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  1. [CM]Shirna

    Boss times

    Yup, there was a change to reflect, I need to update the other articles. Sorry
  2. [CM]Shirna

    Kzarka boss times eu

    https://www.xbox.playblackdesert.com/News/Detail?boardNo=459&category=1 As for the times, I'll be reporting it once everyone is back in the office tomorrow morning our time. We hear you, and we're going to try and get the times changed to be suitable for all
  3. Adventurers, A new update is coming to Black Desert for Xbox One. This update is bringing some much needed bug fixes to the game, as well as Guild Boss Scrolls, World Boss - Kzarka, Quality of life fixes and more. World Boss content has been updated. When a world boss monster spawns, a world alert is sent to let everyone know it has arrived, and each boss spawns in a specific location. When you try participate in the raid, please make sure to equip suitable gear and stock up on potions for the fight. When you get killed during the raid, you will get a death penalty. The world bosses will despawn if you cannot kill them within 15 minutes. The HP of the bosses is shared across all channels, so it will be a team effort from everyone to destroy them. During the world boss period, force PVP function will be disabled. To be eligible for rewards, you must deal a decent amount of damage to a world boss. Most adventurers who receive rewards will receive it based on how much damage they have dealt to the boss. Of course, there are outliers, and some adventurers may receive loot based on nothing but luck. First World Boss : The Lord of Corruption has Risen! A new evil is threatening the world of Black Desert. The Lord of Corruption’s ritual is nearly complete, and we need you to put a stop to it before he can truly cross into our realm. The world boss, Kzarka, has been added to the game. At certain times, Kzarka will rip a hole through into Serendia Shrine, and that is your chance to strike. Make sure that you are well prepared for this fight, as Kzarka can be a tough nut to crack. Recommended AP/DP: 150+AP, 180+DP ▲ Kzarka appears at the innermost altar of the Serendia Shrine. Kzarka is sometimes immune to all attacks and will then prepare to breathe fire. When he does this, the danger zone will be displayed in red and you have to make sure to avoid this area to survive. If it is your first time participating in a Kzarka raid, it’s better to watch how the other adventurers are evading the attacks to learn his patterns. Items that drop from Kzarka include: Kzarka’s Sealed Weapon Box, Liverto Weapon Bundle, Mark of Shadow, Shrine Guardian Token, Black Stone(Weapon), Black Stone(Armor), Silver. These items are not guaranteed for killing Kzarka, but it is possible for him to drop them. North America Server (Times in PDT) Monnday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday Tuesday/Thursday Saturday 10:00AM 03:00PM 03:00PM 05:00PM 08:15PM 10:15PM European Server(Times in UTC) Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday Tuesday/Thursday Saturday 09:00AM 1:00PM 1:00PM 04:00PM 07:00PM 09:15PM By completing Boss Subjugation quests in your guild, you will be rewarded with Guild Boss scrolls. Only the guild master and guild officers can receive and complete guild quests, as well as the subjugation quests. There are different types of scrolls depending on the size of your guild. These Boss Subjugation quests can be fairly expensive to initiate, but they each provide you with a Guild Boss scroll which can give you some amazing rewards, assuming you can kill the boss of course. We heavily recommend working together with your guild members to try and kill these guild bosses. If all of your guild members die during the quest, you will have 2 minutes to rush back to the boss before he disappears. You can earn a whole host of rewards including Liverto Weapons, Grunil armor, Crystals and more from defeating these guild bosses! ▲ Guild boss - Giant Mudster ▲ Guild boss - Ferrid 1. There will also be a few quality of life changes with this update. You can now turn on/off notifications that appear on screen. The following notifications can be enabled/disabled at your own leisure by accessing ‘Main Menu - Setting - General Settings - Alert’. - Central Market notifications - Enhancement notifications (success or failure) 2. By pressing X in the processing UI, you can now see more details about the item you want to create, including the stats, bonuses and more. 3. We have also added a way to access the Pearl Shop through your inventory by pressing RT+X. This makes it easier to access the loyalty store to purchase special items. - Functionality of the Venecil/Karki outfits (processing from storage) has been fixed. - Quest UI will no longer disappear when the main quest lines have been completed. - Fixed an issue where items in the horse inventory could not be moved to storage. - Fixed an issue where the crafting housing UI would display incorrectly. - Fixed an issue where the text of the Stabilized Magic Stone was incorrect. - Housing crafting lists not refreshing correctly has been fixed. - Removed old Mediah quests which were no longer active from the possible quest list. - Fixed the issue where silver was being deposited into a different storage when selling/exchanging items. - Fixed an issue where the game could crash in the loading screen due to repeated button presses. - Quest selection settings will no longer reset when moving channels. - Fixed an issue with pets displaying their types incorrectly in the store. English: - Fixed an issue with in-game text regarding skill commands, enhanced items and other system messages not appearing correctly - Reform Stones incorrectly instructing users to press RT instead of A - The name of the boss for the quest “[Boss] Slayer of the Arena” appears as “Soldiers’ Graveyard Boss” instead of Kavali. - System message shows an incorrect message when trying to change characters below level 6. The current system message says 5 or under to switch characters. German: - Character Slot Expansion Coupon will now display the correct number of characters that can be created with the coupon. French: - Certain in-game buttons will now display in French instead of English - Character Slot Expansion Coupon will now display the correct number of characters that can be created with the coupon.
  4. [CM]Shirna

