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  1. HOLY SH*T!!!!!! So if im not wrong, japan bdo on pc are going to release Zodd as a new boss and a warrior costume that looks exactly like guts's berserk armor from the Manga/Anime "Berserk" ------- AND WE ABSOLUTELY NEED THIS RIGHT NOW. FRICK ALCHEMY STONES, FRICK BOATS. I NEED THIS RN. cheers. A Berserk fan boi
  2. Im only fishing m3 and got 6% dura reduction with pets. Takes me 1.5 for 120 ish slots. I confused the numbers, 98 is without vp @Tr3nch still waiting.
  3. Stfu u never supported ****, you just incite against the game 24/7. Ban again when
  4. Agree about turn speed on player cam. About horse, just get a better one kappa
  5. First, I rather like being a dork. Secondly, Imma keep calling out your bluff. Assuming you ONLY fish tuna (unlikely unless you waste time finding tuna hotspots) from the arsha sea, at 220 (inventory plus your boat and elephant) slots you're barely scratching the 117m mark even at 100% fish value which you wont get obviously. Also! sailing to arsha sea, filling up 220 slots with server hopping, sailing your boat to ancado, riding your elephant for the buff, selling, going back for the other 16 boat slots and selling those will never take 3 hours. Link a stream please with you doing all that within 3 hours and getting 140m and ill apologies for questioning you. *BTW, im hoping im wrong cause this sounds yum but i worked a lot of numbers before I ever started fishing and taken all that you stated before into account. **Side note regarding epheria - my home city is Calpheon so its comfortable for me to fish there, plus easier coelcanth spawns, plus faster to ride a horse+camel than to sail (until we get epheria Sailboats)
  6. Ahoy, Those are some hefty questions to answer but ill try me best. First, im a lifeskiller so my perspective will come from that point and 2nd i play on xbox so some stuff might be irrelevant yet on ps4 but will in the future and 3rd my gaming schedule is 3-4 hours a day after work and more on weekend. so heres what i can help u with: * Main story - absolutely. Work your way to finish what you can until it becomes too difficult to accomplish. The rewards are too good to pass on like inventory space and a sweet chest piece. You should also focus on getting more energy via exploring and knowledge (killing monsters x times to get C or higher ranking) and talking to all NPCs. Focusing on getting CP is also important and can be done by doing quests (dailies too) or cooking/alchemy and getting a byproduct u can turn in for cp xp. * CP investment is a tricky thing. Your goal is to have a system that supports your goals. If you cook alot, get food nodes like potatoes, grapes, pumpkins and most importantly honey. Make sure you focus on one thing. Spreading CP around is wasteful as you only got a handful in the beginning. * Wagons are nice to have but wont benefit you too much at this point. Your ship loads in different locations cause you might be trying to retrieve it from a distance location. It will go to the nearest port instead to you. * Farming - you essentially rent a fence from an NPC for some CP, 10 being the biggest. If you got 100 cp to spare you can have a max of 10x10 size fence which will hold up to 100 special seeds. The fences are rather big so you'll need to place them outside the city in an open space next to each other. Plant seeds (ie strawberries, sunflowers or haystacks for milk), use fertilizer and water to insure they grow as fast as possible (haystacks not effected by fertilizer) and prune them once in a while. Pruning gives best farming exp and has a chance of dropping hard and sharp stones which are very expensive to buy on the market. Once at 100% u can breed and harvest your crops. Breed until you have enough seeds to replant and harvest the rest. At artisan level you can get magical seeds which are by far less time consuming but give much less exp and less stones. Regarding areas. Each seed has a preferred climate so its a bit tricky to nail but there are lots of sources to help u with that online. If you got any other questions feel free to message me. Cheers
  7. Afaik mystic doesn't have her Awakening yet so playing preawk is always going to be awkward. An awakened wiz with 95ap shouldn't have too much trouble there.
  8. Afaik if u refund something ure banned. Try sending a ticket
  9. Oh do you? Thats very interesting since the max inventory is 192 and most fish from epheria sell for 500k on average (due to decay of 1-3 hours). Which means your max profit should be around 96m silver at master 3 trade. Unless you hop servers to fish only coelcanth which sell for 1m each but that also means you hop on average 90 servers if you're extremely lucky with your triples and hotspots which would take you roughly 4-5 hours to accomplish excluding the trip to valencia. A one way trip to valencia with a T6 fully skilled and a camel with fast steps takes roughly 20min. Just for reference it takes me around 2.5 hours to fill 98 slots using 1.5 triple rods. So please enlighten me how you reach these far-fetched numbers. Do you smell that smell? That smelly smell that smells?
  10. Mm is it screen lag or an input delay?? Cause it might be either ur isp or hardwares fault. Also, sup mc fluff
  11. Ive never cleared a rift in my entire life. Imma clear these 20 advanced utensils in 2-3 days tho
  12. Ur argument has a major flaw and thats that u think i or any other lifeskiller leave our residences. SmhmhMFH GET SCHOOLED PLEB
  13. Thats bullshit. We all know balancing is a lie. (Ps4 day 1 content for instance) They just want to control how slowly we get content so we'll be on par with ps4. GIMMY STONES GODAMMIT
  14. Get to master 1 and then start bitching. Be thankful u can hop servers
  15. Tbf the time you spend going to the boss and killing it would have been spent better grinding or fishing so its basically a waste of time
  16. Yes. This is an issue for people with only one console which i assume are 90% of the players. I've made a similar topic back in 2018 with a detailed suggestion which seems rather balanced imo - Alas nothing of the sort will be implemented into this build. They have the content and they release it as they see fit (which serves as the only diff from pc) but they will not create any new projects just for us except for the obvious UI for the controller (which took them a year). Its development time and money. So dont get ur hopes up.
  17. Hi guys, Just wanted to give a quick feedback regarding the optimization that was implemented on todays update. My home city is Calpheon which runs without a hitch on the one x but has serious rendering issues on the og Xbox. So after the patch i noticed on the og that the npc skin loads up quicker than before and they're not stuck in that default grey render where u cant interact with them. Good job guys, keep it up. Alchemy stones when? Cheers Inferno
  18. Go to Www.somethinglovely.net Click crafting, choose your parameters (starting city, destination, trade lvl etc) and the item you wish to trade. Should work fine
  19. Imagine pressing Y on workers who build your 30 day craft time sailboat. MEGAYikes
  20. Oi This is your friendly reminder regarding alchemy stones. When? Thanks, Doc.
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