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  1. The actual end game of bdo - God i love playing in EU kappa
  2. as tr3nch said. People just had the silver in the marketplace which dont register as wealth. it only does when you carry it with you or in a town storage. i store 200m in my storage in the chance of sniping a t7 horse and on some channels that amount is enough for a wealth icon ranking. either way 1.5b is pocket change for some. people flip items and enhance all the time rolling billions in some sessions and end up with no gains lol.
  3. I have it the other way around. Honey is my problem. Got waaaay to much of sesame. Also the drop rate when fishing is abysmal!! 168 fish - 1 bean. Gg.
  4. I got to use the shark outfit we got a while back, to explore valencia islands (was on top of shirna "island" kappa) and i just really want to underwater gather with this outfit not to mention sail on A REAL SHIP. I honestly think itll be somewhat of a very decent compromise to have a sailboats update without margoria. Just give us some basic monsters like hekaru for the boat parts and underwater gathering. We dont need the WHOLE sea right now. ..or make fishing boats 1500% faster iunno. No u. Coming back when
  5. Thats a bit misleading mate. Yes, in the current configuration the console cant handle a lot in terms of rendering etc. But on lower quality settings the game will run without a hitch. for instance, I had this really old laptop and i ran bdo on it for 6 months on and off on the lowest quality (aka potato mode) had no walls with a fully skilled t8 nor with my shitty quest sailbot at margoria. As i mentioned in my original post, we first NEED potato mode to enjoy other aspects of the game like sailing or large scale PVP.
  6. Oi, Share your smexy wizards here Heres mine owo Been busy on Christmas >_>
  7. Howdie, For some reason im unable to zoom out far. The distance is similar to the one from some months ago. Other people in global chat reported the issue while some said its fine. Was there any change to this in the recent kuno patch?
  8. Lmao basically. I think that margoria could give us some nice group content with sailing.
  9. I don't like it personally. Might be because i got used to the old UI but i can say for sure that the amity UI is AWFUL! I started a couple of days ago doing an energy grind and the old UI was much more friendly. I now need to press X every time i want to see an NPCs interest % etc. Absolutely too many clicks.
  10. Hi guys, been a while since i posted a topic that's not related to alchemy stones, btw big kudos to the team who managed to bring us Alchemy stones right before the holidays ❤️ It personally helped me reach my goals without wasting precious time and needless frustration. Thanks! The 07/01/20 Xbox stream was a bit troublesome for me. for those who don't know, Our CMs reported that for the next few months we're going to get less frequent updates due to a yearly certification process with Microsoft. Standard stuff. Our current build is obviously far from being what it should be in terms of real content (FYI classes arn't content.) and less frequent updates means we're going to have to wait longer for actual content. Here's a top list of content I'm personally expecting to see in the near future and why: 1. "Potato mode" - This is less of a content category but it is crucial for us to have since it will essentially allow us to reduce the graphic quality in exchange for better frame rates and faster rendering. a super important update since our consoles can barely handle PvP OF 20 players on screen left alone 100v100 guild battles or (i assume) sea content. 2. Sea content - By far my most wanted content pack. This will allow us to build formidable ships to sail in the big sea and hunt ghost ships and various monsters. I really hate the time wasted sailing on a fishing boat while fishing in the sea.. it physically hurts me and i would love to be able to sail quickly in the seas. Plus it would make hunting whales much more enjoyable and the biggest plus in my opinion is the chance to get another ranking in the lifeskills tree. If not the entire sea content we should at least get the boats and its parts to build and enhance before the full update. It needs to be mentioned that PC had said update before Kamasylvia came. 3. New imperial system + 1/2 CP imperial- hardcore cooks are able to dish out A LOT of meals into the market resulting in a steep dive in the price and a few thousands of meals are sitting on min price for weeks. This is bad for the economy overall since not enough silver is flowing in and out reducing purchases of other materials etc. the new imperial system on PC allows you to box said meals and much, much more recipes into boxes and sell them to the NPC for a certain price. Our current system is very LIMITED along with only 1/3 of the max cp can be sold as boxes instead of the usual 1/2. I'm not sure why for so long were only able to turn in 1/3 of our total CP in boxes but Imperial delivery legitimately has to be updated to 1/2 of max CP ASAP ! 