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  1. Yes, word boss sound like a real raid..but for a restricted number of player...maybe with some istances..world boss now are too chaotic. And yes i know you can farm in a multiple ways, but with some more or public dungeon you can offer more choice to the players. Guild wars as starded same as black desert but it evolved with more pve content without changing the nature of the game..and in some ways it gave more value to the pvp part..don't you agree?
  2. Hello, first of all sorry for my english After trying in depth black desert I would like to give some tips to improve the experience of the console title. first of all to improve the management of the UI, too confusing and chaotic, implement settings about the removal of the names on the player that in the combat phases is inconvenient and makes it impossible to read the bars of life of the enemies. implement some pve content to make the grind less boring, activities such as public dungeons or small group raids, so as not to force the player to repeat the same action indefinitely, so as to make the game smoother and give more value to the pvp.
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