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  1. 8 hours ago, CM_Valtarra said:

    After speaking with our QA department they had some suggestions. First I need to know if the items you are turning into the trade manager are showing at the trade NPC, if so that is an issue we will need to look into further. The QA team mentioned that it's possible the item is not listed due to being timed out, and needing a refresh. If that is the issue, then switching servers should allow you to turn the mats in. Let me know if this helps or the issue is persistent and I will follow up with it again. 

    CM Valtarra  ❤️ 


    Currently the Phantom Ship does not have drops. I will follow up with more info when I have it. Thank you for mentioning this ❤️

    @CM_Valtarra I tried again a couple days back. It seems i was logged in bad hours  where i couldnt sell the items in any server. Recently i found 1 servers that bought these items.

    So confirmed to be working but really odd that in all the servers we got there can be an instance where u cant sell these items nowhere. Perhaps this needs a slight tweek. Cant be sailing for almost and hour and a half and HOPE to get 27ish milion


    Thanks for addressing this :)

  2. On 6/12/2020 at 9:28 PM, RedBack said:

    The improved sailboat/Frigate is another update called "The Great Expedition" and will be "SOON"

    we're technically in the great expedition version right now. but we got bits of it. we got young sea monsters, nerfed ramming skill etc - those are great expedition content.

    On 6/13/2020 at 8:46 PM, Yiazzy said:

    It's a ship skill that shoots all cannons at once. You need to be a certain level in the Sailing lifeskill to use it though. 

    Using volley requires a T3 boat aka "Improved" frigate/sailboat and higher (carrack variations, caravel, galleass).

    unfortunately we got the worst parts of the great expedition update. i assume - AGAIN - to control progress of lifeskillers.  

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  3. On 6/14/2020 at 2:48 AM, Sixplicit said:

    I am a few weeks into the game and as frustrating as the lack of info to accomplish tasks and obvious money grabs are in the game I still love it.  But the water content is killing me.  I saw a video where the streamer said he loved the ocean content in this game compared to other games and it blows it away.  Is PC different when it comes to the ocean? Not content wise as I know console is missing stuff but in the mechanics.  Boat auto pathing and quest pathing is horrible.  It may take you backward 5 minutes to move back to spot you were just in 5 minutes ago.  Boats as well as when you are swimming get randomly stuck in areas when controlling or autopathing.  Turning is sometimes opposite of the direction you should go in.  Sometimes when you are swimming it just goes where it wants to go.    Getting stuck on invisible walls or ground is a real thing.  I mean I have ran into some stupid walls on land but the ocean has a lot of small spaces.  It’s like you get stuck on an invisible rock sometimes.  I have had to remote collect my boats more than a few times because they are just stuck or will not back up or turn.  Hopefully it is just me but I have never had this many issues in the water.  Also my boat is pretty much taking in water and under water at all times.  Visually it is unappealing as I should be sinking.  I am hoping these are just console issues as I enjoy ocean content.  Archeage, Sea of Thieves, and Black Flag as well as many other games do it well.  

    i agree to some degree that some mechanics are clunky at best. like going in reverse and turning is opposite to what it should be.. underwater swimming basically does what ever it wants lol.

    but to be fair comparing the sea content to something like SoT is completely wrong since its a game dedicated to just that. sea content.

    BDO offers the player to enjoy this type of content but the engine of the game was built primarily for fast pace grinding - thats the games design.

    i agree tho that archeage sea content looks a bit sharper and less messy. i hope that some resources will be directed to improving the experience at sea in bdo but i dont see that happening tbh.

  4. Greetings,

    following the margoria update and these notes: https://www.console.playblackdesert.com/News/Detail?boardNo=4169&category=0

    I can confirm that either the content isnt there or its bugged for the following topics:

    Imperial Trade from port ratt: Im master 10 trading so i was able to purchase the trade items from port ratt and get them to the calpheon imperial trader. The imperial trader does not accept the items while i or my elephant carry them. The new trade items dont appear in the buying list of the trader. they can however be sold at a NORMAL trader at a big loss.

    Volley: As mentioned in the notes the skill volley is hinted to be ingame yet as far as i know thats only a skill "Improved" boats are able to perform aka "Improved epheria sailboat" / "Improved epheria frigate" / "Caravel" / " Galleass". Ive tried every variation of controller buttons to aim and shoot while sailing but without success. I currently equip +7 green cannons that are available from the velia npc.


    Please address these issues/misinformation.




