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  1. WolfeTV

    Censor P2W

    Are you Actually Dumb?? Im not arguing about what the game is and isnt, im making a suggestion soo i dont have to see the plebs arguing about it everyday Please do tell me in my post where it says i say this game isnt P2W lol
  2. Summoned Giath, Been fighting him for 5+ Min, Still fighting him as of this Post, 0 Dmg done
  3. WolfeTV

    Censor P2W

    Not Offensive just annoying seeing it everyday lol with the same exact people hop[ping into the argument every time lol
  4. Would be Great if Field Bosses didn't spawn during node wars
  5. WolfeTV

    Censor P2W

    Can you guys put a FIlter in that Censors a whole msg if it includes "P2W" in it Kinda dumb to see these guys arguing about it everyday in Server chat lol I like reading the chat lol then it just gets spammed with P2W Argument lol
  6. WolfeTV

    QoL Tweak

    A QoL Tweak to Ring Menu, If we level up our skills it should automatically lvl up the Ring Menu, We shouldn’t have to put the new version of the spell just because we lvled it up, Also please fix the resetting Ring Menu, Getting tired of having to keybind Scars every time I login lol
  7. I have His Amity Up, I already have the knowledge of talking to him about Cron Castle, Quest takes me to Igor Bartali but he has no Quest, Cant Forfeit, Could a GM Possibly Help me in game?
  8. Wolfpack is a Fairly Decent Sized Guild, Sitting at about 60+ Members. We are a EST Based guild. We are looking for more 50+ Active Members to join the Pack! We enjoy PvP, we are not a Hardcore PvP Guild, We are more of a Defensive PvP Guild, We will fight when attacked by Flagged Players. We strive to be Good Players and are Looking to make a Name for ourselves on our Home Server! We will be Participating in Guild and Node Wars when they are Released. We also have a few PC Players who have come to Xbox always willing to lend a hand or some Info on this Vast Game! We actively do Guild Missions, Trying yo get the 5 a Day limit on Farm for Maximum Guild Experience! We could use more Sorcs, Wizards and Witches! Discord is a Must, Even if your not a Talkative person being able to hear during Wars or even typing in the chat is much easier then in game guild chat! Also makes for guild announcements and scheduling easier! Interested in Joining the Pack Msg me Or 1 of my officers on Xbox Wolfe oX - Leader
  9. So I’ve played a good portion of PC, I dabbled in the Xbox Version for final beta to test performance on the X, I plan on making it a regular is the game getting reset?? I’m hoping it does or is beta progress rolling over
  10. I’m hosting a giveaway via Twitter and Twitch! I wanted to give away 2 standard copies of the game but couldn’t pre order game copies so instead giving away 2 30$ Microsoft Cards! Which is he value of game or you could even buy Pearls for shop! Giveaway link below! G
  11. Hello everyone I will be starting a guild on Xbox called Wolfpack! If you’d like to join lmk! GT is Wolfe oX I’ll be streaming game to on twitch!
  12. Hello Everyone, names Wolfe and I stream on Twitch! Mainly playing World of Warcraft and Apex rn but going to be throwing Black Desert Xbox into my Rotation! If you’d like to hangout link us below! www.Twitch.tv/WolfeTV also doing a Black Desert Themed Giveaway! Wanted to giveaway 2 Standard copies of the game during the 72hr Early Access Window but couldn’t pre order codes so instead I’m Giving 2 30$ Xbox Cards out! 1 Via Twitter and 1 Via Stream! Both Winners will be picked March 1st! Link to twitter giveaway below! https://twitter.com/xwolfetv/status/1097256612442632193?s=21
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