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  1. On 10/19/2019 at 5:29 PM, Valderama said:

    Hello everybody,

    I'm trying to manage my workers and I have to admit that it is more than uncomfortable to manage them.

    I have no overview of which workers at which node performs what work. The only thing I can see (setting ring menu) is that the worker (as an example) comes from Velia and collects. Which worker that is exactly and at which node he works and what he collects exactly I can not recognize.

    Maybe I have also overlooked a certain function that allows me to do so and would be glad if someone could tell me this.

    Thanks in advance

    True. The system is a mess. Only few nodes actually state what kind of work is being done in the worker management window.

    One way to overcome this is to look for the yellow bar and estimate how much % its roughly on and compare it with the circle above the node. Thats how i do it atleast.

    A better system would let us cancel the work when accessing the node it self and manage it from there OR have a detailed name description in the management window. I think i made a suggestion for that a while back but eh.

  2. 4 minutes ago, Elder Cog said:

    For the love of god please add these in next update.. 


    We have been waiting FAR TO LONG.

    Many thanks

    I feel u man, i got my hedgehog back but I can't be bothered to gather since it aint worth the time =_=

  3. On 11/19/2019 at 9:02 PM, CM_Valtarra said:

    Are you fishing at an abundant fishing source? That effects the amount of drops. I'll set my character up tonight to fish and see what I get. I'll also ask about it and see if I hear anything. 


    CM Valtarra

    Can confirm 2 nights in a row in heidel 0 relics. Abundance shouldn't effect relic but yellow quality fish afaik. 


    This fishing event in a nutshell -

    Heres 10m a night from Yvurgs. But we gonna take away dat other 6m ish you're usually making from relics. 

    Also f*ck calpheon in particular.



  4. On 11/20/2019 at 4:58 PM, Hazylyric5 said:

    Or lack there of. I mean 1 character every 4 weeks.. really.. really😑.... come on there is literally no reason for this. No way we get full road map this year unless they drop a large update like they did at beginning and give us 3 at once. And the new region when??

    Not to be super optimistic kappa but the last roadmap wasn't released according to the schedule as well. So take these with a grain of salt and try to make best with what we got now or even prepare for the upcoming content

  5. 9 hours ago, Torrelle said:

    You got to be kidding me Dr INFeRNO. The fact that you think fish only sell for average 500k is where you fucked up your math. I fish the from epheria and make no less than 600k per fish and push 700k for sea bass and eye spotted puffer if I can get them off at 100% freshness with 130% at the trader. I don't trade unless I'm over 125%. Go do some testing and you'll find you're just a jack ass trying to argue.

    Yea thats true my bad.

    @Tr3nch sry mate ure right ❤️


    I based my math on 100% freshness. Actually found an old ss of mine selling porgy for 678k silver so 125% checks out


    Gotta admit it's been fun even though im wrong 

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  6. On 11/14/2019 at 5:56 AM, Tr3nch said:

    I already explained how I am doing it. If you choose not to believe me, that's up to you. I know what myself and others are pulling in for fishing. I don't need an apology from you. I hope the best for you and I offered information to help. Best of luck.

    No stream link.

    Myth busted.


    Yo i make 15b a week melting greens tho gg

  7. HOLY SH*T!!!!!!

    So if im not wrong, japan bdo on pc are going to release Zodd as a new boss and a warrior costume that looks exactly like guts's berserk armor from the Manga/Anime "Berserk" -------






    A Berserk fan boi

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  8. On 11/10/2019 at 6:54 PM, Doktar said:

    This seems super low. 

    150 minutes for 98 fish with a triple float must be 100 minutes of driving.

    Abundant at sea with 5 fishing is 1 fish every 45 seconds or so?


    I most I ever got with 1 rod was 162, but 120 is pretty average.

    That is with m20 fishing 4% pets and awakened skin (tin foil hat) also I use 10 energy on non grunts till my 436 runs out.