    CM Silver & Storage wiped

    The items should have been restored around 5 hours ago. Sorry that we couldn't update earlier. With the preparations for the update we've been making sure everything is ready, notices and stuff done and everything triple checked.
  5. [CM]Shirna

    Quality of Life stuff

    This would break grab classes like berserker as they would never really be able to catch up to a sorc/witch/wiz. I added some of the other ones to the list.
  6. [CM]Shirna

    Fair Event Times

    Those would be events like the pirates rum event, which are in-game events. Running things like the Red Battlefield event, the lost keys, the tour, are just impractical to run over longer times. We felt that 7PM PST would be the fairest time since thats kind of peak time in terms of players in the game (where most servers are crowded/overrun). We are going to be testing different times with events soon.
  7. [CM]Shirna

    Merv's Palette

    Yes there is
  8. Adventurers, The recent Central Market maintenance should have helped fix the prices remaining stagnant on the market. After investigating the marketplace, we discovered that the prices were no longer fluctuating naturally. We fixed the max. price limit so that their prices can now reach their perceived value. All the items currently on the Central Market will now gradually reflect the supply and demand of the market. We are sorry for the inconvenience. Black Desert Xbox Team
  9. [CM]Shirna

    CM Stream Tonight: Any Info?

    Stream was a few hours ago, not sure what's happening with the vod just yet. We basically went over enhancing, answered some questions. There will be a bug fix update this week.
  10. [CM]Shirna

    Not able to upgrade Dim Armor/Weapon/Castillion

    So I checked with the developers and it seems it is currently unavailable. The message we received in the patch notes was that it is available, so it seems to be a known issue.
  11. [CM]Shirna


    Screen Aspect: We had the function ready for the Mediah update, but it was pulled last minute due to a few issues. We're hoping to bring it as soon as possible. Drops: The drops are reduced in the starting areas, but in Mediah the loot is back to a more flowing style. the reason for the reduction is to make low level looting easier. The value of items are increased massively in the beginner regions, and the number of drops were reduced. Once you reach Mediah, the loot is back to a more normalised standard. For the market, you have made up your mind and thats cool. I'll be taking your feedback down and suggesting it to the developers
  12. [CM]Shirna


    Hunting has not been added to the game yet
  13. [CM]Shirna

    Dim magical armor quest ?

    I'm double checking to make sure the dim quest is in like we saw in the patch notes.
  14. [CM]Shirna

    Is materials in an order broken?

    Some of the NPCs are missing, and I've posted Missing posters around the office. I'll bring it up and see if we can get search parties going for them.
  15. [CM]Shirna

    @Pearl Abyss Immediate attention!

    Can you either send a ticket to our customer support at xbox.playblackdesert.com/support or send one of the GMs a message on discord @ https://discord.gg/3Y25BH