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  1. maXmood

    Challenge reward disappearing

    i think it goes under the locked slot, remove some stuff from ur bag, unsort/sort, check for ur missing item.
  2. maXmood

    [EU] Apex

    UP need more casual pvp'ers..
  3. maXmood

    Add Ninja sub-forum

  4. report it and ask about what buffs stack.. come back to us with ur findings
  5. maXmood

    [EU] Apex

    hey @Rejectz sorry was afk almost all day yesterday, missed your message.. if you have discord, please join our channel, easier to communicate.
  6. maXmood

    [EU] Apex

  7. are you NA/EU ? we're a chilled large guild, and now looking to recruit more members who are interested to do regular node wars.
  8. maXmood

    Promoting apprentice to officer

    i think they have to be general first?
  9. maXmood

    [EU] Apex

    few more spots available for casual pvp players
  10. maXmood

    [EU] Apex

    Thank you.. we're trying to play the game for fun and stay out of trouble.. UP still looking for casual players looking to get involved in guild pvp activities..
  11. maXmood

    [EU] Apex

  12. maXmood

    Pila fe naughty dog gift from email

    it's a trap
  13. maXmood

    [EU] Apex

    UP need more casual pvper's looking to do node wars..
  14. maXmood

    Guilde option

    i don't quite understand what you mean then.. i used google translate to try and make sense of your sentence.. sorry for not being helpful
  15. maXmood

    Guilde option

    the master needs to do this..