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  1. Yeah his spawn is different, and he is extremely territorial lol.
  2. Lyle420

    Guess i need to get more

    I'm missing the orge and zharka (using liverto) everything is Tri and I just bought it all lol.
  3. What you got against the Naga's?
  4. Lyle420

    Xbox One S performance issues?

    I don't get that unloaded areas when I use SSD on base, get them all the time if not.
  5. Lyle420

    Xbox One S performance issues?

    You know the 4k option on the S is for media only. Has nothing to do with games. I play on my X mostly and afk on my base model. The only times I get significant improvements (that are noticable) is if I use my SSD. Basically just cuts load times and removes that area loading issue with base model. Both models have frame drops, but X you can choose 60fps. If your out grinding feels like it stays in the 55-60 fps most of the time. Towns will drop you to 45ish if busy.
  6. Lyle420

    Marketplace - Buying +10 item shows +8 item

    What made up system? Thought everyone knew that the market will generate stones for your specific enhancement request as long as there's at least 1 item in that bracket.
  7. Lyle420

    Asula Earring n Ring - Luck-less?

    You will get 2 asula pieces free from main story quest. Go into quests and press RB and do the very top quest. You can also trade in the hexe/well accessories for asula for 100% at them from an NPC in Trent. I've had times where I've gotten 5 in an hour other times 0. If your grinding them just keep at it.
  8. Nope it's just an in game issue, running an X in 1080, 60 fps on a very nice Monitor and still get it.
  9. Lyle420

    Turn OFF Server chat

    Somebody owns an iPhone.
  10. Lyle420

    Storage Keeper Robbery

    Switch servers.
  11. Lyle420

    Storage issue.

    Switched servers fixed it.
  12. Lyle420

    Storage issue.

    Try to pull items or silver from storage keeper says "cannot apply item results to memory" or "There is no item" when I'm clearly looking at said items/silver.
  13. Lyle420

    Flip the switch.

  14. Lyle420

    XBOX Elite controller

    Weird when they sell their own official (inferior)version.
  15. Lyle420

    XBOX Elite controller

    Or just buy a xim4 instead of the elite and use that.