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  1. [CM]Shirna

    Region/Languages at launch!

    Adventurers! We are still working on releasing more information regarding the launch contents and beyond for Playstation 4, but we can at least confirm which languages and regions we will be supporting with this launch. Languages Available: English, Spanish, German, French, Korean and Japanese Regions Available: Europe (Including Russia), North America, Japan, Korea and Australia/New Zealand. We look forward to welcoming you to Black Desert for Playstation 4! Black Desert PS4 Team
  2. Adventurers! We have adjusted the prices of Black Desert for PS4 for European countries. We aimed to have the packages in line with our other services, but unfortunately we miscalculated tax and other variables. All users who pre-ordered under the first price will have their orders adjusted to match these new prices. If you have not received the difference in price as a refund, please contact our customer support at console.playblackdesert.com/support Thank you for your understanding Black Desert PS4 Team ______________________________________________ Werte Abenteurer, wir haben den Preis von Black Desert für die PS4 bei den europäischen Ländern angepasst. Wir wollten die Pakete für die PS4 an unsere anderen Dienstleistungen anpassen, aber leider gab es dabei eine Fehlkalkulation bezüglich der Steuern und anderer Variablen, die in die Berechnung mit einbezogen wurden. Allen Spielern, die ihr Spiel bereits mit dem anderen Preis vorbestellt haben, wird der Preis entsprechend angepasst und zurückerstattet. Falls die Rückerstattung bei Euch noch nicht erfolgt sein sollte, meldet Euch bitte bei uns. Vielen Dank für Euer Verständnis. Mit freundlichen Grüßen, Euer Black Desert PS4 Team ______________________________________________ Chers Aventuriers! Nous venons d'ajuster les prix de Black Desert sur PS4 pour les pays européens. En effet, nous voulions que les packs correspondent à nos autres services, mais nous avions malheureusement mal calculé les taxes et d'autres variables. De ce fait, tous les joueurs ayant pré-commandé sous le premier prix auront leurs commandes ajustées à ces nouveaux prix. Si la différence de ces prix ne vous a pas été remboursée, veuillez nous contacter.
  3. Adventurers! Please share you entries for the ‘Share Your Shai to the World’ event here. To ensure that your entry is counted, please make sure your post follows the correct format. Region: NA/EU Shai Character Name: Facebook/Twitter/Instagram Post Link: By linking your post here, you will be entered into competition to win a $30 Xbox Gift Card! Full terms and conditions can be found on our website @ https://www.console.playblackdesert.com/News/Detail?boardNo=927&category=0
  4. [CM]Shirna

    Sweet Honey Wine (Cooking)

    Sweet honey Wine is not available yet, and will arrive most likely when faries arrive
  5. [CM]Shirna

    Stong box for wagons

    Silver doesn't add to weight anymore.
  6. [CM]Shirna

    Can't complete multiple quests

    Do you have the titles of the quests that the issue presents itself on?
  7. [CM]Shirna

    Processing issue

    Seems to be working fine here, can you share a screenshot?
  8. [CM]Shirna

    Huge inventory problem! (GAME BREAKING!)

    Did your value pack expire? Try putting the items you can move into storage, then unsorting your inventory pressing LS, and dragging the locked items by holding A into open slots.
  9. [CM]Shirna

    Inventory locked

    Unsort your inventory by pressing LS, then you can drag them into empty slots
  10. [CM]Shirna

    Fishing boat crafting/workers

    The workers are supposed to be using the materials from their home location, so the items must be in Heidel for them to process. I'll bring this up again
  11. [CM]Shirna

    Ship License / Workers and Materials Bug

    This should have been fixed in the last update, are there still issues with the workers in Port Epheria @Tr3nch?
  12. [CM]Shirna

    Omelet Recipe

    Which grain are you using?
  13. Thank you for the report, we passed this on and are still waiting for word back
  14. [CM]Shirna

    Trade quests gone?

    So there was an issue where ALL trade quests were shown at the same time, that seems to have been fixed (much to my personal dismay).
  15. [CM]Shirna

    Hunting matchlock in CM

    There is no auto-enchant on marketplace items o.o It depends what people are selling