    Im only fishing m3 and got 6% dura reduction with pets. Takes me 1.5 for 120 ish slots. I confused the numbers, 98 is without vp

    @Tr3nch still waiting.

  9. 13 hours ago, Deathz Angel said:

    Maybe if they actually try to be good company with decent game i wouldn't have to speak up. Until they change forced PvP i won't support them. How goes that getting me to be quiet thing ? Lol

    Ok boomer

  10. On 6/10/2019 at 6:06 PM, Deathz Angel said:

    Seriously why do we have to pay to get past 52 inventory slots? Then when you pay its only for that toon not your entire family, come on thats scummy, im not going to support a company that thinks this is ok. PA is the new EA it seems for mtxs. At least world of Warcraft lets you be able to craft your own bags or buy them off the auction house with in game money. Im not even going to talk about value packs , yet.

    Stfu u never supported ****, you just incite against the game 24/7.

    Ban again when

  11. 1 hour ago, Tr3nch said:

    Its pretty simple actually. Instead of being an ass you could have just asked I would freely share my info. I fill all of my inventory minus three slots for the three tripple floats needed. I fill my boat, 12 slots, and I take my elephant on my boat, another 16 slots. I fish nothing but Tuna in the Arsha Sea. When full, I sail to Ancado Inner Harbor North of VC. Then I take my elephant and ride to get the desert buff. Then go back to VC and check the Trade Manager to ensure he buys my fish at 130% value. Then bargain. I then only sell enough of the fish to keep the value above 120-125% then hop servers. Rinse and repeat until its all gone. Then go back to my boat to pick up remaining fish and do it again. I average over 120m each time. If I am picky I can push that value past 140mil. I have more than enough mixer streams and recorded videos to show this. So now that you have the right information to do this properly, go give it a shot instead of being a dork on the forums. Im also not the only one in my guild achieving these results. As for Epheria is concerned, you are wasting your time fishing out there.

    First, I rather like being a dork.

    Secondly, Imma keep calling out your bluff.

    Assuming you ONLY fish tuna (unlikely unless you waste time finding tuna hotspots) from the arsha sea, at 220 (inventory plus your boat and elephant) slots you're barely scratching the 117m mark even at 100% fish value which you wont get obviously.

    Also! sailing to arsha sea, filling up 220 slots with server hopping, sailing your boat to ancado, riding your elephant for the buff, selling, going back for the other 16 boat slots and selling those will never take 3 hours. 


    Link a stream please with you doing all that within 3 hours and getting 140m and ill apologies for questioning you.

    *BTW, im hoping im wrong cause this sounds yum but i worked a lot of numbers before I ever started fishing and taken all that you stated before into account.

    **Side note regarding epheria - my home city is Calpheon so its comfortable for me to fish there, plus easier coelcanth spawns, plus faster to ride a horse+camel than to sail (until we get epheria Sailboats)

  12. On 9/13/2019 at 6:47 AM, RogueGhost said:

    Hey everyone! My apologies for the layout of this posting - I copied it from another source I originally posted it at but never received a response.

    I recently started playing BDO on the PS4 (please don't start any "PC is better" nonsense because I own a PS4, I don't own a PC, so your subjective point will be completely moot anyway) - and I am looking for some pointers on getting the most from the game. I apologize ahead of time if any of these questions are repetitive - I am a single father with a full time job trying to enjoy the game with the time I have available to do so - so hunting down multiple places, vids, and editorials for these questions would take away from the time I do have to actually play the game. lol Any assistance on these questions would be greatly appreciated as I am enjoying the game but have run into a few walls/questions that I am having difficulty weeding through.

    Is it better to play through the main story first and then focus on the side items later?

    I have begun investing CP into an area and have linked nodes. Three workers (i.e. minions) have been hired, but how do I make the most out of this and is there a way to create self-sustaining trade routes?

