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  1. I am (roaming forums just to argue)! Games garbage. Best PvP is here in threads like these. I’ll be back to playing Elsweyr in 10 minutes when this new episode of 90-day Fiancé is over. NB4 I get called salty. Boo hoo lol.
  2. Boom, there it is, ‘salty’. Just like I originally wrote lol. That’s all y’all have, calling the outliers ‘salty’. Oh no, whatever am I to do? My honor! The horror... Reasons I quit: 1. Toxic community 2. Boring 3. God-awful PvE experience 4. Pointless crafting 5. AFK lifeskilling 6. P2W 7. The realization of: P2W + people salivating over RNG = gambling device and addiction. And that’s cool if you like the thrill of gambling, but new players looking for a solid MMO should look elsewhere. BDO is just a gambling device wrapped in a thin veneer of a mmorpg, rife with mechanics that are beginning to be outlawed in western countries. Really, the best PvP this ‘game’ offers is in the forums.
  3. Dude, I beta’d, preordered ultimate, played up till a month ago and left with 60+ days remaining on my value packs. I paid my dues and put in the time to have a valid opinion. Sorry it goes against your narrative. ‘People like me...’ lol gtfo.
  4. Hehe, a month later and there are still honest folks like OP telling it like it is only to immediately be called salty by the fanbois. Was worth returning to the forums for a minute just for this thread. Games garbage, nuff said.
  5. He’s a gambling addict, let em be. This is a game for them, like craps or poker. It’s unfortunate people expecting a decent mmorpg were lured in by deceptive advertising. ‘Be your true self’ lol. Hey, remember when before launch we were told that standard pre-launch edition was the lowest entry point, even post launch, and then BAM, day 1, $10 edition is out on MS store? Pepperidge Farms remembers.
  6. Face it: It’s PayToPlay, PayForConveinance, and P2W PvP. If you want any decent PvE may as well pay a sub fee to any other PvE centric game. Superior PvP on Xbox can be had for FREE in Fortnite (and many other existing titles on XB). The BDO gambling device is a canker sore on video games. Like, not one person arguing against these P2W threads ever mentions not spending a dime, it’s always something, usually ‘just a few hundred’...after you already paid to play the game. Let that sink in. 😘
  7. Nah, vast majority are spending money. Yeah, not 20k, and like you said some people spend more, so there’s that element you will never come close to touching, but the vast majority are spending. Common knowledge is you gotta dump in at least $200 to just grind effectively. Salty, sure, it’s a gambling device disguised as a game I shouldn’t have wasted $100 on preordering. But like I also said, if you are enjoying the game and don’t care about being competitive then who cares? If you do care about being competitive in pvp right now then you gotta spend some money...even if it’s, as you say, minimal spending. The game is P2W, your words, my words, full stop. 😘
  8. Keep following main quest line for AP/DP. Also, people you are watching likely spent $$$. There’s a video in here where someone dropped 20k$ on enchanting. The PvP is P2W. If you like the game and don’t care about being competitive in PvP, don’t worry about what others are doing. Otherwise...I think you know deep down what to do: spend $$$, quit, or just grind it out for a few years to be where people bought themselves up to be a month ago.
  9. I hear ya. ‘Keeping up’ seems impossible. I uninstalled on both boxes today with 60+days Value pack time left. I’ll stop back by in a few months, maybe. AFKing isn’t fun, can be using the Xbox for much more, and enhancement is a joke. I need more story and better built PvE experiences. The little ‘pvp’ I experienced was 75% one-shot ganks, 25% someone wanted the ‘grind spot’ I had. That says it all right there...it’s all grind, no play. Anyway, I wish those of you who still enjoy this title the best of luck. Feels like this one is going to follow in FO76s footsteps. Later!
  10. Never played BDO before it came to Xbox and I don’t even have +15 on everything. Thing is, it seems to me unless you are actively researching this stuff the game doesn’t really direct you towards anything and honestly, I melt everything in PVE as is. I’d rather have the rest of the classes as advertised on the main site.
  11. Too true. I’m a witch and just run while spamming RT for that magic missile. Usually 1-3 shotting everything. Pretty much all I need to constantly grind. Chain lightning is too weak, fireballs and explosions too slow. But yeah, PKer shows up and I’m dead so fast...but I always come back because I can outtag and outgrind them which I’m sure annoys the hell out of them...as it should since I’m all about sharing areas to begin with. Some people are just greedy sad sad humans.
  12. Only ever been pkd running from Glish to Heidel. He was killing everyone...kinda sad but w/e I get some people like ez kills and have to pick on the littlest people in the room. Pk!= pvp, obviously, cuz they can’t pvp. When grind spots have become crowded, I’ve watched 4-5 of us split it up and continue our grinds in different patterns/areas....there are tons of mobs, really. More than enough to go around and the spawn rate is dynamic depending on amount of characters in the area. I imagine there are greedy people out there, though, that believe the entire mob zone is theirs. It’s whatever, that’s their moral character and I’m glad I don’t have that kind of life and upbringing
  13. No, I know that. It’s a quest that allows you to enable pvp. Sub-50 you can’t pvp outside of arena. I’m questioning if there is ever a main storyline quest that tells you to go kill 100 players or something. If it’s a ‘pvp game’ surely the main quest line incorporates pvp somewhere. The level 50 quest isn’t even part of the story arc...just hey you hit 50, the possibility of open world pvp is required to progress further.
  14. What?!? There are so many quests...I am at a loss for words. PvE quests outnumber PvP quests ♾:0.
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