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  1. I feel you. I also hope for sea content which is what im looking for the most. Im glad that we atleast got some legitimate content in the form of alchemy stones. We can only wait now and continue to show our wishes to the team
  2. Ladies and gentlemen, weebs and dweebs, at last the Alchemy stones are coming! https://www.console.playblackdesert.com/News/Detail?boardNo=2702&category=0 Saying im happy is an understatement! Lifeskills are a big part of BDO and this new content is long been waited for. People who didn't buy the pearl cooking costume may close the gap to those who did. This is a huge deal. This is not an obvious update since we know that there are future plans to merge the consoles which will need to be on the same build and etc. I'd like to thank the staff who managed to bring us this content before the holiday season! Also thanks to our CMs who put up with all the nagging and requests from not only me but a big chunk of the community. You guys and gals are great ❤️ Happy holiday season 🎉 Doc
  3. Oops wrong channel kappa
  4. That seems odd. According to this guide - https://www.invenglobal.com/articles/4807/a-new-companion-with-many-useful-buffs-the-fairy-comes-to-bdo-naeu u need 1 for the quest. I also remember needing only 1 first and later 2 to continuously get fairies. Maybe you should try to forfeit the quest and take it again.
  5. True. The system is a mess. Only few nodes actually state what kind of work is being done in the worker management window. One way to overcome this is to look for the yellow bar and estimate how much % its roughly on and compare it with the circle above the node. Thats how i do it atleast. A better system would let us cancel the work when accessing the node it self and manage it from there OR have a detailed name description in the management window. I think i made a suggestion for that a while back but eh.
  6. I feel u man, i got my hedgehog back but I can't be bothered to gather since it aint worth the time =_=
  7. Have fun in the holidays! Come back with lotta energies haha
  8. Dr INF3NRO

    Quête fée

    Happy it worked out eventually, if you got any other questions feel free to ask
  9. Can confirm 2 nights in a row in heidel 0 relics. Abundance shouldn't effect relic but yellow quality fish afaik. This fishing event in a nutshell - Heres 10m a night from Yvurgs. But we gonna take away dat other 6m ish you're usually making from relics. Also f*ck calpheon in particular. Cheers. PA
  10. Not to be super optimistic kappa but the last roadmap wasn't released according to the schedule as well. So take these with a grain of salt and try to make best with what we got now or even prepare for the upcoming content
  11. Yea thats true my bad. @Tr3nch sry mate ure right ❤️ I based my math on 100% freshness. Actually found an old ss of mine selling porgy for 678k silver so 125% checks out Gotta admit it's been fun even though im wrong
  12. Wish we had the 1day vp for loyalty
  13. Bumped cause bae posted in discord
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