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  1. didn't even start kama questline.. i think i'm missing alot with these rewards? what u get from these boxes and how do you get them anyway?
  2. hello @Vox Ego we're open for recruitment, and we're looking for active members. rules are on the first page, make sure you're ok with them. if you're happy to follow, please join our discord channel and we can have an officer sort you out.
  3. you know you can and have the right to sue any company with false advertisement and you can get your money back. however, there is no proof whatsoever that you spent that money on this particular ingame feature, unless it's a specific item that you can point at being false.. also i don't think PA can get to that extent of extracting exact details of how you spent your pearls.. so it will be the good well of the company to compensate you for this, and i hope they do, in a way or another, for your losses and time spent trying to get something that isn't there..
  4. makes sense now.. i'll work on that combat fame..
  5. numbers don't add up..
  6. i'll try the battery pull next time and see how it goes
  7. can someone help me out plz and see if this is correct or if i should raise this with support? i've been receiving the same amount of silver for as long as i remember, nothing has changed since long, and i mean around the time they introduced fame.. for progression's sake, i took screenshots just so i can compare.. last week i created a new character when they gave us 1 loyalty character slot, and progressed in fame doing all sorts of activities on different characters.. you can see the date on the mail window.. Recent: .
  8. i keep my xbox on at night to do afk stuff, sometimes i turn it off in the morning before heading to work, other times i just keep it running 24h.. no issues.. though i have a question, when i usually keep it on all night, the controller disconnects after sometimes, and when i check in the morning, often i can turn on the controller, click ok and be able to play normally, however, sometimes i can't do that.. i turn on the controller, but the game doesn't respond to button press or anything.. happens to anyone? how do you make it work? or how can i avoid this from happening? so i can repair or get mats and carry on what i was doing..
  9. reason behind doing this? and to answer your question, no i haven't tried that, but i was thinking of trying to get my shudad armour back, and i think that's the only way of doing it..
  10. warrior isn't the best, but not the worst.. i tried all classes, but keep going back to warrior because i enjoy his play style, even tho i know i won't be efficient in neither pve nor pvp..
  11. chasing noobs and low level gear? not fun..
  12. i'm not getting it either.. i've read different posts, some say you need to do a quest from crio first, then you'll get to do couple of quests with abelin (starting with caterpiller, then seaweed, and last is mekrele or whatever the name is), then you get to see that quest.. i'm trying to catch that fish now, been trying for hours.
  13. a professional driver, what do you mean? race cars? taxi?
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