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  1. Welcome!! Hope you'll do a better job than Shirna and not delete the new meme thread kappa Jokes aside, glad to have you on the forums. Good luck!
  2. At least u can login *Throws phone across the room*
  3. Is this a meme? REEEEEEEported kappa
  4. Well those TET weapons were sold at the time for 1.5b / 1.2b ish. A downgrade to TRI is a big hit in that total value
  5. We got rankings baby!!
  6. Im on Android, can't login as well (before and after update)
  7. PK as a wiz with neg karma on Arsha SOUNDED fun. Apparently you can't have fun in bdo without losing 2.5b in a few hours
  8. Im ngl solo grinding is not whats most appealing to me rn, especially after losing my tet kzarka and kutum ayyyy
  9. Oh sh*t fam, The meme thread is back! Post your OC black desert xbox/ps4 related memes here bois Make sure to keep it dank so it won't get deleted again kappa Striker: enters Musa's rotation Musa:
  10. Hi everyone, This is a place holder for a recruitment thread for a future sailing guide. Current guild skills: AP - Max HP - Max Gathering - Max Fishing - Max Requirments*: Epheria Sailboat/Frigate Sailing level - skilled or higher Potential Payouts*: 500m silver per week * - Depends on future updates.
  11. I guys, Really ez suggestion. Add a dye option to boats parts like sails, hull, interior and steering wheel etc. It would be really nice to have a personalized ship to stand out from the rest. Plz gib Cheers, Doctor (Not a real doctor)
  12. Wrong console. We don't even have it on xbox yet (REEEE) so doubt.
  13. Hi guys, I've taken a much needed break from Black desert these past few weeks and tried multiple different titles from different genres but nothing quite clicked. i'm thinking about returning and playing casually but i'm lacking the motivation to commit again, which is why i'm interested to know what do you guys do for fun? i'm hoping that some of your replies will spark back the flame that kinda died over time. *yikes* feel free to share anything regardless to the poll!! cheers, Doctor
  14. Dr INF3RNO


    Where you at boi?
  15. Not getting enough PvP content in bdo? Get the ultimate experience in area 51! Also, someone livestream this **** please
  16. Well i never thought that they'll release tamer tbh lol. I know a few people who gonna be psyched about it
  17. They can't publish the rates for some vague and mysterious reason. Considering we don't have t8s yet (unless i missed something lately) its probably a very low multiplier like 7 or 9
  18. I've been here since march 2018. The patience card has no power over me.
  19. Im not even lifeskilling at this point mate >_> im just filthy 😜
  20. Id rather pull the hairs on my legs one by one.
  21. Get to 61 from combat exp quests. You can use bdocodex.net to filter the quests in question. After that its pure grind (1% a day?) + marni stones
  22. That actually sounds appealing instead of doing the same thing endlessly for a 1% of making your gear better and have months worth of work trashed when it dont go through 99% of the time. Even if you get your gear maxed its not like theres a ranking system to determine how good you are in solo/group PvP so what's the point? The game is painfully grindy which gets old after 6 months ngl
  23. Aye. I think its total bs how slowly we getting any content. How hard it is to give us rankings? They had em on the first beta. It takes 6 months to work on UI? The system exists for crying out loud just implement it. If you ask me, it totally feels like xbox is being thrown to the side lines while ps4 is full throttle forward.
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