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  1. Hot time- not ninja event Night vendor sale- not ninja Daily login-not ninja Play time- not ninja again Level your ninja- thats a ninja event
  2. Whats this u were saying. Ninja runs to the 24th???? Unfortunately your wrong, its Aug 7th. What? Proof?
  3. So if its in a stream its a rumor unless someone gives you a time stamp. Sounds More like your to lazy to look over the last few streams. It was 1 or 2 streams after the Nouver release stream since i havent seen the recent one. Its not my job to do the research for you. I gave u a reference, do the work if u want answers
  4. Like 2 or 3 streams ago. When they said Karanda and Dande weapons were not coming until after Kama which is slated for the beginning if Aug
  5. 8% success 92% fail. @Doktar you want a larger sample size. How about the fact that these %s are based off tens of thousands of breeds from pc players compilicompilingn breed rates. Its a hell of a lot more then 40 for sample size. Is that enough?
  6. We knew that was the official word over 2 months ago when they told us it was the official word on stream. Im not asking about if t8s exist or qhat the breed rate is. Im asking for a screenshot of someone actually getting one
  7. Ticket submitted for what? a fine horse etc etc. Yeah T7 plus. Ive gotten like 5 so far. As for T8. Not one screen shot here on website or on the discord. With everyone asking about it and breed rate confirmation you would think someone would have shared a picture of a t8 by now
  8. As title states, myself and many others have been breeding for a while not since they did confirm T8s in the game. Even at breeding rate 10 with an 8% chance at a T8 male u would think someone would have gotten one by now.
  9. Gonna be waiting a long time for pve servers. They dont even have them in KR or plan them any time soon(ever)
  10. When can we get the Courser designation for our horses? Its not like we are asking for dream horses or anything but right now the skills on the horses have nothing to do with breeding. We can't breed courser offspring with extra skill and breeders lose out on profit because even if the horse has all the skills we don't get the designation.
  11. I can confirm it it between 10 min and 11 max from myself and ppl in my guild. Working on 2 t7s atm to 30. If by chance i pull off a t8 female it will 100% be confirmed breed rate 11. Outside that im still looking for data
  12. Again with this NEVER. Once again ill say this. You realize $10 million wont get you past PEN. You realize Never is an infinite. You realize given years of dedication a player will reach PEN as a f2p player.
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