    I have purchased all the residences in one area and invested in diverse options - i.e. mining, crafting, tool building, ship yard, etc. - is it better to remain diverse, or, is it better to specialize in a particular field and focus on that in the long run?
    I have a wagon. Yay! Uhhh... other than using it to move from point A to point B, how do I get the most out of it? Is it best to use it as a "traveling merchant" and just move goods from one location to another for profit? Or...
    I also have a raft. Yay! But, it always seems to load where someone else's ship is currently located and I have only been successful in taking it out for a cruise once. Anyone else having this issue? If so, any solutions that you may have found?

    Fences and farming - How large of a farm can I build and where? I currently own a couple of properties right next to each other that are walled in and have a courtyard/backyard connecting the two together. It's rather nice. One is my residence for cooking/crafting, while the other has been designated as storage. Can I use this courtyard area between the two homes as a place to fence/farm - or are there designated areas that must be used in order to do this?

    These are the deeper questions I've had so far, so again, thank you to anyone who may be able to assist. The mechanics of these particular items is either not explained very well in game, or, not at all from what I have been able to find so far.



    Those are some hefty questions to answer but ill try me best.

    First, im a lifeskiller so my perspective will come from that point and 2nd i play on xbox so some stuff might be irrelevant yet on ps4 but will in the future  and 3rd my gaming schedule is 3-4 hours a day after work and more on weekend. so heres what i can help u with:


    * Main story - absolutely. Work your way to finish what you can until it becomes too difficult to accomplish. The rewards are too good to pass on like inventory space and a sweet chest piece. You should also focus on getting more energy via exploring and knowledge (killing monsters x times to get C or higher ranking) and talking to all NPCs. Focusing on getting CP is also important and can be done by doing quests (dailies too) or cooking/alchemy and getting a byproduct u can turn in for cp xp.

    * CP investment is a tricky thing. Your goal is to have a system that supports your goals. If you cook alot, get food nodes like potatoes, grapes, pumpkins and most importantly honey. Make sure you focus on one thing. Spreading CP around is wasteful as you only got a handful in the beginning. 

    * Wagons are nice to have but wont benefit you too much at this point. Your ship loads in different locations cause you might be trying to retrieve it from a distance location. It will go to the nearest port instead to you.

    * Farming - you essentially rent a fence from an NPC for some CP, 10 being the biggest. If you got 100 cp to spare you can have a max of 10x10 size fence which will hold up to 100 special seeds. The fences are rather big so you'll need to place them outside the city in an open space next to each other. Plant seeds (ie strawberries, sunflowers or haystacks for milk), use fertilizer and water to insure they grow as fast as possible (haystacks not effected by fertilizer) and prune them once in a while. Pruning gives best farming exp and has a chance of dropping hard and sharp stones which are very expensive to buy on the market. Once at 100% u can breed and harvest your crops. Breed until you have enough seeds to replant and harvest the rest. At artisan level you can get magical seeds which are by far less time consuming but give much less exp and less stones. Regarding areas. Each seed has a preferred climate so its a bit tricky to nail but there are lots of sources to help u with that online.


    If you got any other questions feel free to message me.



  13. 23 hours ago, Yoshious said:

    So I'm fairly new to the game. I mean I've read things, watched videos, played for a bit. I know about different sets.  My question is more toward gear score and where to level. My main was a level 52 wizard. But they have the Mystic level up event going. So I'm leveling her for right now to 58. I have a DP of 165 or 167 cant remember offhand. My AP is 97. I had asked in Server if for my AP if Hex was good enough xp to get going. I was told to go to mines or Helms. I went over to Helms and got trashed my on my first group. Went back, pulled less. And it's doing okay, but I seem to be killing them fairly slow. A group of 8 or 9 takes around a minute 30 to 2 minutes. Ish. Should i just keep at it or go somewhere else?

    Afaik mystic doesn't have her Awakening yet so playing preawk is always going to be awkward.

    An awakened wiz with 95ap shouldn't have too much trouble there.

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