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  1. [CM]Shirna

    The little things...

    It's totally cool to do so. We will forward them to our translation team who can get to fixing them. We put in a lot of work to make it as it is now, but there are so many quests and strings, some things are bound to fall through the cracks.
  2. Adventurers, As you know, the team at Pearl Abyss is always looking to improve the game and your gaming experience. Your feedback is extremely important to us and we would like for all of you to tell us what you think. Please take some time to fill out the short survey below between May 16 ~ May 24 and let us know what parts of Black Desert you like and what things you think can be improved on. We'll be sending everyone some rewards for their two cents as a thank you for helping us make the game better. Rewards will be sent during the maintenance on May 29th. Please complete this survey Rewards: 1. Smooth Milk Tea x5 2. Elion's Tear x5 Thank you for all of your continued support. Rewards will be sent during the maintenance on May 29th. Best, Black Desert Xbox Team
  3. [CM]Shirna

    The Guild Member is invalid

    Are they apprentices?
  4. When selecting the price, you can see both preorders and current stock at each price. We'll continue to look at improving more in the future
  5. [CM]Shirna

    Lag spikes traveling

    Gotcha and it's not that late, I was just trying to get a feel for the report
  6. [CM]Shirna

    Kzarka and kutum

    Weekends they spawn simultaneously, weekdays its one or the other
  7. [CM]Shirna

    Lag spikes traveling

    Yup I started to see microstutters, I'll report the issue
  8. [CM]Shirna

    Screw Valencia! :(

    Bandits/Naga/fogans and Bashims are pretty good for EXP from experience, so it depends where you are. But quests give a chunk of EXP (but they are limited) as opposed to the guaranteed EXP per hour of killing stuff o.o
  9. [CM]Shirna

    Lag spikes traveling

    Seems to be new, I just did a Velia>Altinova run and didn't see microstutters. A couple of questions: Does it freeze and you rubber band back to the place before or do you continue on the path? Do textures need to load in at all (everything looking like playdough?)? The only time I had these kind of issues was when I was playing on the dodgy wifi in my house, but depending on the symptoms it could be something different
  10. [CM]Shirna

    Cant claim travel kit?

    This is in the current known issues thread: Basically the reward at the bottom of the list is currently not able to be accepted. We're working on getting it fixed as soon as possible (this is why some report loyalties, some report adventurers etc)
  11. [CM]Shirna

    Daily racism is out of control

    This has run its course. We are working on tools to help us combat this in a more effective way. The operational policy is clear on how things do run when they get going. Chat bans, then run into actual game bans, and they do get applied. But it is not noticeable when 1 person disappears for a day or 2, and it's easy to assume they just took a break. We are developing tools to help us fight toxicity in game.
  12. [CM]Shirna

    Daily racism is out of control

    Or we want people to talk about issues and don't close them down? So we are working on systems for banning/chat bans, and a few good ideas have come out which are being refined. We are taking it seriously, and is something that we are building back end systems to help stem it.
  13. [CM]Shirna

    Untranslated Quest Objective

    This is the correct answer. I'll double check with the translation guys that it's been fixed
  14. Did you clear reserved data?
  15. [CM]Shirna

    DIm Magical Secondary - No upgrade quests

    Hey guys, could you send tickets to Customer Service so that they can double check if there are any quests missing in the quest line? Would help me out