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  1. This game isnt meant to be enjoyable. Its a korean mmo meaning its a complete grindfest meant to burn all ur time and make u wanna break your monitor. Maybe thats why the suicide rates in korea are so high... Probably fake but sounds about right
  2. My end goal (atleast till great ocean content) is to make the meanest frigate in the sea with blue gear +6 or higher and terrorize all the sea creatures and getting that sweet sailing rank above my head
  3. Being realistic, No. Also judging from past experience, HELL NO. We got 2 months to go and with ps4 as their new favorite child, we at xbox will be left waiting for them to catch up. RIP any hope for Margoria this year. Why do i even play at this point, feels more like an annoying chore especially when all you're hard worked silver is getting trashed on +4 cook cloth attempts (2.5b wasted so far aka 3 weeks of my life).. Yo why am i playing lmao
  4. Wdym? There are literally guides on alchemy stones since 6/2016 which is a few months after the NA/EU release. Sauce pls? Make it spicy as well
  5. Well, since this thread isnt getting much attention, imma employ an unconventional method. CAT GIRLS! ..This will surely work kappa
  6. Hi guys, So the recent updates have been superb! A class nobody asked for except for @monki.. (lol jk) and a long overdue ranking It's crucial we get alchemy stones asap and heres why. Afaik they were available since release on PC up to a certain quality and were really far into the build and we still dont have them. Alchemy stones allow us have various stat bonuses mainly divided into AP / DP and lifeskill. Missing out on a sharp (softcap) +8 AP alchemy stone is a big hit to any grinder in endgame rotations. As you can see in the following table: We are being gimped for no apparent reason. Players who lack DP can go with a protection stone and vice versa while lifeskillers can enjoy faster cooking/alchemy times. --Not everyone are willing or able to spend $ on a cash shop cooking costume that reduces 2 seconds-- and this will allow those players to compete with paying players. Make it fair for all and let us enjoy the game to the fullest potential. Cheers, Doctor P.S: as promised, bdo neko grils
  7. And make gathering actually profitable? Ew
  8. Liverto is a waste of money. Buy tet kzarka. Or sell tri kutum, buy tet kutum and buy tet heve/grunil pieces.
  9. *Big F-ing cough* https://forums.playblackdesert.com/index.php?/topic/1430-post-beta-updates-y-hold-reduced-to-02s/&tab=comments#comment-11147
  10. Welcome to Black desert, you seem new. This MMO's economy is player driven meaning that if there are no items on the market - nobody is selling them. In this case, a new class is released meaning her weapons started dropping only after the update. You could also keep a boss weapon box and open it with the new class (if youre lucky enough to get it). Cheers
  11. Welcome!! Hope you'll do a better job than Shirna and not delete the new meme thread kappa Jokes aside, glad to have you on the forums. Good luck!
  12. At least u can login *Throws phone across the room*
  13. Is this a meme? REEEEEEEported kappa
  14. Well those TET weapons were sold at the time for 1.5b / 1.2b ish. A downgrade to TRI is a big hit in that total value
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