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  1. check out this discord: https://discord.gg/2tu6bpf you can get the rough estimation of how much time people spend on these
  2. Greetings, Ive been reading on reddit and some discord channels how people on PC who also have infinity potions, are explaining how they got the resources potion part known as "Valterra clairvoyance". For those of you who dont know - This is one of several parts needed to create the resources infinity potion and the only way to get it is by tanning (a form of gathering) a chicken like monster and elephants in "Navarn steppe" in Kamasylvia. Now, the chances of actually finding the part is roughly 1 to 10,000 (probably more) meaning people spend A LOT of time on these parts. normally people on PC spend around 3000 energy on it. But theres a MAJOR difference between console and PC. Lifeskills have been scuffed since day 1 on console (CP dishes anyone?) And as such we of course dont have this tiny thing called MASTERY. Mastery allows you to have several benefits in one or several lifeskills such as gathering by having a special type of gear and tools you can upgrade, much like our combat gear. The more Mastery you have the better the bonus. Gathering mastery allows PC players to enjoy increased number of drops per gather by up to 400% for normal drops (i.e 8-16 meat from wolfs instead of 2-4) and up to 44% for very rare items, assuming "Valterra clairvoyance" is categorized as such. Combine that with a t4 hedgehog and you got yourself a hell lot more chances of getting it. Where does that leave us? Well if PC players spend 3000 energy with high end Mastery and t4 hedgehogs, that leaves us in a very depressing place. Perhaps console should atleast enjoy higher drop rates for this specific item or give us manos and mastery. Either way the place we are right now is officially f-ed. Cheers? Mastery info source: https://grumpygreen.cricket/bdo-gathering-mastery/ @CM Trent @CM_Valtarra could you guys please find out and let us know if we actually have the same drop rate as PC for this part? That would actually help the issue a lot.
  3. Thanks. Yup, these infinity potion materials wont collect them selves 🤔
  4. Im using an external hard drive (cba to pay for an ssd) i had since a couple years back and i mostly dont have issues on my one x. I got a sense that if we could just manually lower graphics (aka potato mode) we wouldn't be in such a mess. Also, give it some time. People need to report, the staff needs to investigate and take action. The whole process could take a few weeks. Still.. hate the godamn botters in rbf.
  5. If this happens when we will craft epheria frigates ill go ape ****.
  6. You might already know since they mentioned it a week ago or so. The tome only effects quest prognyl bars
  7. Greetings, Since the site's launch (somewhere around mid 2018 iirc) there was an image implying sea content is in the game: This content is in fact NOT in the game and that image was most likely taken from PC. Such images might give console players who are interested in the game, the wrong impression and make them buy the game even though the content has yet to be announced nor given an ETA for release. New players shouldn't be potentially cheated out of their money (Games not free nor on gamepass) by false advertisement. My suggestion is to remove the image on your website until such content is to be announced - For your attention @CM_Valtarra. Cheers, Doc
  8. how old is your xbox and what kind of ISP services you got? I had some issues but not even coming close to what youre describing. Hell, even my xbox og runs actually well active and 10+ hour long afk sessions without a single dc
  9. Greetings everyone, Following these News, I'd like to thank the team for finally putting their foot down on this matter. Shortly before the merge i started to get into red battlefield and i was hooked. It was engaging and fun and the rewards were nice. There were a few rotten apples here and there not actually fighting and exploiting the system but it was bearable. After the merge the sheer amount of AFKers on red battlefield was staggering to say the least. I even made a YT video showing the bot like behavior of the AFKers moving back and forward to seem active. Most battles were one sided since 1 team had more AFKers making the fights more like 5 vs 20. It got boring very quickly and i haven't joined any session for months now. I'm currently working on an old striker to do some PvP content and i cant wait to see if the new measurements will be implemented properly, making red battlefield fun again. Cheers
  10. 1. no. If you can, start doing the side quests at lvl 59. you can still get 1% (even with chenga tome) from lower lvl areas like calpheon. with the chenga tome you will get 1.3% at lvl 59-61 in kama/dreighan 2. main questline has very few combat exp rewards (maybe 2-4 in the kama and dreighan line). most of the xp is from those xp quests. some require main quest to open up tho. 3. its definitely doable but might take you more time than someone with 243 ap kutum. imo if youre short on silver, just buy tet heve/grunil for now and make them yellow. The DP is decent then slowly replace with tet boss gear. depending on your class there are some boss items you should prioritize getting first.
  11. its just an extra way of getting yellow accessories while focusing on some else. there are already a f-ton of getting yellow accs not to mention the price drops and flooding on the market. so its more of a qol thing and not the main target of the game.. hell killing 50k mobs you can buy like 10 crescent rings depending on where you grind.
  12. That wasnt his question. He said he bought the pre-order ultimate. This version of ultimate is different
  13. That's straight up false. Here's a screenshot of me opening an ultimate pack @Suso90 Best money i ever spent on bdo.
  14. Same with my og. Never had these long freezes before and it for example happens from simply switching from your normal inventory to the pearl one. One thing i did notice but im not 100% sure about it. is that recently i just mash random buttons and it got back to working again.
  15. They should add a profanity filter option and stop censoring every word were typing
  16. bump - since this is still an issue and needs more attention.
  17. reverse crossplay when kappa. Yea this is why we need POTATO MODE. Just saying.
  18. i didnt bother joining but its REALLY vague about the quantity of chests being available. The reason i didnt go is that i guessed its going to be one chest in each location and who ever finds it first wins (aka treasure hunt), not to mention that one of the rewards is 10 shaktu seals which was a dead give away that there wont be multiple chests otherwise if someone gets god RNG he'll be OP af with dem shaktus. just my common sense.
  19. Rbf is ruined. Its no longer an issue of gs difference but how many bots occupy a team. If you're in a team filled with afk bots you're simply overrun by the other team. Before the crossover it was people who just join and afk, now theyre more sophisticated and probably using some 3rd party software to do random actions or loop walking while afk. This is a problem. This has to stop.
  20. Bro did you just bump a topic from feb 2019 o.o
  21. Updated the thread. A solution has been offered by PA which seems to give everyone an equal right for their name. Cheers guy
  22. We are. And we show those concerns in other topics that are already open on the subject, infact there are probably 3-4 topics that are mainstream on the forums right now regarding those issues. Yet no one seemed to mention the nickname change issue that comes with the crossover. So i took it up on myself to express those worries that many others share and agree with, as you can see in this topic. I would appreciate it if you could not hijack the thread and show the least amount of respect to everyone who do care about this. Also, You're more than welcome to open a new topic or bump one of your older topics and express your concerns there.
  23. Jesus i forgot the freaking tent lmao THANK YOU
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