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  1. This is the Xbox guild recruitment channel
  2. <Nameless> is currently recruiting active PvPers for Siege/NW. We are a Day 1 guild with a strong preference for quality over quantity in our members. Requirements -510+ GS (All classes considered, Witchard/Frontline prioritized) -Successful Combat Trial (No exceptions to maintain fairness to everyone in the guild) -Familiarity with Discord (VC for Siege/NW, weekly schedule voting, etc) -2x NW and 1x Siege per week (Exceptions can be made within reason) Benefits - 👑 Current owners of Serendia Territory 👑 -Fair payouts based on participation -Max guild buffs -Consistent spot backup -Guild RBFs -PvP Tournaments (With prizes) -Active Discord -Helpful class guides/discussion from current members If interested or want more information, please add and message Windy#0013 on Discord. Groups/BR/Foreign players welcome and small mergers will be considered based on numbers and player quality.
  3. Bumping this up to the front.
  4. <Blood> is now recruiting PvP-focused players to help in Node Wars and eventually Siege. Our current core is built up of former players from nearly every (past and present) top guild, including Blood, Havoc, Arsha, and DeadSerious. With that foundation in place, we're looking to build out and slowly bring in players who meet our criteria. We recently purged players who did not fit our long-term vision and have plenty of slots open to fill. Our current minimum requirements are 58+ and 450+, and all applicants will be submitted to thorough combat testing before they will be accepted. We're only looking for sweaty players who know their class well enough to stand out and make us take notice. We are not currently accepting Sorcs unless you are EXCEPTIONAL. If interested in joining, feel free to post below or PM me for an invite to our Discord server. You can also reach me at Windy#6969 on Discord. I look forward to hearing from all applicants.
  5. Hey guys, sorry for late responses; We're currently only recruiting Wizards/Witches now (with exceptions for very geared players). I'll post an update if this changes in the future.
  6. Bumping this; Node Wars and Conquest are coming this week so if you want to get in on the action, contact me ASAP!
  7. <Havoc> is now recruiting for both our main guild and our overflow guild, <Hunt>. <Havoc> has very limited slots at the moment. We're in the process of moving players over to our overflow guild and kicking those who don't want to stay involved. Our current requirements are 400+ GS and 57+ level. Witches/Wizard have a lower requirement of 370+ GS. Most of you know who we are, but for those of you who don't, we're arguably the strongest guild in the game right now and plan on maintaining that position by recruiting the very best players we can to fill our remaining limited spots. There will be a strict vetting process and consistent GS checks to filter out players who aren't keeping up. If you love to PvP and want guaranteed Siege access, we're the guild for you. Coversely, <Hunt> is our less-hardcore overflow guild and is currently accepting all applicants over 300+ GS to get it rolling. The GS checks in <Hunt> will be at a slightly slower pace to <Havoc>, but eventually will make its way up to being close to our standards. Players will be expected to stay active and help grow <Hunt> in the same way that we grew <Havoc> into the guild it is now. Benefits of Joining <Havoc>: -Structured environment with experienced leadership, both from BDO PC and other popular MMORPGS -Experienced shotcallers for Node Wars/Siege -Tight-knit PvP community with transparent GM/Officers -XL guild with consistent 100 cap -Regular Guild Boss Scroll runs, World Boss groups, scroll runs, etc -Regular guild events such as PvP tournaments, organized Guild Vs Guild, etc -Steadily unlocking all Guild Buffs Benefits of Joining <Hunt>: -Access to <Havoc> Discord and our resources -Eventual Siege experience -Guaranteed nodes -Opportunity for advancement into <Havoc> when requirements are met -<Havoc> backup when necessary If interested, post or PM me your Discord. I'll check this thread regularly to make sure you're dealt with in a timely manner.
  8. I like making people mad
  9. 3.3k hours on PC before my computer decided it didn't want to run anymore. Looking forward to playing on Xbox.
  10. Useful, but just so people know, you will want to skip Liverto and try to go straight from Yuria to boss weapons. Liverto is generally considered a noob trap because they require nearly as much investment as boss weapons but grant lower stats and can be VERY hard to sell.
  11. Grabbing Ultimate; It's the best value for anyone who plans on playing long-term.
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