  5. 10 hours ago, Tr3nch said:

    That's part of the problem. On trees you simply don't get the second proc until after about 6 trees. Im averaging almost 500 fewer logs per rotation. The hedgehog is supposed to be 50% proc rate chance and it was working fine prior to their "optimization" reductions. We also used to get more that 2 logs. Now it's either 1 and 1 or 2 and 2. Three days of gathering trees and not once drop over 2 logs. The hedgehog hardly procs at all and support keeps giving me a scripted response. They tell me they will consider my "feedback" as a "suggestion" to improve the pet system. It's not a suggestion, it's broken. I have the numbers to back it up.

    It looks almost as if this has been a deliberate attempt at slowing down lifeskillers. This started last August with the removal of trade quests. Without those trade quests, we can't get magic hoes. We need magic hoes for Margoria. Then came the reduction in trees. Except its messed with the proc rates of the hedgehog too. Again, an attempt to slow us down on gathering logs. I am 100% convinced that the gathering rates, sea monster spawns, etc etc, will all be messed with in an effort to continue hindering lifeskillers. Shrina and Trent have already talked about how they didn't want Margoria out this soon as it would make lifeskillers too powerful (economically). So they give us bare bones Margoria with tweaked numbers to keep us below everyone else.


    Oh and almost forgot. I have been trying to get answers on the trade quests and the trade seals since October of last year. You can see that thread in the bug section. It's now back at the top. Again.

    Ive sent tickets regarding trade quests. Its so happened to be that a part of a fishing boat set is acquired via trade seals. Meaning i was missing 3% ish speed on my fishing boat.

    Regardless, nerfs to lifeskills have always been an issue since day one. Its a real shame too..

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  6. Greetings,


    @CM Trent @CM_Valtarra @[CM]Shirna

    This is getting out of hand guys. 

    Players cant be held responsible for client sided issues or bad UI design. 

    were talking here DAYS or WEEKS worth of gameplay gatherings, doing daily missions and spending silver to buy mats off cm etc.




    An answer of "sorry but we cant do sh*t about it" is unacceptable! Look into these issues please and prevent this from happening in the future.


    Also imo the people who lost all their progress should be compensated. We already heard of a case on discord of a player quiting due to this issue -







    Are you going to let this keep happening?






    So its finally happening on June 10th! Personally, the sea content is something i was looking forward to since launch and im super excited to see how it pans out after the update.

    I do have one concern though and it came up after reading this topic - 


    The forest path wagon materials are hard to come by but a thing like an Epheria Frigate requires far more time and a lot of silver invested into it.

    If the events to repeat them selves from the attached topic it would be absolutely devastating to someone who's building a frigate.


    Could we count on the GMs total support incase we lose our materials due to a bad UI function or at least implement a fix to prevent from something like from happening?


    Would love to get a response before this weeks update!



    Dr.Admiral kappa

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  7. Greetings,


    Ive been reading on reddit and some discord channels how people on PC who also have infinity potions, are explaining how they got the resources potion part known as "Valterra clairvoyance".

    For those of you who dont know - This is one of several parts needed to create the resources infinity potion and the only way to get it is by tanning (a form of gathering) a chicken like monster and elephants in "Navarn steppe" in Kamasylvia.

    Now, the chances of actually finding the part is roughly 1 to 10,000 (probably more) meaning people spend A LOT of time on these parts. normally people on PC spend around 3000 energy on it.

    But theres a MAJOR difference between console and PC. Lifeskills have been scuffed since day 1 on console (CP dishes anyone?) And as such we of course dont have this tiny thing called MASTERY.

    Mastery allows you to have several benefits in one or several lifeskills such as gathering by having a special type of gear and tools you can upgrade, much like our combat gear. The more Mastery you have the better the bonus.

    Gathering mastery allows PC players to enjoy increased number of drops per gather by up to 400% for normal drops (i.e 8-16 meat from wolfs instead of 2-4) and up to 44% for very rare items, assuming "Valterra clairvoyance" is categorized as such. Combine that with a t4 hedgehog and you got yourself a hell lot more chances of getting it.

    Where does that leave us? Well if PC players spend 3000 energy with high end Mastery and t4 hedgehogs, that leaves us in a very depressing place.


    Perhaps console should atleast enjoy higher drop rates for this specific item or give us manos and mastery. Either way the place we are right now is officially f-ed.



    Mastery info source:



    @CM Trent @CM_Valtarra could you guys please find out and let us know if we actually have the same drop rate as PC for this part? That would actually help the issue a lot.

