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  1. Hieraphant

    This game is massively pay to win!

    First you p2w folk wanna jump on the band wagon that buying costumes to sell was p2w. Now you say thats the case and its for the crons. Again i refer u to MrPayToWin and the 50 failed PEN attempts vs the 1 tap at 36 fs. Convienance for safety with crons, but not a guarenteed PEN. And even cronning accessories can downgrade them.
  2. Hieraphant

    This game is massively pay to win!

    Never. You know there is a cap at PEN. 10 billion dollars wont get me past PEN on anything. So saying NEVER is a crock of garbage because given enough time other dedicated players will get there. How about MrPaytoWin who makes 50 attempts at PEN and fails them all but joe nobody trying to build a tet stack pops PEN on a 36 stack(see the video of the flag up guy) in 1 try. Where is the P2W there. You do realize there is a limit to buying costumes per week to sell. So that 250-300m a week advantage seems massive to some right now, but how is that any different once sea monster hunting comes out and guilds can make billions a day and give max payouts Do your research. PA is rushing us content because they want to get all regions and platforms caught up to the same patch update and start doing universal updates across the board.
  3. Hieraphant

    Level 61!

    Accuracy advantage in pvp. Access to all absolutes in next patch. Closer to 62-65 which gives yellow accessories(if released). More farming is more money. So they might have gear and stacks ready to push to tet right away. There are many reasons to do it. Do i think someone is 61. No. Given the areas we have access to they would have to have been uncontested efficient grinding non stop from day 1 to even have the possability of 61.
  4. Hieraphant

    A message for new(er) Lahns

    She is amazing 1v1 with practice. You need to learn to rotate between kd, stuns, and float to keep opponents immobilized while u burn them now. She is on the weaker side of pvp currently but with enough skill wnd practice and the right rotation she can be a monster
  5. Hieraphant


    U sir, need to change your name to Murphy
  6. Hieraphant


    Yes i get that its different but Bless has been released and rereleased and altered and rereleased. I dont expect much from this title but thats my opinion
  7. Hieraphant

    A message for new(er) Lahns

    Pvp gets better with awakening. Its good to have both ap and accuracy offhand. The AP will be useful for things that are not reliant on accuracy as well as once u get kzarka and bhegs gloves to boost accuracy. The accuracy offhand will do well for now. Its a minor ap hit but the accuracy more then makes up for it
  8. Hieraphant


    The game was such a titanic failure in multiple countries i doubt xbox would pick it up
  9. Hieraphant

    Reset skills after 50?

    As stated above level one of the 4 new classes to 55. Each one at 55 will reward u with a 1 day Armstrong skill reset for free.
  10. Hieraphant

    Realistic Roadmap?

    None of it matters if your putting it in the context of trying to have a high GS. If your a casual player or someone who predominantly does lifeskills then keep going like you are, but dont worry about what gs or cp, energy, sp you have. There are 1001 ways to play and your trying to tall about 30 of them in 1 post.
  11. Hieraphant

    Realistic Roadmap?

    Do the main story. Get to 55. Asula accessories(upgraded from treant set), roaring dim offhand(black spirit quest), dim armor(black spirit quest), free +13 grunil helm(first quest in mediah). Abyssal weapon quest(ultimate pri/duo equivalent), node manager quest at highland junction(boots ultimate pri/duo equivalent), trade manager quest in Abun(helm ultimate pri/duo equivalent). Unfortunately gloves quest is bugged and upgrading dim armor quest is bugged until Valencia). But those basic tasks will get u close to the 350 gs range, and outside of asula farming require minimal killing. Just ask guildies for some help. Combat sp: 742 Energy: 268 Cp: 262
  12. Hieraphant

    Realistic Roadmap?

    That right there means they are not doing the story and leveling, not that they are total noobs. Given all the stuff the same gives u just for doing the main black spirit missions and nothing else u pass 200 gs. Also alot depends on the player and the guild they are in and the effort they put towards the game. Im a total noob to the game but at a 425gs. A total noob can get to about 350 gs at lvl 55 without touching the enhancement menu with just very very basic guidance
  13. Hieraphant

    Salp'uri Purge help?

    What level are you?
  14. Hieraphant

    Wear and tear on XB1

    Im right there with you. Bought an S specifically for BDO. Nothing else loaded on it and works like a dream I hear that, i just consolidated a few thousand fish into a centralized location to work with. Dont even get me started on forgetting about Tariff and ending up with 10k+ cotton and flax
  15. Hieraphant

    Black Spirit - Butler and Maid

    Once per account