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  1. I'd imagine it's over priced due to the fact your not having to acquire the items through the normal means, it makes no sense to encourage players to skip content and to skip putting in some effort to obtain items. None the less they've provided a way to do so, probably to curtail all the gripes about having to be on during times for bosses etc... to actually get the gear. Seems even that can't please everyone.
  2. Anyone else having issues, it seems like I have to aim a bit higher than I should or else the boomerang seems to be hitting the ground instead of the enemies? The range also seems a bit short on some of the throws the effects make it look like its going further than it is and I constantly feel like I need to walk all the way up to the enemies just to hit them with a ranged weapon. All and all the combat just feels a little off especially the evasion maneuver or dash.
  3. Partly because this is a Korean company and some of that lore is dictated to character gender, you really want a male lahn who dances? For the colors I'd imagine the good ones are locked behind pearl$. How ever I do agree with you I feel like the customization is good but lacking. I hate that some classes can have a bigger ass than others just as an example it should be fully opened for all classes to be made as big as you want. Tried the tatoo's once and hated how they wouldn't go here or there and just quit them altogether then get saltly when I see others who have nice tatoo's because I couldn't get the ones I wanted to behave the way I liked.
  4. And I thought I was alone on this... just a little bit I wish they would, but I guess I could see how others would be eager for more most likely only those who have previous game knowledge or a lot of free time. Either way I think they have done a great job not perfect as there is always room for improvement, but overall great experience the game has been. I'm a little worried for when there's no ongoing events as they have us hooked like the movie American Gangster at this point.
  5. Pretty much confirmed all the things I wanted to correct with my setup lol thanks for the post
  6. It's a known issue and they are working on it, how ever its not an easy fix.
  7. What life skills are you putting on what classes and why? Any combinations you'd like to share that you think make a life skill easier, quicker, or more efficient at this or that. Really wished I hadn't started life skills on my main character anyone else feel that way?
  8. I suggest finding a way to separate Production workers from the repeat all function, really wasn't trying to build 20+ shinning pick axes and waste a bunch of materials and theres no way to get workers back to work without removing the materials for that worker, else every time your going to get another damn crafting in that production residence.
  9. If you're proposing a change you might want to post in the Suggestions area.
  10. If by pattern you mean extreme hate for pvp I think your spot on lol
  11. A few suggestions around Pearl Shop: Make details of items already bought that are limited purchases still viewable, example I bought worker lodging but can't remember which locations they all exactly apply to as not all towns receive the extra workers and it won't allow selection of sold items to be viewed Make Pearl Shop items viewable on the website, a lot of times they don't even load on the game and makes it real annoying, it would also be nicer to browse the shop on a website instead of always in game Similar to when we have new mail in the start menu add a yellow dot or whatever the indicator is to the Pearl Shop tile in start menu indicating new items listed Add a red dot similar to the yellow to indicate time sensitive items are about to disappear from pearl shop say 2-3 days beforehand
  12. I have a worker bug where the worker works but no materials end up in the warehouse having this would of made it much easier to see instead I think its been going on for almost 3 weeks this worker hasn't produced a single material with console always being on.
  13. Yeah I'm familiar with the reason why there isn't but I could try right?
  14. Was there an estimation of when Battle Arena was coming and is that the same thing as Shadow Arena?
  15. Please, please, please put a CM in Port Epheria and Pearl Shop worker lodging. No town node should not have a CM.
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