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  1. maXmood

    Link account to in-game account!

    i made sure to check i'm linked last night in anticipation of free pet today.. i hope something happens, or they have to announce what they're doing about it.
  2. translated for you.. Hello, on the website I see that my account is associated with my account in the game. In the profile on my website, I see the inscription - "LINK TO ACCOUNT", but in the game I can't see it! When I try to link my account in the game again, I get an error - “Your account is linked to another account”. My account is registered on the site for beta testing! Please solve the problem !!! 3 tickets and nothing!
  3. maXmood

    egg event is it for real

    how many eggs u gathered after so many hours grinding?? i got about 9 since event started.
  4. maXmood

    Wear and tear on XB1

    we're talking xbox here, with no remote access (even tho it's possible, but not many doing it).. xbox afk'ers doesn't get much of an advantage over none afk'ers.
  5. maXmood

    Character slots

    i haven't checked there.. thanks!
  6. maXmood

    [EU] Apex

    cheers mate! We still got free slots open
  7. maXmood

    Character slots

    ahh, that could be it.. i should hit that soon i think cuz i've been on my main for most of the time.. is there anything i need to collect to get that free slot? or is it automatically given?
  8. maXmood

    Character slots

    how many hours u need to hit to get free slot? i got all 6 atm, i've been playing since pre-release (ultimate edition) for approx 6hrs per day, i didn't see any free slots..
  9. maXmood

    Wear and tear on XB1

    why would you need to be afk for more than couple of hours if you're not doing horse/weight training? and imo only horse training is worth it, but not in it's current state (breeding is effy). workers will go out of stamina utensils will expire cooking materials will be consumed processing materials will be consumed your inventory will fill up from fishing what else did i miss?? on most days, my xbox is on for at least 6hrs.. it's still fine, didn't get error messages, and i'm on OG device. you can play couple of hours at night and afk till morning and shut it down to rest. i've only done it once to cook beer. so basically, you don't need to afk if you don't want to. and it doesn't give afk'ers a superior advantage over no afk'ers..
  10. it's on them.. they will need to give you the pet nonetheless.. this thing has been with issues since they announced it before the game was released.
  11. maXmood

    [EU] Apex

    We are a casual guild made up of mature gamer's looking to expand our ranks with new or experienced like-minded players. Our focus is to build a friendly & helpful guild that we can call home. Somewhere to enjoy the black desert experience together in a social and chilled environment without any stress. Although we are seeking for and would prefer active members, we don’t have any strict rules as we appreciate each of us having lives outside of the game. Also, we welcome other small guilds with mature members to join us. Guild activities includes daily guild missions to weekly boss scrolls, life skills and general progression. Once we hit 50+ members mark with a solid bunch, we will be looking to take part in node/siege wars (not compulsory to take part in). Requirements Rules Discord Don’t be toxic Mic English speaking +18 (mature) Current Guild perks Guild Payouts (increases with activity) +3 AP +2 Fishing +2 Gathering If you’re interested in joining us, jump into our discord channel (https://discord.gg/3hNt8eY) and say hello. You can also DM me or @Azza on the forum, or message me on XBOX (GT: maXmood)
  12. maXmood

    Any news on Class balance update?

    i'll be the dangerous one then i'll probably lvl one up when it finally comes out and see if it fits my play style.
  13. yes, you should get the pet tomorrow after maintenance.. i checked my account, and it's still linked.. hope it stays that way "fingers crossed"
  14. maXmood

    Any news on Class balance update?

    everyone is ninja this, ninja that.. >.< i thought ninja is the best in everything.. i like the warrior, but at this stage, i think without awakening it's just meh.. i got a striker now, very predictable i'd say, fun to play, but i still prefer the warrior. i might start a DK tonight and see how she feels. maybe a musa in the next few days.
  15. maXmood

    Any news on Class balance update?

    Ninja is top tier i presume? which won't be out till probably later this year or early next year?