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  1. Join lifeskilling guild. Ask questions to your guild mates. Look up basic guides on YouTube. Play on your own terms.
  2. You tried playing the system, you got caught. You basically got pearl items twice for the 1 purchase price. How can you be angry when you blatantly decided to cheat?
  3. After the update you can get them via fishing too
  4. Blarix


    No, that's not the flamboyant in our guild. It's a salty kid who lost in GvG.
  5. With the amount of toxicity in xbox already this is a nice welcome. Every guild is fighting sometimes you just want to grind and mind your business without having to fight every 10 mins
  6. The times during week days are bit mental . 9am to 4pm or 12pm to 7pm. Why not put a boss out on UK prime time around 8-9pm ?
  7. Wait, you could melt the shudad? Damn lmao . Was desperate for cron stones lol
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