4. T8/T9 mounts - This, along with sea content ties together to the potato mode update since without the the ability to reduce graphic quality we will run into endless rendering walls while traveling. T8s are much faster mounts from what we currently have with various skills that allow you to reach your destination quicker. T9 are "legendary" mounts like unicorns that have special abilities like sprinting through the desert/gliding and mount attacks. I personally would love to be able to zoom around the map since every location has something different to offer and i'd like to experience it all. 5. Caphras stones - A boost to gear stats via caphras enhancing. Can be gained via gathering which would make it much more profitable than it is now. In the current state of the game there's little to no incentive to spend hours upon hours of gathering. It's simply not profitable, let alone fun or engaging to do. 6. Manos - A rather big update to lifeskills as a whole. To be completely honest i don't think we should have the complete manos update in our build for at least a year from now. that being said, it could slowly be implemented into our build in stages like Manos tools first, specific lifeskill masteries like processing etc. Just to be clear, these are all existing within the PA "universe" and nothing really has to be drastically changed in order for them to implement it into consoles, aside from the frame drops that could occur without said "potato mode". What are your thoughts? Do you also want to see the things above being implemented into the Xbox version in the upcoming months? Perhaps you're looking for different content to come. I'd love to know what are other people's thoughts and opinions regarding this topic. Cheers, Doc
  11. got my guru cooking last night which was a goal i was aiming for a couple of months now. felt amazing to reach it especially on EU since theres only 1 other person whos guru cook. i mainly pushed it for bragging rights and swag rank medals lol. basically killing time until we get ocean content since its the main thing that drives to me to stick in bdx. until its out im going to try and be as prepared as possible to enjoy the content to the fullest. to be honest pve / pvp is a lackluster for me and i find no intrest in it whatsoever so lifeskills is what i focus on.
  12. i saw one in EU. im certain there're more on NA. tbf if you only focus on 1 lifeskill its achievable to get that high, especially with cooking since you got the p2w costumes - reducing cook time which translates into faster xp. i hit master 27 last night, rushing to guru
  13. Thats cute happy holidays!
  14. to be fair if you got a +4 cook costume, teff, sharp lifestone and use adv utensil thats 2.1 sec cook which is much better than 3.5s cook (minus sharp stone). thats atleast 20 minutes off your cooking. thats infact a gap closer.
  15. I feel you. I also hope for sea content which is what im looking for the most. Im glad that we atleast got some legitimate content in the form of alchemy stones. We can only wait now and continue to show our wishes to the team
  16. Ladies and gentlemen, weebs and dweebs, at last the Alchemy stones are coming! https://www.console.playblackdesert.com/News/Detail?boardNo=2702&category=0 Saying im happy is an understatement! Lifeskills are a big part of BDO and this new content is long been waited for. People who didn't buy the pearl cooking costume may close the gap to those who did. This is a huge deal. This is not an obvious update since we know that there are future plans to merge the consoles which will need to be on the same build and etc. I'd like to thank the staff who managed to bring us this content before the holiday season! Also thanks to our CMs who put up with all the nagging and requests from not only me but a big chunk of the community. You guys and gals are great ❤️ Happy holiday season 🎉 Doc
  17. That seems odd. According to this guide - https://www.invenglobal.com/articles/4807/a-new-companion-with-many-useful-buffs-the-fairy-comes-to-bdo-naeu u need 1 for the quest. I also remember needing only 1 first and later 2 to continuously get fairies. Maybe you should try to forfeit the quest and take it again.
  18. True. The system is a mess. Only few nodes actually state what kind of work is being done in the worker management window. One way to overcome this is to look for the yellow bar and estimate how much % its roughly on and compare it with the circle above the node. Thats how i do it atleast. A better system would let us cancel the work when accessing the node it self and manage it from there OR have a detailed name description in the management window. I think i made a suggestion for that a while back but eh.
  19. I feel u man, i got my hedgehog back but I can't be bothered to gather since it aint worth the time =_=
  20. Have fun in the holidays! Come back with lotta energies haha
  21. Dr INF3NRO

    Quête fée

    Happy it worked out eventually, if you got any other questions feel free to ask
  22. Can confirm 2 nights in a row in heidel 0 relics. Abundance shouldn't effect relic but yellow quality fish afaik. This fishing event in a nutshell - Heres 10m a night from Yvurgs. But we gonna take away dat other 6m ish you're usually making from relics. Also f*ck calpheon in particular. Cheers. PA
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