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  8. 15 hours ago, Lipty said:

    There is no point to walking backwards and forwards for 14 minutes in the team spawn :D (top tower)... thats just abusing

    if you access the rbf you should play it, no matter you die or not but fight!


    Killed by nothing is normal in rbf when you use a standard console without ssd (sadly) - i know the ssd discussion was done months before but its fact that this helps.


    @Dr INF3RNO nothing changed :D team is always unbalanced cause afk's, hope they get some players banned in the next time.


    Greets Lip

    Im using an external hard drive (cba to pay for an ssd) i had since a couple years back and i mostly dont have issues on my one x. I got a sense that if we could just manually lower graphics (aka potato mode) we wouldn't be in such a mess.

    Also, give it some time. People need to report, the staff needs to investigate and take action. The whole process could take a few weeks. Still.. hate the godamn botters in rbf.

  9. Greetings,

    Since the site's launch (somewhere around mid 2018 iirc) there was an image implying sea content is in the game:



    This content is in fact NOT in the game and that image was most likely taken from PC. Such images might give console players who are interested in the game, the wrong impression and make them buy the game even though the content has yet to be announced nor given an ETA for release.

    New players shouldn't be potentially cheated out of their money (Games not free nor on gamepass) by false advertisement.  

    My suggestion is to remove the image on your website until such content is to be announced - For your attention @CM_Valtarra.






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  10. Greetings everyone,

    Following these News, I'd like to thank the team for finally putting their foot down on this matter.

    Shortly before the merge i started to get into red battlefield and i was hooked. It was engaging and fun and the rewards were nice. There were a few rotten apples here and there not actually fighting and exploiting the system but it was bearable.

    After the merge the sheer amount of AFKers on red battlefield was staggering to say the least.  I even made a YT video showing the bot like behavior of the AFKers moving back and forward to seem active. Most battles were one sided since 1 team had more AFKers making the fights more like 5 vs 20. It got boring very quickly and i haven't joined any session for months now. 

    I'm currently working on an old striker to do some PvP content and i cant wait to see if the new measurements will be implemented properly, making red battlefield fun again.


  11. On 5/11/2020 at 7:07 PM, HiroYamato said:

    cureently level 58... couple of questions 

    1. now with dreighan released is it now a good time at level 58 to start kama questline

    2. do you get good xp from the main questline or do you get the bulk of xp from doing the 'xp quests' scattered around kama ?

    3.are kama quests doable with  Ap 207 AAP 217 DP 265 or is it better to hold out till i get some other boss gear Bhegs Dim tree etc for some better stats and defiantly better DP ?


    thanks in advance 

    1. no. If you can, start doing the side quests at lvl 59. you can still get 1%  (even with chenga tome) from lower lvl areas like calpheon. with the chenga tome you will get 1.3% at lvl 59-61 in kama/dreighan

    2. main questline has very few combat exp rewards (maybe 2-4 in the kama and dreighan line). most of the xp is from those xp quests. some require main quest to open up tho.

    3. its definitely doable but might take you more time than someone with 243 ap kutum.  imo if youre short on silver, just buy tet heve/grunil for now and make them yellow. The DP is decent then slowly replace with tet boss gear. depending on your class there are some boss items you should prioritize getting first. 

  12. On 5/13/2020 at 6:00 PM, Zerkdumb said:

    You must farm the Marni at a specific mob as a rare drop (I've been through 7k mobs now, nothing)

    Then you must fill it with 50k kills at a mob linked to where you farmed that Marni (if you farm it at Fogans, then you have to fill it at pollys)


    I'm sorry, but WTF?Grind your ass off for days likely, and run half way around the world for a probable ring of crescent? Does PA even play this game? No wonder players quit in droves, you pile grind on top of grind every update to cover for lack of content. And don't even call this update, content either.

    its just an extra way of getting yellow accessories while focusing on some else. there are already a f-ton of getting yellow accs not to mention the price drops and flooding on the market. so its more of a qol thing and not the main target of the game.. hell killing 50k mobs you can buy like 10 crescent rings depending on where you grind.

  13. 43 minutes ago, Elspeth said:

    When they were on sale I bought all three versions and got all bonus items. You cannot repurchase the same version after you bought it.

    That wasnt his question. He said he bought the pre-order ultimate. This version of ultimate is different

  14. 14 hours ago, HiroYamato said:

    No if you already have the ultimate edition on you're account you can't repurchase it unfortunately unless you use a completely different account  

    That's straight up false.

    Here's a screenshot of me opening an ultimate pack @Suso90


    Best money i ever spent on bdo.

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