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  1. Right I work 7PM to 7AM CST and working all weeked but then Monday- Tues yeah I am off but I am sleeping during most of it but at least I may get 2 hrs each of those days.
  2. to bad I get to miss all the hot times as I will be sleeping
  3. Kraelith


    They're going to get there on their own time. Many other things to focus on first besides the ranking.
  4. I fought the boss 6 times first 5 all I got was a hunter's seal. this last time I fought I died twice and some how got a staff. so as for that RNG felt pitty on me to give it.
  5. 1.3 notes on the main site but sort answer Kazarka, guild boss scroll and qol and bug fixes.
  6. There was a stream stating that up until April most of the updates are new areas and majority bug fixing as they get. April will be the start of the new classes as far as they new in the stream.
  7. Oh I thought it was some sort of bug this morning. I was waiting for the Interaction Menu to pop up around it so I can enter the arrangement mode to place a seed. I was feeling tired so I gave up and just went on to bed. I would not have thought of holding the LT button.
  8. I have been lumbering and mining. Apprentice 6 but the lumbering and mining are 0. Is this a bug or am I missing something on those stats. In the profile menu
  9. My game just patched as it did the other day too. Just expect several the first week to month.
  10. My nephew had same issue. the disconnect reconnect had the items being able to me removed afterwards. The silver from selling the gold bars was still missing after this.
  11. don't feel to bad took a minute to figure that between me and my nephew I had it up on my TV while him just a bit to his right not showing the option.
  12. I am lucky I have the weekend off. Just work Mon-Tue
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