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  1. Breaking news it’s never gonna happen, don’t understand why people keep asking for something they won’t give...
  2. Just had an amazing node war which saw us claim Glish Ruins for a second time!! GG to all who was there!!
  3. Limited recruitment!!!
  4. Very limited space!!
  5. Sadly it is the game it was on pc, and some people can’t deal with the punishment the game gives out, people can moan all they want I get it it’s not for everyone, but bdo is bdo, I played pc for years I know what it’s like, the problem being people get impatient want that upgrade now, they know the risks. but when it fails oh the games **** oh the systems **** etc etc, it’s simple if failing bugs u that much wait and go for it with cron stones I agree the price of crons being 2mil now is bs should of stayed at 1mill
  6. That’s the point of cron stones and also u have to be prepared for the set backs game is a marathon not a sprint it punishes people for being impatient massively, fair enough for u it’s too much I get that it is for a lot of people for me I love it, but it’s not for everyone, shame u quit over it tho but this game does burn people out and it’s not the sort of game u can pick up and put down etc
  7. Will be in touch shortly mate
  8. Well that’s what I always did and found it was most efficient way, know others that swear by that also but bound to be some who do it differently. also few people that are ex pc have been saying Xbox seems harsher I still on the fence atm but don’t know anyone that’s proc Tet on less then 50 stacks so far. (Sure someone has tho)
  9. The fact of the matter is people are not fail stacking right I seen people going for Tet with less then 50stacks which is stupid, TET stack range is 54-90 that was always the norm on pc, PEN was 90-110 and pen accessories was 110 plus. the system is harsh but it’s good, it doesn’t just hand people what they want it makes them work for it, for me I like it and I been bitten by it before it sucks when u fail however this game is not like other MMO’s it’s not easy mode it doesn’t hold your hand, sooner people see that and accept it the better. before you start the fan boy comments don’t bother, that’s my point of view and there are things that need fixing and issues that need resolving but for me this isn’t one of them. Also I love watching the wallet warriors failing so much it’s a beautiful thing 🤣
  10. Only 5 spots left at present get in touch!!
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