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  1. They should add a profanity filter option and stop censoring every word were typing
  2. bump - since this is still an issue and needs more attention.
  3. reverse crossplay when kappa. Yea this is why we need POTATO MODE. Just saying.
  4. i didnt bother joining but its REALLY vague about the quantity of chests being available. The reason i didnt go is that i guessed its going to be one chest in each location and who ever finds it first wins (aka treasure hunt), not to mention that one of the rewards is 10 shaktu seals which was a dead give away that there wont be multiple chests otherwise if someone gets god RNG he'll be OP af with dem shaktus. just my common sense.
  5. Rbf is ruined. Its no longer an issue of gs difference but how many bots occupy a team. If you're in a team filled with afk bots you're simply overrun by the other team. Before the crossover it was people who just join and afk, now theyre more sophisticated and probably using some 3rd party software to do random actions or loop walking while afk. This is a problem. This has to stop.
  6. Bro did you just bump a topic from feb 2019 o.o
  7. Updated the thread. A solution has been offered by PA which seems to give everyone an equal right for their name. Cheers guy
  8. We are. And we show those concerns in other topics that are already open on the subject, infact there are probably 3-4 topics that are mainstream on the forums right now regarding those issues. Yet no one seemed to mention the nickname change issue that comes with the crossover. So i took it up on myself to express those worries that many others share and agree with, as you can see in this topic. I would appreciate it if you could not hijack the thread and show the least amount of respect to everyone who do care about this. Also, You're more than welcome to open a new topic or bump one of your older topics and express your concerns there.
  9. Jesus i forgot the freaking tent lmao THANK YOU
  10. Hi everyone, ***** Link to an update regarding name change ***** **** Adding reddit post link for the users comments in the post **** *** Added a poll to the topic. Make your voices heard to help make a change! *** We did it guys!! Are voices were heard and resonated to the devs of PA thanks to our amazing CMs Link to the update: https://www.console.playblackdesert.com/xbox/News/Detail?boardNo=3411&category=0 in short - if a player was inactive for more than 30 days, the active player with a duplicate name gets priority. if 2 active players share a name, the one whos made his character/family/guild closer to release gets priority. Meaning, if a day 3 player xbox and a day 1 PlayStation share a name the PlayStation player gets priority. In my opinion its a much more equal solution to the issue even though some people might still be effected, i hope everyone will be satisfied with the results after the patch next week. Reddit comments: ************* Got this thing on my mind and im sure im not the only one.. I followed bdo on console since its announcement in 2017 E3, Forum launch at March 2018 followed by discord and the release in March 2019. Through out this entire time and before on other games on console ive been known as 'Dr Inferno' (with a small mishap on forums lmao). In game im mostly referred to as simply "Doc" , "Doctor" being the name of my main character. I've thought about the family name and most of my characters names mid 2018 where i had a big plan on what characters should i have, where to place them, which roles they have and what their NAMES should be. Early access 28th feb 2019 i finally logged in as soon as the servers were up. I was thrilled to have coined the family name "Inferno" and my main character "Doctor", Sadly the name "Guts" (berserk reference) was taken a minute later when i made my warrior lol. "Doctor" is my absolute main. Meaning Hes my lifeskiller, grinder, pvp-er (bad one) and has all the p2w stuff i deemed necessary to have on a main aka max weight, inventory, earrings, lucky underwear, lifeskill costumes and some outfits etc. It may sound silly to some but it is absolutely soul crushing to think that i might be forced to changed my character's name.. i just simply cant accept that. I understand PA's wish to make crossover servers but the idea that we might not get to keep our long existing names is completely unfathomable. You've got your loyal costumers who been with you for years to answer to. I Didn't spent all this time and money to be treated like this. Find a better solution please. For your attention @CM_Valtarra @CM Trent @[CM]Shirna
  11. Oh makes sense. Ye i guess were getting crossover as an anniversary gift lol
  12. To be fair the pre-release was 26th feb iirc lol
  13. Dam boi you dense as a rock. I dont see any point of spending any energy explaining how stupid your argument or comment is since you most likely wont understand it anyway. All i can do at this point is act as if im a civil person and wish you good luck in your life. Enjoy your walfare, you clearly need it.
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