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  1. Get to 61 from combat exp quests. You can use bdocodex.net to filter the quests in question. After that its pure grind (1% a day?) + marni stones
  2. That actually sounds appealing instead of doing the same thing endlessly for a 1% of making your gear better and have months worth of work trashed when it dont go through 99% of the time. Even if you get your gear maxed its not like theres a ranking system to determine how good you are in solo/group PvP so what's the point? The game is painfully grindy which gets old after 6 months ngl
  3. Aye. I think its total bs how slowly we getting any content. How hard it is to give us rankings? They had em on the first beta. It takes 6 months to work on UI? The system exists for crying out loud just implement it. If you ask me, it totally feels like xbox is being thrown to the side lines while ps4 is full throttle forward.
  4. I feel you mate, it came to the point i login just to half ass afk processing. Never liked grinding and the content im actually interested in isnt out yet (even though its been out on pc before our current build). Good luck and have fun trying borderlands 3. If you haven't yet, try shadows of war. Story and gameplay absolutely fabulous.
  5. Tbf it has a lot to offer for a new player. Its a different experience which can be overwhelming at first and very underwhelming at the end game (with the current build)
  6. Consider it a community lifeskiller guild for people to use for the bonus +3 gathering/fishing skills
  7. Quick question, Shouldn't the "dazzling adventure box" have the rates to get each item? This is by definition a loot box and afaik its required by law in south korea to publish the exact drop rate for each item in loot boxes. Or should i assume that the description stating "randomly" means 1/17? If so please state that exactly in the description to avoid any unnecessary conspiracies and public lash outs (or lawsuits kappa) Cheers
  8. Minecraft turned into Wolfenstein 2 which turned into Stellaris and now its Middle earth - Shadows of War. I still "play" black desert... afk.. on my og xbox..
  9. Over a month since kama. still no alchemy stones
  10. In regards to manos accessories - they will be a lifeskiller item in the future afaik.
  11. Hi guys, So today im pondering about a tough question. If you haven't heard, PlayStation will be getting the mediah expansion, TRI enhancing and no lvl cap upon release. I'm not sure what else will be included in the release but it sure is a lot different from the vanilla version we had in the beginning with calpheon being the most difficult region, lvl 55 (if i recall correctly) max lvl and +15 enhancing. So, here's the question on my mind - why on earth isnt the release for the 2 consoles the same? We were fed many times that the devs want to control players growth (mainly due to ex PC players) so that everyone will be on equal grounds for future updates, avoiding a massive imbalance between the 2 groups. In my personal view, xbox is simply a testing ground for any future update PlayStation will receive and we should expect to see them on par with our own update in a short time while we were waiting painfully for certain updates for months to come. Thus dumping all our time by gated progress due to an inexperienced development team who wasn't able to meet content deadlines delivered to us by our CMs. Its an insult to my time and all of the other players as well. Another perspective would be that PA is robbing the PlayStation player base the vanilla experience that we got to enjoy (although I'd rather make progress and not be stuck on the same gs for weeks cause updates.) And also creating a massive imbalance between PC veterans and newbies which in turn will scare them away and damage the playerbase. So in short, no more "control progress" bullsh*t on xbox. Get the devs team working days and nights on releasing all the content we're missing up to Kamasylvia (alchemy stones, margoria etc). The Xbox playerbase has been milked plenty $$$ and now you're redirecting manpower to another console. This shouldn't happen and its disrespectful to us. Maybe that's why so many day 1 players who spent hundreds of dollars are leaving the game. Or maybe you know, BDO is a korean game and PlayStation is the dominant in the asian market so maybe PA thinks they can handle more advanced stuff? I dont know. Your opinion?
  12. Thank you for the kind words stranger
  13. But its not. It exists on pc and as such u know what youre missing. In this instance there's plenty gameplay or parts of gameplay missing which would have made the experience of playing a game more enjoyable. They added the magic seeds and moon fences which is AWESOME and im grateful for that. But currently me and many others are missing content that should have been out by now and the main reason i even play this game in the first place is to get to enjoy that gaming experience. Im 515 gs and i got a system that can net me a huge chunk of silver on a weekly basis. Silver is the last thing i worry about, ive simply exhausted grinding and pvp. Lifeskills are what keep me going. I want to reach guru cooking but without an alchemy stone it will take months since im at 2.5s cooking and with a stone i can get it to 1.1s. Farming magical seeds lets me get T9 materials in a very time efficient way. Moon fences are merely convenience for the above. Sailing is simply another challenge and a ranking ladder i want to be on top of (or atleast top 5) and to be honest it just seems like a chill activity id enjoy. So yeah, this game offers a lot for everyone and knowing what to expect its impossible for me not to be demanding for content that i know will make my gaming experience so much better. Otherwise what's the point of playing in the first place.
  14. Kamasylvia - Grana Region: EU Character Name: Doctor Facebook Post Link:
  15. To be fair sailing was a thing before Kamasylvia on pc and alchemy stones too. So its not that we don't get what PC has, its more like we got what PC has but only fractions of it.
  16. Ill be honest here, id love to see sea monster hunting since its one of the things im most aiming to do ingame for the sheer fun of it. But the downside of it is that it could potentially break the economy this soon in game so not having it straight away os a good thing. WHAT I ABSOLUTELY DO WANT THO IS SAILING. I enjoy it the most and for me and many others its our end game. Having to wait past 2019 for the ability to train sailing on my sailboat is soul crushing.
  17. Imo increased breeding rates should be introduced during the kama release and a free t7 female horse upon completing a requirement (reaching professional training perhaps?). Or atleast free skill/breeding reset tokens.
  18. Its like cancer. Spreading toxicity from within.
  19. Ah, the hairy overlord him self thanks for addressing the thread. The main purpose of it is to bring to your attention the will of a huge chunk of players on xbox. Many of us lifeskillers feel we're receiving the short end of the stick (again) on this road map. I was really looking forward to put my long gathered mats to good use and finally build my own epheria sail boat (never had one on pc except the crappy quest one..) and use it to fish in the ocean and work towards that artisan sailing benchmark as my own personal challenge and much more beyond that. Lifeskillers are the backbone of the economy, making food/potions and providing them sweet sharps/hards from gathering etc etc. Help us
  20. Well, its better to have people cry about balance instead of missing content. I just wish we could get sailing lifeskill available for us.
  21. Id lie if id say i read this whole thing Fight my nab
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