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  1. Greetings Devs, I played the Black Desert beta on xbox twice now and have a love/hate feeling towards the game atm. The game itself is wonderful, but I find the UI very distracting and the options to adjust it just as limiting. Below are some suggestions I would like to see implemented before I purchase the game. These should be easy fixes and would not interfere with others so I hope you take them into consideration and get yourself another customer. Suggestions An ability to hide the self target health bar and name plate An ability to get rid of the blue guide arrow that still persist even after turning navigation assistance off completely An ability to hide the action bar for potions and menus An ability to turn off blue ring that appears around characters both self and npcs. An ability to customize the cross hair symbol and size An ability to adjust size of the "Hold Y" pop up display on item/npc interaction. I do really enjoy this game, but these simple things keep me from being immersed in the experience and as of current, from purchasing it.
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