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  1. [CM]Shirna

    RIP meme topic. Press F in chat to pay respects.

    Yeah mistakenly called it giant because thats how I refer to it when talking to colleagues in the office (Giant is the name of the class, Go-in is the name of the race in KR 자이언트 vs 거인)
  2. [CM]Shirna

    RIP meme topic. Press F in chat to pay respects.

    I would but his memes are fire
  3. [CM]Shirna

    Region / moving region

    If you move regions, it will be a complete restart. Characters stay on their designated region, and will not be able to move across them.
  4. Yup you'll still get them if they were intended to go out after launch. I don't think the horse event itself carried any rewards through to launch. What you will get for playing the beta would be the final card rewards (scrolls, Black Stones, Baloon hat), and then certain competitive events like the mine cart will give rewards for launch
  5. [CM]Shirna

    RIP meme topic. Press F in chat to pay respects.

    Must of triggered the spam bots, give me a sec. Been searching all the logs, and there is no log of that thread existing...something messed up....all those tasty memes gone
  6. [CM]Shirna

    Important question to CM

    The game is currently not available for the South American stores, and most likely will not be at launch
  7. [CM]Shirna

    Official stream

    It won't be this week, a few things came up. We'll have a proper announcement soon
  8. [CM]Shirna

    deleted from discord

    You were removed from discord for general rudeness to other users. It won't be a permanent ban and will be removed shortly (24 hour ban)
  9. [CM]Shirna

    Will EXP accumulate and carry over

    No, EXP will not roll over once you reach level cap.
  10. [CM]Shirna

    Game Guides/Useful Sites

    somethinglovely.net is honestly one of the best node/maps out there. Although not everything will be relevant for the Xbox version, all resources you can find will at least give you a great understanding of the game
  11. [CM]Shirna

    Region-related questions to CM's

    Are there CM's only for NA version? No, CM's will be shared between the regions. We will be in all regions of the games depending on where the mood takes us. We'll try to be as active across all versions Are events going to be held at the same time in NA and EU? Will the time be more suitable for NA? If we're talking about community events, no. Even though the beta was only accessible for NA, we ran the first event for EU times (hence like 1PM PST). We understand time zones and will be making sure that they work as best as possible for both sides of the world. In-game events shouldn't matter too much since they last a while. EU and NA will definitely have events that start at different times for their regions. Are World Bosses going to be suitable for NA, and EU will have to struggle? When World Bosses are added, they will run on their own time per server. The NA region will have spawns that are good for them, and the EU servers will have spawns that are good for them. With times, we're still looking into perfecting our own systems, but we're hoping that we can please a large portion of those regions with the times we choose.
  12. [CM]Shirna

    Simple Question to CM staff

    Price will not change, but the contents will.
  13. [CM]Shirna

    Why is it a race to progress?

    Some people enjoy being the best, and that's ok. They want to push boundaries and enjoy a competitive scene. Some people set their goals with being the number 1 fisher/trader etc and that's ok. They want to help support people with a steady supply of food and silver. Some people want to progress through quests and that's ok. You can enjoy everything at your own pace. Some people want to just explore or roleplay and that's ok. The world lives and breathes with people like you here. Basically, Black Desert is a game that allows you to set your own goals for enjoyment, and you never really hinder others. Everyone seems to have a role to fill in Black Desert. Without those who grind, those who PvP will struggle to get the right items. It's a beautiful thing
  14. Arsha comes with a lot of bonuses that could break the economy early on, but it will be added down the road
  15. [CM]Shirna


    Hey guys! It seems my wires were crossed but I'm glad to see such a passionate response from all of you that didn't really get too out of hand! The level cap is definitely going to be 55, and the cap will not be around particularly long regardless.