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  1. So Muskan of Madness does NOT drop Muskan's shoes?????
  2. They should work on specific patches for each version of the console, og xbox users should indeed expect lower performance than X but since the console is capable of running various games pretty amazingly this should not be the exception if some tweeks were made. I believe there is something called Olvia server where there is no pvp or something but Idk if or when it will be added to consoles.
  3. lol, I wouldn't be surprised if we are all over tis again on sep 30 tho.
  4. The enhancing system will not change, it is the same on pc which has been around for several years. It is fair as gamblis is. The more time and/or money you spend on the game gives you more chances to try and win but your chances will be the same as that of any other player. Is it fair? kinda, is itp2w? of course but to actually get full tet boss gear out of pearl items alone is gonna cost a lot of money, far more than it is worth. My advice is to enjoy the sandbox game and take your time, do not try to "catch up", set your own goals, the game offers plenty of entertaining activities and a vibrant world to play in.
  5. Yeah, but as a regular player since lauch I can tell this has been the worst patch release so far.
  6. I would not say 'reversed' but they do need to fix whatever issues the patch caused. Seems to me that the overall optimization of the game port is still in the "let's see if this works" phase.
  7. As demanding as it may be, the purpose of having a GAMING CONSOLE is to get on it and play your games, not everyone is aware of all the spec details they use to play but when the same specs work fine with other games, you can tell there is an issue that must be addressed so, as Exisilium said, everyone on the console the game is advertised on can play it satisfactorily.
  8. Fair enough but just because you are not suffering from the issue should you blame it on user's end, specially when devs have acknowledged and addressed such issue, these "white knights" you set yourself apart from are those that defend the current state of the game despite the fact that several other people are having problems with it. PA released a hotfix for the lag issues and it seems to be working great for the most part. Some npcs do take a bit longer to render but at least the game is playable again for us who did have the issue. There is still a lot of room for improvement in performance and console specific nuances and nuisances.
  9. Rhaezius


    yes. right now the only event pet is the kuku and you can only have one out at a time. so if you have two of them tier one up
  10. If by quality drop rate you mean accessories and such, I'd say about 0.01% or so but it depends on the mobs and their drops. Witch's earring seems far more common than serap necklace even tho nagas drop far more trash loot.
  11. https://www.console.playblackdesert.com/xbox/News/Detail?boardNo=1676&category=0 they are looking into it, let's hope they manage to get it fixed soon.
  12. Well, we more-than-2-neuron people just ignore them and keep an eye on what devs say, if devs pay attention to these "white knights" they'll just lose most of their player base so I do believe they will fix it, hopefully soon.
  13. Yeah I just left my guy carrying a trading pack around Velia for now, at least they seem to be trying to fix it, let's wait and see and keep updating this thread. https://www.console.playblackdesert.com/xbox/News/Detail?boardNo=1676&category=0
  14. My game downloaded something but it hasn't fixed the issue.
  15. Last night it was awful, and seeing last post is from about 2 hrs ago I don't think they have launched a hotfix. :(
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