hotkey (they do share cooldowns tho).
  6. [CM] Simon

    Beta Registration

    No, you won't have to. Most likely there will be a follow up email asking for a few different things which will help in our tests
  7. [CM] Simon

    Status Update!

    We were, but then Gamescom/PAX happened. We'll be bringing back bi-weekly dev notes as soon as possible. Any particular department you would like to hear from this time round?
  8. [CM] Simon

    Status Update!

    In future tests, most likely though I can't really guarantee anything yet
  9. [CM] Simon

    Status Update!

    Nothing will carry over from these early tests. As for the beta, I'm 98% sure nothing will carry over
  10. [CM] Simon

    Status Update!

    We know that we’ve been pretty quiet lately and we haven’t really been able to provide the community with any update progress, so we thought we would give you guys an idea on where we are currently at. Recently at the Pre-PAX event for ID@Xbox, users got to experience a bit of Black Desert on Xbox. They were mostly able to get a feel for the combat and the updated UI since the build we had E3, but everything seemed to work well. There are still some things that need to be polished and the developers are working hard on making sure that everything works properly. We will soon be starting a few small scale tests, and over time we intend to expand the scope of the tests to include more players. This process will allow us to focus our tests on different facets of the game. By limiting the scope of our initial tests, we will be able to focus our attention on any game issues that arise. As we ramp up the size of the tests, we will be focusing on server stability. So stay tuned for more updates!
  11. [CM] Simon


    If nothing goes wrong, the game will launch this year
  12. [CM] Simon

    Pre alpha early access

    An interesting proposition, I'll have to discuss with my family as to whether a dollar is worth it
  13. [CM] Simon


    Won't be monday, but should be mid next week if I can find the time to get the audio recording done. I'm working on it. And I can't possibly answer that question, but just take a look at our videos and you can probably guess They are all recorded on an Xbox One X
  14. [CM] Simon

    I just had a dream about Simon

    I haven't played smash in years, so once I get back in the swing of it I'll take you all on!
  15. [CM] Simon


    Agnes video got delayed due to multiple difficulties we were having and then the trips to Gamescom and PAX. I should be able to get them recorded and edited next week