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  1. I agree on the lag which everyone's been experiencing lately. The staff is addressing the issue tho. Regarding pets, they will add a 5 slot on Wednesday. Also tbf, u should mix lifeskill with pve/p for max silver income if you got the time
  2. I do all lifeskills on main. I only play for the ranks and they all need to be on my "Doctor". I do have a musa and striker i USED for gathering. I use the musa now to transfer crates tho.
  3. You sir, deserve a medal. They should add a graphics option since i know for a fact many would rather preformance over quality.
  4. Lahn captures the flag. Gg wp
  5. Oh dam i literally copied your topic lol but ye +1
  6. Ye thats arsha. But i want and as many others do too, pvp hardcore at all levels. You out of a safezone - youre a target. This will also get rid of all the field/world boss leechers who just hit the boss once and do no actual dmg. At lower level they will have no accuracy to land the hit thus forcing them to level above the safe cap.
  7. Hardcore pvp servers only when?
  8. Lowkey triggered by the bait
  9. Change ur settings. I leave my xboxs on since day 1 with controller off
  10. So i made a new character and tried to role play as a new account without buying any gear for sake of nostalgia. I came across lots of other newbies that are protected by under lvl 50 req in some really good hotspots. I would have wanted to compete them with my crappy gear to win the spot over but couldn't. Im sure many other people would appreciate being more competitive at lower levels but they cant cause theyre under 50. Think of those who can't spend lots of time playing but want to enjoy some spot competition pvp under lvl 50. Cheers
  11. Can we lower the PvP level to 39? K thx
  12. Imagine being baited by deathz angels
  13. Ladies and gentlemen, bois and gals, memers and weebs! We're thrilled to announce the opening of a brand new guild - Offline! We're looking to invite all of you lifeskillers/casual players to our guild. Who are we: We're a happy bunch that consists mostly of PC veterans that are looking to have fun, chill, making inappropriate lewd jokes and goofing around. Our focus and end goal: Generally speaking, we're a lifeskill guild that focuses on helping players to understand the subject deeper and reap the rewards doing so. We also offer OPTIONAL PvP content within the guild with special perks. There are certain requirements to be met if you'd like to join the activity. We aim to have between 30-50 members at all time so recruitment is LIMITED. Our end goal is to have all the necessary guild perks that will help a lifeskiller, to teach people about new lifeskill content and perhaps dabble into various activities like Monster hunting and sailing in the future. Who are we looking for: 18+ Casual players who enjoy lifeskilling, learning and sharing information, memeing, weebing and having a good time without any requirements or deadlines hovering over their head. Feel free to drop at our discord channel and apply today - https://discord.gg/7xrsGj We have lit emojis, bots and a meme channel (NSWF channel incoming? Maybe) Cheers! Dr INF3RNO
  14. Hi all, Wanted to bring forth an inconvenience in searching for items in the market place. Some categories in the market place are EXTREMELY huge! And since we got no filter (whats up with that??) I have to scroll for days down to some of the items im looking to buy. Could we have like a sub category to the sub categories? Like the following *Plants - /Wood /Shrooms /High quality shrooms /Special shrooms *fruits/seeds - /Fruits /Seeds /High quality seeds /Special seeds Etc. Its just so inconvenient atm to list through group of items ure looking for in the current categories. Or add filters... Cheers.
  15. Id literally bow down and kiss ur feet if u get master 2
  17. I can relate. That sound effect has become the bane of my existence.
  18. Or they'll just adjust the prices of costumes to the market. Rn theyre much lower in value than on PC. Iirc s costume sells for 200m ish on pc
  19. You're 99% correct. Only problem is that to have said gear advantage you'd have to throw quite a lot of money on the game to melt costumes for cron stones and safely enhance. Everything else is basically true. More inventory space/ weight means you have less off grinding time. Cooking costume allows you to cook 2s faster which is like having a PEN silver embroidered cook cloth if youres is TRI. Faster cooking - more silver/h, more time to grind. Processing costume allows double processing over night which is big silver in the long run. Tbh im okay with throwing 200$~ on utilities to have a better gaming experience. Its the ones throwing thousands and get TET/PEN easily due to cron enhancement that ruin the game.
  20. Theres solid proof trade buff not ingame since im artisan 2 and finished the oasis questline but the trade buff questline isnt showing in sand grain bazar.
  21. Hi there, We were truly blessed with the recent updates giving lifeskillers a chance to get some progress like the CP dishes, cooks costume and Valencia in general. We are still missing a few things to be able to fully enjoy the benefits of life skills. #1: Shinning powder - is a proc we get from alchemy which will allow us to create Alchemy stones. The alchemy stones give a 10min buff and will drain after 100 uses iirc. You can refill each stone with specific materials. For life skillers its a big deal since we will be able to reach that 1-2 sec cooking time, since as of now with +3 silver embroidered cloths and a p2w costume I can only reach 2.5 seconds. #2: Imperial NPC - by far the most important thing for lifeskillers and even casual grinders. With some preparations we will be able to have a daily income that will compensate SLIGHTLY those who arnt hardcore grinders (aka 50% of the playerbase). #3: Trade buff - Not an immediate necessity but a requirement for those of us who afk process and like to have that silver boost once in a month or 2. So to be fair, all of these combined will probably won't be able to compete with hardcore grinders but it will sure help since right now its absolutely atrocious how huge the gap is between these tiers. Give your lifeskillers some love. We're the ones who hold ur markets from crashing tbh..
  22. Hi everyone, So today I did my morning routine farming for special fruits which normally yield 20-40 ish per harvest. I run 61 plots (6 strong, 1 shabby) and I usually net around 650 ish special fruits per session. But today I ended up with 569 fruits. How? Because suddenly I beganto see yields of under 20 like 12 and 15 in some crops. I've had this setup since week 3 and I harvested ALOT of 200% crops when I got back from work and it NEVER was below 20. The PC version USED TO have this feature that above 140% crop you'd get less harvest maxing at 200%. But it was taken away and even at 200% you'd get the normal amount. So why the sudden change? And why wasn't it mentioned in the latest patch? Was this a ninja nerf? If so please be clear with things like that in the future, PA. WE WILL FIND OUT ANYWAY.
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