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  1. I know that is rare but how rare it can be 33.000 trash loot and 0 belts ...dunno I’ll try till 50k ))
  2. They replay smth like “we cannnot say the % of drop, this drop is RNG and so on but no answer like “Yes it’s drops 100% farm and you’ll get it “ 🙂
  3. This why I firstly ask ppl maybe someone farmed them , in the end I gave up 25k trash loot and no belt or that awakening item for horses
  4. Loot scrolls don’t work at this location too, same trash per h with scroll and whiotut it ...
  5. Was a event that could give ppl those belts ( in September) , I was at that time at holidays that’s why I don’t know sold items are from event or drop, and this why I ask )
  6. I farmed neck tung and made it tet it’s not a problem for me but I need to know that they drop!))
  7. 14.000 trash loot 0 belts =/
  8. Someone have farmed this location? Got belt drop? And if yes what your drop party/solo trash.
  9. First one on EU I think )
  10. I don’t care about this spam about nothing lol
  11. Yeah same to me got like 3-4) very low chance without scrolls =/
  12. Som kinda of standard answer , got someone drops of errning there ??
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