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  1. Hot time- not ninja event Night vendor sale- not ninja Daily login-not ninja Play time- not ninja again Level your ninja- thats a ninja event
  2. Whats this u were saying. Ninja runs to the 24th???? Unfortunately your wrong, its Aug 7th. What? Proof?
  3. So if its in a stream its a rumor unless someone gives you a time stamp. Sounds More like your to lazy to look over the last few streams. It was 1 or 2 streams after the Nouver release stream since i havent seen the recent one. Its not my job to do the research for you. I gave u a reference, do the work if u want answers
  4. Like 2 or 3 streams ago. When they said Karanda and Dande weapons were not coming until after Kama which is slated for the beginning if Aug
  5. 8% success 92% fail. @Doktar you want a larger sample size. How about the fact that these %s are based off tens of thousands of breeds from pc players compilicompilingn breed rates. Its a hell of a lot more then 40 for sample size. Is that enough?
  6. We knew that was the official word over 2 months ago when they told us it was the official word on stream. Im not asking about if t8s exist or qhat the breed rate is. Im asking for a screenshot of someone actually getting one
  7. Ticket submitted for what? a fine horse etc etc. Yeah T7 plus. Ive gotten like 5 so far. As for T8. Not one screen shot here on website or on the discord. With everyone asking about it and breed rate confirmation you would think someone would have shared a picture of a t8 by now
  8. As title states, myself and many others have been breeding for a while not since they did confirm T8s in the game. Even at breeding rate 10 with an 8% chance at a T8 male u would think someone would have gotten one by now.
  9. Gonna be waiting a long time for pve servers. They dont even have them in KR or plan them any time soon(ever)
  10. When can we get the Courser designation for our horses? Its not like we are asking for dream horses or anything but right now the skills on the horses have nothing to do with breeding. We can't breed courser offspring with extra skill and breeders lose out on profit because even if the horse has all the skills we don't get the designation.
  11. I can confirm it it between 10 min and 11 max from myself and ppl in my guild. Working on 2 t7s atm to 30. If by chance i pull off a t8 female it will 100% be confirmed breed rate 11. Outside that im still looking for data
  12. Again with this NEVER. Once again ill say this. You realize $10 million wont get you past PEN. You realize Never is an infinite. You realize given years of dedication a player will reach PEN as a f2p player.
  13. As a Lahn i 1000% support this notion. I once applied to a guild that wanted me to do pvp try outs. 1v1, survive as long as you can, things like that. These small areans do nothing to support high mobility classes. You just stand still in the middle then gap close wherever they stop.
  14. Im aware of this. I posted about the pure black stone because the thread and OP said 1 shot. Not 1 combo. Im not arguing that people with high AP can 1 combo high DP ppl
  15. Because you cant stack them. U used the u day. Then used the 1 day. The ine day said they dont stack, do you want to override. You agreed and gave up your 7 day for a 1 day
  16. Yes 1 combos all day long. Dont disagree. I stated that if it were infact a 1 shot skill and not an ultimate it could be someone using the AP black crystal buff to boost their AP by 250, in which case a 1 skill kill could happen.
  17. Wait. Let me get this straight. You want a korean game, made in korea, and originally for the korean populace to conform to american standards because we want to play it in america? Good luck. Secondly, when i played my sorc she seemed alot more clothed then your typical mmo female players. I also gotta say the Karlstein female outfit covers quite a bit.
  18. I answered his question based on the game as is. Yes prep for the future is important, but he didnt ask about that or awakenings. And without knowing exactly qhat his current gear and inventory look like we dont know how prepped he is. Maybe he is already stocked up waiting for awakening. Maybe he has a kzarka and kutum at tri. He never once asked for help regarding weapons and both of us jumped in with weapon suggestions.
  19. I think the second point is invalid because he claimed the first point was invalid and went on to suggest the same accessories. Either its valid or not. And as a "suggestion" they are all valid and up to the OP to decide how to move forward based on where he is at.
  20. Kzarka main hand priority. Get to tet. Kutum. Get to tet. Then farm areas for accessories. Basi belt, crescent rings, serap or ogre necklaces, and witch earings. Your a musa. You NEED to get as much ap as possible
  21. 1. This game doesnt do the holy trinity thing. There are tankier classes then others but no pure tank. There are classes that self heal or classes that heal others, but not like a pure healer. 2. Anything u might want to basically. The list of things u can do in this game would keep me up all night typing. What do you wanna do is the question. 3. Its not final fantasy. 1 class 1 character.
  22. Saw 2 ppl on day 1 get PEN first try. Also saw a few people cron and make 40+ attempts and are still at TET.
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